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Queens Cinerama Theatre Newcastle

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: John Wood. Pictures by Derek Brew, Neil Thompson & John WoodDate: 14.07.2009
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From the DP70 story:

Two DP70 (892+896) from Odeon, Hanley in October 1964. Ran "South Pacific" from 22.09.1958. Renamed Queens Cinerama Theatre from October 1964. 3-strip Cinerama 1963-1978. Todd-AO on 73 ft x 31 ft screen with 90 ft throw. Arclamps: Super Zenith 130 amp, 48 volts. Last 70mm film was "Star Wars". Closed February 1980 and demolished 1983. Now a mall. Machines with Steven Keenan.
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Internet link:

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Hi Thomas

Thanks for placing these pics on your website.

I should point out that most of the photographs you have used should be credited to Neil Thompson (who kindly loaned them to me) though some of them are my own.

Your website already has references to the Queens (in the machine listings). The 892 & 896 serial numbers and associated history are indeed correct. I was delighted to learn that they have survived (seemingly in the hands of Steven Keenan - of whom I know nothing). I took the screen out a few weeks after closure and enquired about the DP70s (the Super Zenith 450 arcs had already gone) and was told that they were spoken for. I seem recall Neil saying that they were still there when the building was demolished in 1983.

I'll see what I can do re. some further history.

Best regards

John W
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John Wood next to #892 
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Updated 03-04-12