This is how Cinerama worked!
Enthusiasts all over the world have through great research and hard efforts put the stuff into operation again. Today you can watch it in Ohio and in Yorkshire - it will soon open in Seattle and a qualified guess is that more Cinerama-theatres will evolve...

You can give active support by joining
"The Cinerama Presevation Society"

(Check out info through The Neon Movies in Dayton Ohio) - making it possible for more people to seee and aiding in
the costly restoration of the seven Cinerama and one Cinemiracle films.

The American Widescreen Museum
The Cinerama/Cinemiracle Timeline
Draken - the best cinema in Göteborg
Windjammer and the Cinemiracle experience

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The Swedish Widescreen Menu

image: courtesy of The American Widescreen Museum