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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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1st Todd-AO Festival 2005, Schauburg, Karlsruhe

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Herbert Born, Thomas Hauerslev. Images by: Herbet Born, Sylvia Ballhouse, Peter Vollny, Thomas Hauerslev & Jean Pierre Gutzeit Date: 17 August 2005 + 11 December 2005
Mr. Herbert Born, the manager of the Schauburg cinema in Karlsruhe, Germany. With a special friend, the 70mm projection lens.

A 50th anniversary is celebrated in gigantic proportions in October. 50 years ago Todd-AO introduced the 70mm format with its large and sharp images, almost three dimensional, and sound with five channels behind the screen and surround effects in the cinema.
During a full weekend, ten gigantic epics are shown in the impressive Todd-AO 70mm format on a huge 136 sqm curved screen in the famous classic cinema. The Schauburg Cinerama is one of the few surviving cinemas, with 70mm projectors, a red curtain and the huge curved screen. It’s the perfect framework for the presentation of these brand new 70mm prints with DTS digital sound. There will also be small exhibitions, functions and line of 70mm short subjects and a lecture.
Boxer Regina Halmich and manager Herbert Born with a reel of 70mm film during a presentation of "Million Dollar Baby" at the Schauburg cinema in Karlsruhe 7 March 2005.
Foto: Juergen Hasenkopf

It’s a unique opportunity to see how good and how movies REALLY are meant to be seen in the cinema. Not a word about Dogma95, DV video, a grumpy Lars von Trier, grainy and shaky images with bad sound in mono. No, this is "the REEL thing". Treat yourself with the opportunity to see just how good films can look, during these transitional times where the digital cinema is a reality.

See and hear Barbara Strisand in her best role as Dolly Levi. See the greatest musicals of all time with Julie Andrews, and join a space ship and see the Moon as it really looks with Stanley Kubrick. Come and get a better understanding of "The Rain in Spain" with Henry Higgins, decorate The Sistine Chapel with Charlton Heston and see the gap between Terry Thomas´ teeth when he crosses the English Channel. Remember suitable clothing if you want to feel and hear Winston Ryders hurricane on the west coast of Ireland and join the front line of war with George C. Scott and finally -  remember your boarding card to "Airport".

All this is only possible - in 70mm.


"50 years of Todd-AO"
70mm Festival

Friday, 7. October
Free beer by sponsor HOEPFNER Bräu. Opening of small Todd-AO Poster Exhibition

(new print)

"The Agony and the Ecstasy"
(new print)

"Hello, Dolly!"
(new print)

Come together in Foyer Schauburg when "Hello, Dolly!" ends.

Saturday, 8 October

"Ryan´s Daughter" (vintage print)

"Doctor Doolittle"
(new print)

"Those Magnificent men ..."
(new print)

"My Fair Lady" (vintage print) "GALA screening" evening dress required

Sunday, 9 October

Lecture ”Early days of Todd-AO” by Thomas Hauerslev

10.30 - 12.30
Large sells ... (70mm memorabilia show)

"Fanny´s Wedding"
and "A Year Along The Abanodoned Road"

(Vintage print)

"The Sound of Music" (new print)

"2001: A Space Odyssey" (new print)
Further in 70mm reading:

The 70mm Festival
Read the Festival reviews.htm

The Schauburg during Cinerama in 1968

2006 Festival

Internet link:

Schauburg, Karlsruhe Germany

Contact: Herbert Born for reservations

Marienstr. 16
76137 Karlsruhe

Office: +49 721 3500 011
Cell +49 175 1097 804

Attending the TODD-AO Festival, Schauburg, Karlsruhe, October 7 - 9, 2005

Waldemar Oroszi, Germany
Udo Geisselhart, Germany
Hans Haenssler, Germany
Andreas Schwab, Germany
Andreas Urban, Germany
Ingrid Schübner, Germany
Gerhard Schübner, Germany
Beate Hannemann, Germany
Wolfram Hannemann, Germany
Volker Hannemann, Germany
Theodor Sieber, Germany
Jean-Pierre Gutzeit, Germany
Christian Appelt , Germany
Alfred Knapp , Germany
Dirk Havenstein, Germany
Johannes Meichßner, Germany
Jochen Lutz , Germany
Florian Nisbach, Germany
Thomas Trapp, Germany
Rolf Breuer, Germany
Christian Loepfe, Germany
Jochen Rudschies, Germany
Daniel Heinrich-Jaquet, Germany
Urs Spörri, Germany
Michael Basler, Germany
Gunter Pietschmann, Germany
Dieter Connemann, Germany
Werner Neuner, Germany
Clemens Scherer, Germany

Kevin Phelan, UK
Darren Briggs, UK
Bill Thompson, UK
Margaret & Mark Lyndon, UK
Francois Carrin, France
Georges Loisel, France
Stefan Holliger, Switzerland
Sebastian Rosacker, Sweden
Thomas Hauerslev, Denmark


Information about hotels, tickets etc.

"The price is EURO 65,00 per pass and includes entrance to all screenings of the festival, entrance to the "Get together" on Friday evening after the "HELLO, DOLLY!" screening, free breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday morning in The Schauburg Foyer just before the program starts, a glass of champagne during the intermission at the "MY FAIR LADY" gala screening and a small surprise.

