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Chronological premiere list of wide gauge and 3-strip films

All 70mm film lists
Compiled by: Thomas Hauerslev.Date: December 2002
Roller coaster Ride (S)1926 Natural Vision
Niagara Falls (S)1926 Natural Vision
Campus Sweethearts (S)12.02.1929 (1930)State Lake, Chicago, USANatural Vision
Fox Grandeur News (S)17.09.1929Gaiety, NYC, USAGrandeur
Fox Movietone Follies of 192917.09.1929Gaiety, NYC, USAGrandeur
Niagara Falls (S)17.09.1929Gaiety, NYC, USAGrandeur
Happy Days14.02.1930Roxy, NYC, USAGrandeur
Song o' My Heart11.03.193044th, NYC, USAGrandeur
The Big Trail02.10.1930Chinese, LA, USAGrandeur
Billy The Kid16.10.1930Capitol, NYC, USARealife
Kismet30.10.1930Hollywood, New York, USAVitaScope
A Soldiers Plaything09.11.1930Mosque, Newark, USAVitaScope
The Lash26.12.1930Warner, Hollywood, USAVitaScope
The Bat Whispers06.11.1930Wilshire, Los Angeles, USAMagnifilm
Danger Lights15.11.1930State Lake, Chicago, USANatural Vision
The Great Meadow24.01.1931Capitol, NYC, USARealife
This is CINERAMA30.09.1952Broadway, NYC, USACinerama
Cinerama Holiday08.02.1955Warner, NYC, USACinerama
Oklahoma!10.10.1955Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Seven Wonders of the World10.04.1956Warner, NYC, USACinerama
The Miracle of Todd-AO (S)25.05.1956Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Around the World in 80 Days17.10.1956Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Search for Paradise24.09.1957Warner, NYC, USACinerama
Raintree County02.10.1957Brown, Louisville, USAMGM Camera 65
Windjammer09.04.1958Graumans Chinese, Los Angeles, USA (& ROXY, New York a little later)Cinemiracle
South Pacific19.03.1958Criterion, NYC, USATodd-AO
Cinerama South Seas Adventure16.07.1958Warner, NYC, USACinerama
The March of Todd-AO (S)24.12.1958Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
The Big Fisherman04.08.1959Rivoli, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Porgy and Bess24.06.1959Warner, NYC, USATodd-AO
Ben Hur18.11.1959State, NYC, USAMGM Camera 65
The Tale of Old Whiff (S)06.01.1960Cinestage, Chicago, USATodd-AO
Scent of Mystery06.01.1960Cinestage, Chicago, USATodd-AO
Can-Can09.03.1960Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
The Alamo24.10.1960Woodlawn, San Antonio, USATodd-AO
Exodus15.12.1960Warner, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
West Side Story18.10.1961Rivoli, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Renault Dauphin (Commercial short)1959Empire, Paris, FranceCinerama
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm07.08.1962Loew´s Cinerama, NYC, USACinerama, 24 frames per second
How The West Was Won01.11.1962Casino, London, EnglandCinerama, 24 frames per second. Segments and process shots in Ultra Panavision 70
Mutiny on the Bounty08.11.1962State, NYC, USAUltra Panavision 70
The Best of Cinerama13.11.1962Palace, Cleveland, USACinerama
Lawrence of Arabia09.12.1962Odeon Leicester Square, LondonSuper Panavision 70
Flying Clipper19.12.1962MunichMCS 70 - Superpanorama
Cleopatra12.06.1963Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Scheherazade13.09.1963Delphi Filmpalast am Zoo, Berlin, GermanyMCS 70 - Superpanorama
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World07.11.1963Cinerama Dome, LA, USAUltra Panavision 70
The Fall of the Roman Empire24.03.1964Astoria, LondonUltra Panavision 70
Man in the 5th Dimension (S)22.04.1964World Fair, NYC, USATodd-AO
La Tulipe Noire10.03.1964Ambassador Gaumont, ParisMCS 70 - Superpanorama
Fortress of Peace (S)1964MCS 70 - Superpanorama
Old Shatterhand14.07.1964Zoo Palast, BerlinMCS 70 - Superpanorama
My Fair Lady21.10.1964Criterion, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Cheyenne Autumn19.11.1964Warner, LondonSuper Panavision 70
The Greatest Story Ever Told15.02.1965Warner, NYC, USAUltra Panavision 70
Lord Jim15.02.1965Odeon LS, LondonSuper Panavision 70
The Sound of Music02.03.1965Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Uncle Tom's Cabin14.04.1965Matthaeser Palast, Berlin, GermanyMCS 70 - Superpanorama
