Installment #2

Cinerama Screening Room
Photos courtesy of Crest National Labs

Work progresses in the screening room, but more trips are made to the Pacific Theatres warehouse, formerly the illustrious Warner Cinerama on Hollywood Blvd. There's a lot more gear to dig out and move to Crest.

The three projectors are in place so now it's time to select a Cinerama seven-channel sound reproducer, (dubber). In the background we see Gunther Jung, Cinerama, Inc. consultant. Gunther gets to play with this stuff any time he wants. He's gracious enough to point out that he has gotten a little behind in his dusting.

A group of speaker cabinets are chosen from the selection available in the Cinerama warehouse and they arrive at Crest for testing and modification.

The cabinets are opened and inspected. There is a suspicion that there will be lots of "Hi End." And that's confirmed with a spectrum analyzer.
Audio and Interlock SystemScreen and Printer

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