This pass includes no accommodation.

We have an arrangement with a very good hotel just around the corner of the cinema, the price there is per night and double room EURO 76,00.

Reservations can be made through Herbert Born (my e-mail adress) or directly at the hotel +49-721-35260. Please ask for the special "Schauburg-Festival" rate.

Click image to see enlargement

For 3 Days - we present the king of all film formats: Todd-AO 70mm

Celebrate with us when we present the classic movies in the original format on the big screen, where they were born to be seen, in a traditional road show cinema

Experience the extremely sharp images and crystal clear 6 track stereo on the curved Cinerama screen

Experience the highpoints of movie history. We present the films directly from the Hollywood studio archives in the USA. Thomas Hauerslev ( will give a lecture with historic picture material about "The Early Days of TODD-AO" ... Friday evening a "get together" and opening of a Todd-AO film poster exhibition. Sunday morning, "70mm Breakfast Special" with screening of the award winning "Fanny´s Wedding" and the equally award winning "A Year Along The Abanodoned Road"
All films in original version, except "70mm-Vintage-Classic" which are
dubbed into German.

Entrance EUR 9 per show
Weekend-Pass: € 65,00
The weekend pass includes:

The weekend pass gives includes the following additional bonus...
- free entrance to all movies
- entrance to get together and opening of poster exhibition
- A glass of champagne during intermission of Gala show Saturay evening
- Breakfast buffet Saturday and Sunday morning before the 10 o´clock
- Festival Program brochure
- 70mm surprise

Come celebrate with us a BIG weekend, with a BIG film format, a BIG screen and great guests and visitors from all around the world

The 70mm Weekend Details by Mr. Herbert Born

Herbert Born CV

We sold around 1000 tickets during the 3 days festival, including the weekend passes, this is already a success and in the high region of my estimates.

With the help of some sponsors, we could arrange for some budget, which allowed us for printing posters, banners, flyers, advertising etc.

Of course we had some major investment in the technical aspects. We bought a 70mm time code reader, DTS-Special venue processor board for upgrading to 6-discrete channels, we did a complete refurbishing of the DP75 including new parts for the film gates, new sprocket reels, new cross shaft and new muff coupling, which gave us a rock steady 70mm picture. This work was done by large format specialist Norbert Thäder of KINOTON, Germany, which also supplied us with a new 5000W lamphouse and mirrors to have best light for the curve.

New TECCON magnetic reader heads were installed and we bought a new lens which fit exactly to the screen. The lens is the SCHNEIDER Super-70-Cinelux 1:2,0 MC (a 7 element construction) with a focal length of 75mm.

For the magnetic sound we use a modified DOLBY MPU-1 preamplifier, the modification was done by Gunter Oehme, our sound engineer, who did all the necessary measurements and installation work and adjusting the speakers to have the best possible sound. (will post a picture of Gunter, adjusting sound at our OPEN AIR shows) Further we used DOLBY CP200 and DTS-6D

The speakers and amplifiers were from the “d&b audio” F-series.

Vincent Koch and Markus Vetter are our projectionists. Vincent Koch did all the preparation work including examining and preparing the prints, timing the curtains etc. He made an exact cue sheet for the projection schedule of each film, which looks very professional, and Markus Vetter. Both are young but very enthusiastic guys, when it goes to 70mm and they did a great job.

I was born in the same year as CinemaScope had it’s public birthday. Went to school and began during school work as a part time projectionist in Aachen, Elysee cinema (now a discotheque) I went to Frankfurt after school and began to work at the German office of CINEMA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION where very soon, I became the Dubbing Manager of CIC, later UIP.

I left the company in 1983 to form my own movie production company. We produced "THE MIKADO PROJEKT" (unfortunately in 35mm only, we should have done it in 70mm) with Eddie Constantine, a James Bond parody, which was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is still on TV every two or three years.

Later I did screenplays for TV serials and shows until in 2000 I came back to the roots, to the cinema, to become Manager of 3 cinemas in Frankfurt, then in 2003 I became manager of the CINEPLEX in Frankfurt, an 8 screen multiplex, where we did the first 70mm instalment in the biggest screen.

In 2005 I took over the SCHAUBURG in Karlsruhe on my own risk and let’s see, what the future will bring …

Editors note: Herbert Born is also the owner of a Maserati convertible.


Editors note. Herbert Born drives a very fast car on the German Autobahn. Here are the details:

"My Maserati is a “Biturbo Spyder 2.24V”, quite rare, only 200 cars were (hand)built and sold worldwide (same quantity of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" or "Brainstorm" 70mm prints were produced by Technicolor, this gives you the necessary connection to our common topic)"
Vincent Koch, Projection, Preparation prints
Markus Vetter, Projection
Nikolas Banspach, Manager Cinema Operation
Helge Wagner, Festival Webside
Gunter Oehme, Sound Engineer
Frank Schmitz, KINOTON, Germany
Norbert Thäder , KINOTON, Germany
Torsten Lohmann, Filmpalast, Karlsruhe
Manel Carreras, dts-Europe
Peter Fearn, dts-Europe
Hooman Afshari, 20th Century Fox, Germany
Torsten Frehse, Neue Visionen, Berlin
Ralph Metternich, UIP, Germany
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