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70mm Blow Up

The 70mm Newsletter

Compiled by William Kallay and Michael Coate - ©1999-2002


Andromeda Strain, ThePanavisionAug 25 (Australia)6-Track StereoUniversalUS 35mm release: March 31.
Araucana, LaTechniscopeNA (Spain)6-Track StereoHispamex
Boy Friend, ThePanavisionDec 24 (Australia)6-Track StereoMGMUS release: Dec 16. US 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
Coda Della Scorpione, LaTechniscopeNA (Spain)6-Track StereoRosaAKA: “The Case Of The Scorpion’s Tail”
Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange?TechniscopeNA (Spain)6-Track StereoNAAKA: “The School That Couldn’t Scream” & “What Have You Done To Solange?”
Devils, ThePanavisionJuly 16 (USA)6-Track StereoWarner Bros.US 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
Dr. Jekyll Y El Hombre LoboTechniscopeMay 6 (Spain)6-Track StereoRegiaAKA: “Dr. Jekyll And The Werewolf”
Elvis: That’s The Way It IsPanavisionMay 14 (Denmark)6-Track StereoMGMUS 35mm release in 1970. The Scandinavians must have wanted The King on king-sized screens!
Fiddler On The RoofPanavisionNov 3 (USA)6-Track StereoUnited ArtistsUS reserved seat engagement.
Gatto A Nove Code, IlCromoscopeNA (Spain)6-Track StereoNAAKA:  “The Cat O’Nine Tails”
Horsemen, TheSuper Panavision 70/PanavisionJuly 22 (UK)6-Track StereoColumbiaUS release in 35mm. Production began in 65mm, then switched to 35mm. Some of the 65mm footage is included in the completed film.
House Of Wax (Re-issue)Spherical (1.37:1)/3-DNov 16 (USA)6-Track StereoWarner Bros.Originally released in 35mm 3-D in 1953.
Le MansPanavisionJuly 15 (UK)6-Track StereoNational GeneralUS 35mm release: June 16.
Light At The Edge Of The World, ThePanavisionAug 11 (USA)6-Track StereoNational GeneralUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book ‘Wide Screen Movies.’
Little Big ManPanavisionSept (Spain)6-Track StereoNational GeneralUS 35mm release: Dec 23, 1970.
Mary, Queen Of ScotsPanavisionDec 23 (USA)6-Track StereoUniversalWorld Premiere: Dec 22 (Los Angeles).
Muerte Cammina Con I Tacchi Alti, laTechniscopeNA (Spain)6-Track StereoNAAKA: “Death Caresses At Midnight” & “Death Walks In High Heels”
Murphy’s WarPanavisionNA (Spain)6-Track StereoNAUS release in 35mm.
Music Lovers, ThePanavisionJan 13 (UK)6-Track StereoUnited ArtistsUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book ‘Wide Screen Movies.’
Nicholas And AlexandraPanavisionNov 29 (UK)6-Track StereoColumbiaUS reserved seat engagement.  US 70mm release: Dec 13. One of many 70mm releases believed to have had a mono soundtrack.
Noche De Walpurgis, LaTechniscopeMay 17 (Spain)6-Track StereoHispamexAKA: “Shadow Of The Werewolf” & “The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman”
Orilla, LaTechniscopeNA (Spain)6-Track StereoCinedia
Raid On RommelTechniscopeOct 29 (Australia)6-Track StereoUniversalUS release in 35mm.
Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di DonnaPanoramicaNA (Spain)6-Track StereoAtlantidaAKA: “Carole,” “Lizard In A Woman’s Skin” & “Schizoid”
UtvandrarnaSpherical (1.85:1)Mar 8 (Sweden)6-Track StereoSvenskUS 35mm release: Oct 21, 1972.  AKA: “The Emigrants.” Listed as a 65mm production in Daily Variety.
Wild RoversPanavisionJune 18 (USA)6-Track StereoMGMOriginally released at 136 minutes. A shorter 109-min version also exists.

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