Plays the 2002 Telluride Film Festival
A Festival Photo Album

Telluride Festival 2002 Poster
Nothing says "movies in the mountains" like a poster showing the Egyptian desert. Go figure.Guests at the picnic gathering, a typical Telluride day, and these people want to go inside and look at movies???

Randy Gitsch, John Sittig, director of Cinerama Inc., Dave Strohmaier, and producer, director, filmmaker Kevin Brownlow at the annual kickoff picnic in the mountains.

Randy Gitsch, producer, and Dave Strohmaier, director, pose in front of the MAX Theatre. The MAX is a high school gymnasium that is converted into an Egyptian style movie theatre each year for the festival

Dave and the boss, Carin Anne Strohmaier. Carin Anne is a film editor at Disney.

Let's go inside the MAX and see what sort of setup we have for showing Cinerama Adventure and an extra special treat for the audiences. Here we find Dave posing beside a poster designed for the documentary by Martin Hart. The setup appears on page 2.

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