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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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DP70s in the USA (Pacific time zone)

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 24.01.2008

California CA

Fresno Sunnyside Drive in Theatre
  Two DP70. Ballentyne transistor sound incl Mx power amps, Jet arc lamps. 1750 cars. Opened ca April 1965 screen 140 x 50 ft.
Los Angeles ...and greater Los Angeles area.
North Highlands Steve Kathan (private)
  One DP70 (2293) with base no 6460.

Image by
Steve Kathan
Martinez Aaron Sizemore machine shop
  One DP70 with base no 59-161 out of service. No mechanism head number. Sold to Bijou, Inc., Casper, Wyoming April 2004.
Oakland Grand Lake Theatre #1
  Two DP70 (2082+2083)
Oakland Grand Lake Theatre #2
  Two DP70 (1375+1376)
Palm Springs Camelot Theatre
  Two DP70 (1980 (base 6358)+1981(base 6359)). Installed by BLSI autumn 1999. They were full refinished and remanufactured and look new. They came from Scottsdale, AZ
Pasadena Hastings Theatre (P)
  Two DP70 and 5 screens
Pasadena UA Marketplace #4
  One DP70 (2005). THX. Base 6363.
Petaluma Aaron Sisemore/Cinema West Theatres
  Four DP70 in storage: (2172 [6433], 2173 [6434], 2356 [6602] & 2361 [6606]) Sold to Bijou, Inc., Casper, Wyoming April 2004.
Sacramento Alhambra Theatre (*╗)
  1976 seats Demolished
San Diego Capri Theatre (*╗)
  663 seats
San Dimas Teccon Enterprises Ltd
  Two DP70 from Flora, Amsterdam, Holland. Teccon closed. Unknown disposition of DP70
San Francisco Alhambra
  One DP70 (2361). Projector from Regency #1. Closed

Image by Michael Berg
San Francisco Alexandria Theatre (*╗)
  1170 seats, now three screens as United Artists Alexandria. Closed in February 2004.
San Francisco Coronet Theatre (*╗P)
  Two DP70 (616+618) . Opened 1948 in art nouveau style. Screen 49 x 24 ft. Ampex 6-track stereo.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1994

1242 seats. "Oklahoma!" premiered 16.02.1956 and stayed until end of December 1956. Replaced by "Around the World in 80 Days". Now known as United Artists Coronet. Fully restored, there was grand re-opening of the Coronet 18.12.1992 with "Toys" in SR.D on the largest screen in San Francisco.
  The CORONET theatre stayed open a year longer than originally planned. It closed in June 2005. The last movie was "Million Dollar Baby". The projection equipment was removed about a week after the place closed. I'd heard (but can't confirm) that it was sold to someone from Dolby Laboratories. The CORONET still had some components of the original TODD-AO sound system that were "retired in place" in the booth . The original surround speakers were still up in the ceiling. Jim C, San Francisco, 15.10.2005

The Coronet demolished July 2007 image by Jim Cassedy
  The CORONET "Booth Phone". It has an 8 position "dial" on the front which is marked with other locations in the theatre such as "Box Office" "Manager" , "Concession" "Lobby""Backstage" etc. To work it, you moved the dial to the location you wanted to talk to and pressed a button on the side which buzzed that extension. Image by Jim C
San Francisco Dolby Laboratories, Inc
  One DP70 (1642) to James Bond, Chicago. Now DP75
San Francisco Metro Theatre (P)
  One DP70 (___).

The Metro was a UA theatre for many years and is not operated by operated by REGAL entertainment group. Jim C, San Francisco, 15.10.2005
San Francisco Regency #1
  One DP70 (2356). Second projector 2361 moved to Alhambra. Closed
San Francisco United Artists Galaxy #1 (P)
  One DP70 (1371). THX
San Francisco United Artists Galaxy #2 (P)
  One DP70 (1883). THX
San Jose AMC Town and Country
  DP70. Theater was closed some time before April 1, 2000
San Rafael Stag Theatre, Lucas Film (P)
  Two DP70 (2172+2173) with base numbers 6433+6434. LucasFilm Main screening room. Machines removed permanently 1998, sold to SONY in Culver City (CA). Machines replaced by Simplex XL35mm
Willows ? (P)
  Two DP70 (____+____)

Nevada NV

Henderson Rick Miller (private)
  One DP70 (1951)

