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Cinerama Adventure is thrilled to announce:

is constructing the first

in 40 years!

Crest National Laboratories of Los Angeles has jumped into a new project with both feet, and quite a few hands. Commissioned to produce a new three panel-print of This Is Cinerama, they decided that the best way to check the quality of their work was in a real Cinerama setting. Our thanks to Ron Stein for providing these photos.

In addition to motion picture lab work, Crest handled the video transfers of such large format classics as "Oklahoma!" from its original Todd-AO 65mm, 30 fps negatives, and "The King and I" from its CinemaScope 55 negatives.

On this page we will chronicle the construction of the new screening room at Crest, with updates every couple of weeks. This should be interesting to Cinerama fans as well as carpenters, electricians, painters and the other building trades.

The Work Begins

You have to start somewhere. An early model of the proposed screening room. Originally conceived as a somewhat modest facility with a flat screen, the project has blossomed into what may become the most unique private screening room ever built.

Crest's Cinerama project is composed of three primary tasks:

  1. Construction of the projection and editing suite.

  2. Construction of the screening room.

  3. Building an optical printer to convert conventional 4-perf prologues to 6-perf Cinerama film.

Put on your seven-league boots and wander through the construction
Projection RoomScreening RoomOptical Printer

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