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"Doctor Zhivago" at the Royal
Free screening on the largest screen in Sweden

This article first appeared in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Written by: Sebastian Rosacker 06.04.2008

A real gentleman and 70mm fan, Mr. Sebastian Rosacker. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

It’s time for another 70mm-party at the best movie theatre in Sweden.

It starts at 5th April, 2008 at the Royal on S. Tullgatan 4 in Malmö, Sweden.

In April 2007 I celebrated my birthday at my favourite movie theater with one of the best musicals: "My Fair Lady", in the best film format: 70mm.

Over 450 happy souls enjoyed that great event.

Next time I'll turn 55 so why not celebrate with my favourite movie at the same theater in the same format.

So, please feel WELCOME to The ROYAL theater in Malmö, Saturday April 5, at 11.30am.

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Images from the "Zhivago" screening

70mm screenings

Classics at the Royal

"My Fair Lady" at the Royal

Internet link:

My favourite movie is "Doctor Zhivago" and it will be shown in 70mm on the largest screen in Sweden.

Of course coffee will be served in the intermission.

We have a great projectionist with lots of experience of 70mm-screenings from the Saga in Helsingborg: Roland Håkansson.

The tickets are free but any gifts of money would be gladly appreciated.

Please let me know the amount of tickets you need and where you want to sit.

The Royal has 22 rows.
Best regards

Background story

In in the spring of 1998 I started "Classics at the Royal" with SF Bio AB. The first film was  “Doctor Zhivago” which was also my favourite. We were 531 happy souls enjoying David Leans masterpiece in the best film format: 70mm.

Then, during 1998-1999 we showed "The Sound of Music", "Star!", "Gone With the Wind" (in 35mm) and "Funny Girl". 1999-2000: "Ben-Hur", "That's Entertainment", "Waterloo Bridge" (35mm) and "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". 2000-2001: "Cleopatra", "West Side Story", "Gone With The Wind" (35mm) and "Oliver!".

I was also lucky to arrange the 40th anniversary of the Royal in March 2001 in the presence of the mastermind behind the Royal: Sten Löfberg (at the age of 95).

For the anniversay we thought, why not show the film which opened the theater in 1961: "Windjammer". And it would only be fitting to charge the same price as 1961: SEK 4, 6 & 8. (about 30, 45 & 60 cents). Also attending was the film's director, Louis de Rochemont.

He was delighted to be at the Royal, and said that most movie makers never get a chance to experience their films 40 years later, and in a sold out theatre (682 people).

One of the finest Swedish actors, Göran Stangertz read the inaugural speech from 1961. It surely was an evening to remember.
Kvällsposten 12.11.2007

200 tickets are pre-booked as of 13.11.2007
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Updated 17-07-13