I purchased this machine in Las Vegas from a motion picture equipment service man in Jan or Feb of 2003. Larry Little Machine Company, The gentlemen died recently at age 94, Larry started with International Projector Company about 1928. An interesting fellow. I wish to install this projector in my home in Henderson, Nevada and need an intermittent sprocket, star wheel, maltese cross, bakelite drive gear, bushing, shims and some small parts for the film gate. (for starters). The spool boxes are perfect actually look brand new. Surprised to find a web site for this masterpiece of design. I'll send a sharp picture when I get a chance, its in my warehouse. Merrick Miller, 5 Apr 2006
Las Vegas Fox
  Opened in 1965 - closed in 1985 or '86. Demolished. Was originally owned & operated by National General Theatres until around '72 or '73 when Mann Theatres took it over. Then around 1980, Mann sold the theatre to Century (at the time, known as Syufy Enterprises), and around '85 or '86, they moved the Norelcos from the Fox to the Red Rock.
Las Vegas Red Rock 11
  Closed. Two DP70 from the Fox, Las Vegas. As of August 2001 two auditoriums have Norelco AA11 projectors without lamp houses - one for each auditorium).
Reno Granada Theatre
Two DP70. in the early and mid 1960s. They were used with Peerless Magnarc arc lamphouses. The theatre had a stadium type auditorium. The projection booth was suspended from the ceiling at the rear of the auditorium with a glass front that allowed theatre patrons to see the projection equipment.


Oregon OR

Portland American Cinema Equipment
Three DP70 from the Eastgate Theatre, Portland
Portland Broadway Theatre (*╗)
1956 seats Demolished. One variable speed Norelco was replaced and now resides as a replacement at the Hollywood in Portland, Or.
Portland Eastgate Theatre
Two DP70, 35 ft screen and 2500 watt xenon. Theatre closed permanently on Sunday February 25, 2001. Four Norelco projectors at the Eastgate was moved to outfit the Cinerama in Seattle when it was remodeled, The other three were sold to American Cinema Equipment in Portland, Or.
Portland Hollywood Theatre (*P)
Two DP70 (915+917).  one DP70 came from Broadway, Portland. 3-strip Cinerama. 1500 seats. Closed/rebuilt 1969. All of the 3-strip Cinerama booths are still there as well. The Able and Charlie booths are used for storage. Live shows are also still done on sage from time to time. The machine on the left (as you face the screen) is number 917, and 915 is on the right.
Portland Music Box Theatre (*)
611 seats. Shut down before 1991. Unknown where projectors went.


Washington WA

Marysville Robert Leader (p)
  Four DP70 (1468+1485 +____+____) 1468+1485 came from a cinema in Holland. Both projectors have been modified to accept large reels.

2009, May: Recently bought two additional DP70s.

Marysville Matt Lutthans, private
Two DP70 (2414 + 2438).

These came out of the Cinema Center, Omaha, Nebraska, and are temporarily in the possession of Ken Layton in Olympia, Washington, where they will be cleaned and repaired (if needed), then moved back to my home in Marysville, Washington. Ken has a couple of repair jobs to complete before he gets to the DP70s. I'm guessing that I will get them back around May or June. Matt Lutthans
Port Gamble Private Greg Mueller (p)
  Three DP70 (751+1379+2457) Type EL 4001. A private screening room. It is a double motor model. It is fully functional and restored. 751 and 2457 (# 6635) are used for parts.

Seattle Blue Mouse Theatre (*╗)
  Two DP70 (+1379). "Oklahoma" from september 1956. "Around the World in 80 Days" played 51 weeks and one day. Last day was 03.04.1958. It was a long run record in Seattle. It grossed (also record) 369.000 dollars. 728 seats. According to Bob McRae, who sold me my DP70, my Norelco (1379) came from the Blue Mouse theater. When that theater closed, it went out by the SeaTac airport to The Lewis and Clark theater and was retired from there. Bob McRae had it at his shop for a while untill I bought it from him several years ago. Greg Muller
Seattle Guild 45th #1 (P)
  One DP70 (2304) and base 6484
Seattle Guild 45th #2 (P)
  One DP70 (2175) and base 6417
Seattle Egyptian (P)
  Two DP70 (1892+2303) with bases 6479+6307
Seattle King Cinema
  Two DP70 (713+714) with bases 1094+1087. The King Cinema is not in operation as of late February 2000) .
Seattle Music Box Theatre (*)
Seattle Seattle Cinerama (P)
  Three DP70 (____+2044+2416). The interesting thing about the original pair is that someone has adapted and handmade a cinefocus gate for it (70mm only). Both original DP70s removed. One machine to Mark Guldbrandsen, Salt Lake City (USA) the other projector broken after a fall down the stairs when it was removed. 2416's base number 6348. 2044's base number is 6630.

Image by Matt Lutthans

sits in the middle port and is not currently being used. (They are using a new FP75E, which projects through the left window in the booth). 3-strip Cinerama re-opened June 2, 2000 with "How the West Was Won" and "This is Cinerama" on 32-foot high Cinerama screen.
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