Installment #3

Cinerama Screening Room
She's Up And Running!
Photos courtesy of Crest National Labs and Ron Stein

The new Cinerama screening facility is complete and in use to review the arduously made prints of This Is Cinerama and How The West Was Won.

The new prints of This Is Cinerama look good, but required substantial work to balance the panel to panel colors on the 50 year old negatives. From 1952 until 1963, all prints of the film were made directly from the negatives with substantial wear and tear. Some sequences had to be rebuilt from the black and white separation masters.

The new prints of How The West Was Won are truly spectacular. All Cinerama prints were made by the Technicolor dye transfer process, whereby the original negatives had only a few runs through the optical printers to create the Technicolor printing matrices. The last print run of This Is Cinerama in 1963 was also done in the dye transfer process.

Click on the thumbnails below to see panoramic photos of the projection room and screening room. The pictures were pieced together from a set of separate photos provided by Crest.

Click this to see a large panoramic photo of the projection room
Completed Projection Room
Click this to see a large panoramic photo of the screening room
Completed Screening Room
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