Some American Box Office Cinerama statistics:
1952This Is Cinerama
(3 months in ONE theatre)
#1 box office champ
1953This Is Cineramawithin top 10
1954This Is Cineramawithin top 10
1955Cinerama Holiday#2 box office champ
1956Seven Wonders of the World#3 box office champ
1957Search For Paradisewithin top 20
1958South Seas Adventurewithin top 10
1962How The West Was Won#1 box office champ
1963*Its a Mad Mad Mad World#2 box office champ
1968*2001, A Space Odyssey#2 box office champ
*Presented in Cinerama at Cinerama theatres but not filmed in the Cinerama process.
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