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“Where the North Begins”
Canadian 70mm Short Films

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Bill Kretzel, Ottawa, CanadaDate: 02.10.2011
70mm frame blow-up from "Where the North Begins". Color restoration by Schauburg Kino

“Where the North Begins”
(0:22). Filmed in: 35mm 2 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Techniscope. Presented on: The curved screen in 70mm with 6-track magnetic stereo. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: Canada. Production year: 1971. World Premiere: 11.06.1971, The Ontario Place Cinesphere, Toronto, Canada. German premiere: 09.10.2011

A Reason Associates Films Limited Production. Produced and Directed by David Mackay. Director of Photography Robert Ryan. Assisted by Robert New

“Where the North Begins” was one of the 4 original regional portrait films commissioned for the first season of Ontario Place (the others being "North of Superior" (IMAX), "Seasons in the Mind" (70mm), and "Home By The Waters" (35mm anamorphic). The film was directed by David MacKay who was the producer for "A Place to Stand" and then directed "Ontario-oh!". The Ontario Place Cinesphere in Toronto was the first permanent IMAX screen in the world with a screen 80ft by 60ft that still projects IMAX.
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Commissioned as one of four large-format short subject productions for Ontario Place, Toronto - a lakeside recreation and entertainment complex developed by the provincial government to showcase culture and tourism, where it premiered to the public on June 11, 1971 as part of the daily repertory screening schedule to October 11, 1971 (and also in the spring of 1972) in Cinesphere, an 800-capacity film venue designed for the first permanent IMAX installation. Each of the four films produced for the inaugural Cinesphere season in 1971 was a documentary portrait of one region of the province - "Where the North Begins" being devoted to north-central Ontario.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles (transcribed)


Nudes being censored from Ontario Place movie
By Brown, Jeremy
Daily Star-Toronto / 3 September 1971 / page 31

Ontario Place film-goers haven’t been seeing David Mackay’s $150,000 film "Where the North Begins" in Cinesphere during the last two weeks because several minutes showing two almost-nude girls are being censored out. It’s unlikely it’ll be re-edited in time to be played before the season ends. Mackay’s film is one of a $1,000,000 package of four films commissioned by Jim Ramsay, dean of Ontario Place...
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Updated 03-04-12