Bradford, Widescreen Weekend 2003
Pictures by Thomas Hauerslev
From Copenhagen to Bradford with Maria

DCP_0604 DCP_0606 DCP_0609 DCP_0611 DCP_0612 DCP_0614 DCP_0615
DCP_0617 DCP_0619 DCP_0620 DCP_0621 DCP_0622 DCP_0623 DCP_0627
DCP_0628 DCP_0629 DCP_0630 DCP_0631 DCP_0632 DCP_0634 DCP_0636
DCP_0637 DCP_0638 DCP_0639 DCP_0640 DCP_0641 DCP_0642 DCP_0649
DCP_0650 DCP_0651 DCP_0652 DCP_0653 DCP_0654 DCP_0655 DCP_0657
DCP_0658 DCP_0659 DCP_0661 DCP_0662 DCP_0663 DCP_0664 DCP_0665
DCP_0666 DCP_0667 DCP_0668 DCP_0669 DCP_0670 DCP_0671 DCP_0673
DCP_0676 DCP_0677 DCP_0678 DCP_0679 DCP_0683 DCP_0684 DCP_0687
DCP_0688 DCP_0693 DCP_0694 DCP_0695 DCP_0696 DCP_0697 DCP_0698
DCP_0699 DCP_0700 DCP_0702 DCP_0703 DCP_0706 DCP_0707 DCP_0709
DCP_0710 DCP_0711 DCP_0712 DCP_0713 DCP_0714 DCP_0715 DCP_0716
DCP_0717 DCP_0718 DCP_0719 DCP_0720 DCP_0721 DCP_0722 DCP_0723
DCP_0725 DCP_0726 DCP_0727 DCP_0730 DCP_0731 DCP_0732 DCP_0734
DCP_0737 DCP_0738 DCP_0744 DCP_0748 DCP_0749 DCP_0750 DCP_0751
DCP_0752 DCP_0754 DCP_0756 DCP_0757 DCP_0758 DCP_0759 DCP_0760
DCP_0761 DCP_0762 DCP_0763 DCP_0765 DCP_0766 DCP_0767 DCP_0768
DCP_0769 DCP_0770 DCP_0771 DCP_0772 DCP_0773 DCP_0774 DCP_0775
DCP_0776 DCP_0777 DCP_0778 DCP_0779 DCP_0780 DCP_0783 DCP_0788