Those Magnificent Men...03.06.1965Astoria, London, EnglandTodd-AO
The Hallelujah Trail23.06.1965Warner, LA, USAUltra Panavision 70
The Agony and the Ecstasy07.10.1965State, NYC, USATodd-AO
Michelangelo (S)07.10.1965-Todd-AO
Battle of the Bulge16.12.1965Cinerama Dome, LA, USAUltra Panavision 70
Cinerama's Russian Adventure29.03.1966McVickers, Chicago, USACinerama, 24 frames per second. Edited from Kinopanorama
Der Kongress Amuesiert Sich24.05.1966Gloria Palast, BerlinMCS 70 - Superpanorama
Khartoum09.06.1966Casino, LondonUltra Panavision 70
The the Beginning28.09.1966State, NYC, USADimension-150
La Nuit des Adieux07.11.1966Gaumont Palace, Paris, FranceMCS 70 - Superpanorama
Grand Prix21.12.1966Warner, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Motion (S)28.04.1967CanadaMCS 70 - Superpanorama
Doctor Dolittle12.12.1967Odeon MA, LondonTodd-AO
Savage Pampas19.07.1966Ocean, Buenos Aires (in 35mm)MCS 70 - Superpanorama
Sky over Holland (S)1967MCS 70 - Superpanorama
DEFA 70 (S)03.03.1967Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Playtime17.12.1967Paris Empire, Paris-
Hauptmann Florian von der Mühle22.11.1968Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Dr Coppelius26.03.1968Royalty, London, EnglandMCS 70 - Superpanorama
2001: A Space Odyssey02.04.1968Uptown, DC, USASuper Panavision 70
STAR!18.07.1968Dominion, LondonTodd-AO
Ice Station Zebra23.10.1968Cinerama Dome, LA, USASuper Panavision 70
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang18.12.1968State 2, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Du bist min - Ein deutsches Tagebuch1969Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Krakatoa, East of Java11.01.1969Tokyo, JapanTodd-AO
McKenna's Gold18.03.1969Royal, Münich, GermanySuper Panavision 70
Hello, Dolly!16.12.1969Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer18.12.1970Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Szerelmi Almok Liszt (Loves of Liszt)1970MCS 70 - Superpanorama
Patton04.02.1970Criterion, NYC; USADimension-150
Airport05.03.1970Radio City Music Hall, NYC, USATodd-AO
Harmony: Nature and Man (S)14.03.1970Osaka, JapanDimension-150
Song of Norway04.11.1970Cinerama, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Ryan's Daughter09.11.1970Ziegfeld, NYC; USASuper Panavision 70
Goya17.09.1971Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
K.L.K. an P.T.X. - Die Rote Kapelle25.03.1971Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
The Last Valley28.01.1971Rivoli, NYC, USATodd-AO
Eolomea22.09.1972Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Lützower06.10.1972Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Orpheus In Der Unterwelt08.02.1974Kino International, East Berlin, DDRDEFA 70
Symbiosis (S)1982EPCOT Centre, Florida, USASuper Panavision 70
Tron (P)08.07.1982State 2, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
Brainstorm (P)30.09.1983Ziegfeld, NYC, USASuper Panavision 70
AUTO-E-Motion (S)1984Super Panavision 70
CineSpace 70 (S)1986 , USATodd-AO
Norway (S)1989Super Panavision 70
Warriors of the Wasteland (S)1989Super Panavision 70
BMW 850i (S)1989ARRI 765
A Year Along the Abandoned Road (S)11.06.1991Grimstad, Norway.Super Panavision 70
Far and Away22.05.1992Ziegfeld, NYC, USAPanavision System 65
Dead Sea (S)18.11.1992Sherman Oaks, CA, USASuper Panavision 70
Jesus was his Name (S)1992ARRI 765
Little Buddha (P)01.12.1993Gaumont Champs Elysses, Paris, FranceARRI 765
Baraka04.06.1993Imperial Bio, Copenhagen, DenmarkTodd-AO
Tour Eiffel (S)1994ARRI 765
Hamlet22.12.1996Ziegfeld, NYC, USAPanavision System 65
Pic du Midi (S)1996ARRI 765
The Witness (S)1999CT, USAARRI 765
100% (S)1999ARRI 765
Testaments (S)2000Salt Lake City, USAARRI 765
Samsara11.09.2011Toronto International Film FestivalPanavision System 65
"The Master"

"The Master" in 70mm, Los Angeles
"The Master" goes to Karlsruhe for 70mm FestivalPanavision System 65
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