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The Film Makers
Documentary Bios

David Strohmaier, Director/Writer/Editor
David has long been a film history buff, even before graduating from film school in the early 1970s and starting his career at Warner Brothers. He has worked as a film and avid editor for major studios such as Disney, 20th Century-Fox, editing many M.O.W.s, pilots, and series over the last 20 years including EPCOT documentaries at Disney and two of the CircleVision films made for their theme parks. Some of his more notable editing credits are, Northern Exposure, Dangerous Minds, and three Alien Nation M.O.W.s. David has also served as historical consultant to Paul Allen's Seattle Cinerama restoration theatre project.

Randy Gitsch, Producer
One of Randy's first jobs in Hollywood was as a staff researcher in the RKO Studio Archives. There he assisted the BBC in their 6-part studio history, entitled Hollywood; The Golden Years, and veteran director, Richard Wilson, with the Paramount Pictures/Les Films Balenciaga restoration of a "lost" Orson Welles feature, It's All True.
Subsequently working as film sales librarian for both the Sherman Grinberg and Energy stock libraries, he produced his first documentary, in response to the film deterioration he had to deal with on a daily basis, 1999's critically acclaimed, Keepers of the Frame.

Carin-Anne Strohmaier, Executive Producer
Carin-Anne has worked for the last 15 years at major studios as an assistant editor and associate editor. Among her numerous editing credits are, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future 2 and 3, The Rocketeer, Forrest Gump, and Contact. Her interest in film history documentaries is as strong as husband David's, as she has been acting as executive producer on this project, balancing creative duties with administrative on this 3 year project.

Gary Hall, Co-Producer
Gary has a long career in television production serving as a co-producer on such network television shows as 21 Jump Street, Hunter, Street Justice, and The A-Team. Before working on the Cinerama documentary project, he was one of the producers on the "Pensacola" series at CBS. Although this is Gary's first line producing job on a documentary feature, he brings to the production his vast knowledge of location work for the over 13 varied locales where this production has been shot.

Gerald Saldo, Director of Photography
Gerald, a graduate of NYU film school, has had a long and varied career in film and most recently, video documentary production. He is the owner and operator of Bayside Productions in Santa Monica, California. He has served as cameraman on many one hour documentary productions, such as, No Immediate Danger and most recently Kevin Brownlow's Universal Studio feature documentary, Universal Horror.

Mark A. Martin, Production Associate
Mark has worked at all the major studios at one time or another, MGM, Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and many independent production companies as well. He has worked in many capacities in the entertainment business; research, production coordination, project development, accounting and even script supervision. A long time film history buff himself, Mark has been instrumental in the research and production phases of this documentary production.

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