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"Man in the 5th Dimension"
Film Credits

The 70mm Newsletter
From the souvenir program and adapted to www.in70mm.com standard Date: 6 March 2005
Souvenir Book CoverOriginal title: Man in the 5th Dimension. Title under which the film later was shown: "World's Fair Encounter" (redited). Filmed in: 65mm, 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal cinematography filmed in: Todd-AO. Presentation format: Todd-AO. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Year of production: 1963. Released by: World Wide Pictures. World premiere (Release date): 1. April 1964. Premiere cinema: Billy Graham Pavilion (New York World Fair, USA).

Dick Ross (World Wide Pictures's president). Director: Dick Ross. Director of photography: Ralph Woolsey, ASC. Film editor: Irving Berlin, ACE. Music: Ralph Carmichael. Sound: Don Rogers. Recording supervision: Fred Hynes (Todd-AO). Art direction: Earl Hedrick. Make-up artist: Nicki Marcellino. Cast (role): Billy Graham (Himself). Narrator: Billy Graham. Music and effects editorial: Gene Martin. Special photographic effects: Russell Busby. Special art: Howard Sanden. Production company: World Wide Pictures. Associate producer: James F. Collier. Production managers: Rex Bailey (USA West Coast), Robert Baron (USA East Coast) and John Ireland (Europe and Middle East). Production assistants: Sylvia Ross (Hollywood), Lillian Brown (Washington D.C.), Michalis Grigoriou (Greece), Ibrahim Bahlawan (Jordan) and Samuel Becker (Israel). Communications: John Robertson. Continuity: Dorothy Yutzi. Assistant director: Ralph Axness. Color astronomical photos copyrighted by: California Institute Of Technology. Electron microscope laboratory, courtesy of: Radio Corporation Of America. Electron micrographs by: James a. Freeman, m.d., Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Washington monuments, cooperation of: Department Of The Interior, National Park Service. European and Middle East administrative supervision: Martin Weeks, Rex Publicity, London. International translations: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, by: Far East Broadcasting Company. French, German, Russian by: Montage Et Synchronization. Music conductor: Ralph Carmichael (The score, composed for 54 instruments and 28 voices, was recorded in Todd-AO 6 track stereo on the music stage of 20th Century Fox in West Loas Angeles). Music recording: Murray Spivak. Technical supervision: Michael Strong. Filmstock: Eastman Kodak 65mm. Color by: Technocolor. Laboratory liaison: Richard F. Lederhaus. Optical effects: Film Effects of Hollywood. Number of 70mm prints: 11. Sound system: Todd-AO. 70mm running time: 28 minutes. Soundtrack produced by: Darol Rice (RCA Camden Mono CAL: 813 and Stereo CAS-813) Distributor: World Wide Pictures. Souvenir program Publisher: World Wide (Pub. Pub Date: 1964. Binding: Hardbound. Size: 11x8. Number of Pages: 36 pages). Souvenir program photographs: Russell Busby. Notes about the filming: 7 month shooting schedule. Locations: Mount Palomar Observatory (USA), Israel, Acropolis (Greece) and Jordan. Interior scenes were filmed at Paramount's Studios in Hollywood.

An evangelistic message for the millions presented in 7 languages. The "greatest man-made show in history" -- the spectacular New York World's Fair -- is open from April to October, 1964 and 1965. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not man-made, but it will be proclaimed day and night in several languages through "Man in the Fifth Dimension." This new film is to be shown 12 times a day, seven days a week, in the specially-designed Billy Graham Pavilion. The dynamic message and glorious color of the film, the unusual wrap-around screen and the air-conditioned solitude of the theatre, will present the Gospel message with a powerful impact on every viewer. As the film closes with an invitation from Mr. Graham, a trained staff of counselors -- fluent in several languages -- will minister to each inquirer. This new evangelistic film epic, specially produced for this Gospel witness at the Fair, undertakes to describe mans extra or "fifth" dimension -- the life of the human spirit. In swift sequence the giant galaxies, tiny microscopic organisms, saints and savants of history, cultures and civilizations of the heroic past are summoned to bear testimony to the Glory of God and the spiritual nature of man. Then the story narrows down to one solitary individual, Jesus Christ, the Carpenter of Nazareth, and the effect of this Man upon the world. The film closes on a highly personal note as Mr. Graham invites viewers to receive Christ as Savior and Lord..

Various: Every hour from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in the air-conditioned theatre, the color motion picture entitled "Man in the Fifth Dimension" is presented in 70 mm Todd-AO, on the wide screen. Admission free. Five hundred persons at a time may be seated in the commodious and comfortable theater. Persons from foreign countries may hear the message translated into Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese through special instruments in certain seats. Director Dan Piatt and staff of trained counselors deal with those who inquire after each showing regarding spiritual matters. Speaking in English, Mr. Graham is heard narrating the film. A control built into the arm rest of each chair in the air-conditioned theater can switch the sound track to a choice of six different languages which are heard through a plastic earpiece: French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and German. The multi-lingual seven-channel system was installed by Round Hill Associates.

The dynamic film, "Man in the Fifth Dimension," seen by over one million persons in 70mm Todd-AO at the World's Fair, is now available in 16mm for showing in your church. Rental, including publicity helps, is only $20. For immediate or future booking, write now to World Wide Pictures, 1313 Hennepin, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403.

Two thirds of the film has been re-used in the film: "World's Fair Encounter". World Wide Pictures do not have a 70mm print of “Man in the 5th Dimension”. 16mm prints may still exist. A number of the 70mm prints used for the Pavilion of "Man In The 5th Dimension" were damaged over the course of the Fair's run, partly because they often didn't have experienced projectionists in the booth who sometimes caused the damage. About 11 70mm prints were made, with some slight changes made for the 1965 season. After the Fair, 16mm copies were distributed to churches with the ending reedited to remove all references to the Fair itself.

Eric Paddon, 8. September 2002

To request information or to offer financial assistance, write to:

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1300 Harmon Place, Minneapolis
Minnesota 55403
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This article first appeared on nywf64.com September 2002. Reprinted by kind permission from the author Eric Paddon.
For full coverage of the worlds fair, go to nywf64.com and Billy Graham Pavilion  
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