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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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3rd Seminar of 70mm film in Krnov 2008
18 - 20 . April 2008, Kino Mir 70, Krnov, The Czech Republic

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Jakub Klíma, Photographed by: Jan Nálepa, Jan Piska etc. Date: 25.03.2008
logoindex.jpg, 51 kBIn March 2006 a few Czech 70mm film fans came together for a unique experience. The event was the first "70mm seminar" to be held in the Kino Mir 70 cinema.

For the first time in many years the audience, mostly students, projectionists and teachers from the city of Krnov in the Czech Republic experienced the unique quality of the 70mm format. The event was successful and the team who organized it decided to continue with a second festival in 2007 and now for the third time:

18 - 20 . April 2008.

Under patronage of the City Council of Krnov and with the cooperation of ACFC and Masaryk University in Brno, the Mir 70 theatre will again be the meeting point for  film enthusiasts from not only the Czech Republic but also visitors from Austria, Denmark, Holland, Poland and Germany.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Jakub Klíma

Friday, 18. April 2008

Battle of the Bulge

14:15 – 17:03 “Battle of the Bulge” (2:47) + intermission. Filmed in: 65mm 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Ultra Panavision 70. Presented in the original version with Czeck subtitles on the curved screen in a very faded and incomplete 70mm print. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1965. World Premiere: 16.12.1965, Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles, USA. CSSR - Premiere 12.4.1968

Directed by Ken Annakin. Screenplay by Bernard Gordon, Philip Yordan, John Melson, Milton Sperling and Philip Yordan. Produced by Sidney Harmon, Milton Sperling and Philip Yordan. Music by Benjamin Frankel. Cinematography by Jack Hildyard

Henry Fonda (Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley), Robert Shaw (Col. Martin Hessler), Robert Ryan (Gen. Grey), Hans Christian Blech (Cpl. Conrad), Telly Savalas (Sgt. Guffy)

"Battle of the Bulge" is incomplete and missing reel 2. Will be supported with replacement reel in 35mm, if a reel becomes available from the archive.

Emelyan Pugachev

16:45 – 19:02 “Pugachev” ([Pugachov] [Emelyan Pugachyov]) (2:17). Filmed in: 35mm 4 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Sovscope. Presented in the original Russian 70mm blow-up version with Czeck subtitles on the curved screen with 6-track magnetic sound. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: Soviet Union (Mosfilm). Production year: 1978. World Premiere: __.__.____, ____, ____, Soviet Union. CSSR premiere: 1.4.1980

Directed by Aleksei Saltykov. Screenplay by Eduard Volodarsky. Produced by Gennadi Morozov. Music by Andrei Eshpaj. Cinetography by Igor Chernykh.

Yevgeni Matveyev (Emelyan Pugachyov), Vija Artmane (Catherine the Great), Tamara Syemina (Sofiya Pugachyeva), Olga Prokhorova (Ustinya Pugachyeva), Pyotr Glebov (Stepan Fedulov), Boris Kudryavtsev (Maksim Shigayev)

West Side Story

20:00 – 22:32 “West Side Story” (2:32) + intermission. Filmed in: 65mm 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Super Panavision 70. Presented in the original version on the curved screen in fairly new 70mm print. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1965. World Premiere: 18.10.1961, Rivoli, New York, USA. ČSSR - Premiere 12.10.1973

Directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise. Screenplay by Ernest Lehman. Produced by Saul Chaplin and Robert Wise. Original Music by Leonard Bernstein. Cinematography by Daniel L. Fapp

Natalie Wood (Maria), Richard Beymer (Tony), Russ Tamblyn (Riff), Rita Moreno (Anita), George Chakiris (Bernardo)

"West Side Story" is struck from the original 65 mm camera negative in 1992 (a few frame jumps in reel Number 3 and in the end title), 6-track discrete magnetic sound. Print from Jean-Piere Gutzeit, Berlin, Germany

Saturday, 19. April 2008

Hauptmann Florian von der Mühle

09:45 – 12:05 “Hauptmann Florian von der Mühle” (2:20). Filmed in: 70mm, 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: DEFA 70. Presented in the original  70mm German version with Czeck subtitles on the curved screen. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: DDR. Production year: 1968. World Premiere: 22.11.1968 Kino International, East Berlin, DDR. CSSR - Premiere 3.7.1970.

Directed by Werner W. Wallroth. Music by Karl-Ernst Sasse. Cinematography by Eberhard Borkmann and Hans-Jürgen Kruse

Hartmut Beer (Geheimpolizist zu Pferde), Regina Beyer (Duchessa), Herwart Grosse (Friedrich II.), Rolf Herricht (Amadeus), Jutta Klöppel (Fanny), Herbert Köfer (Der Medicus)

From DEFA Film Library:

This story of the miller Florian, who gave all his money to the war against Napoleon, is loosely based on a true story. After the war, Florian's reimbursement is challenged, and he must also pay taxes on his destroyed mill. He resists the tax collectors and takes off to Vienna, where he intends to defend his rights. On the way, he rescues the Duchess of Guastalla from assault. She also wants to go to Vienna, as His Majesty Franz II is trying to contest an heir in her favor. With cunning, luck, and dagger, Florian fights his way through a slew of nobility and their secret police. In the end, he acquires multiple titles, and the Duchess acquires him.

40th anniversary screening

Kazimierz Wielki

13:15 - 15:33 “Kazimier Vieliky” (aka "Casimir the Great") (2:23). Filmed in: 70mm, 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: _____. Presented in the original Polish version with Czeck subtitles on the curved screen. Aspect ratio: _,__:1. Country of origin: Poland. Production year: 1975. World Premiere: 09.03.1976, Poland. CSSR - Premiere 01.11. 1977

Directed by Ewa Petelska and Czeslaw Petelski. Screenplay by Ewa Petelska and Czeslaw Petelski. Music by Jerzy Maksymiuk. Cinematography by Wieslaw Rutowicz. Film Editing by Lidia Pacewicz

Krzysztof Chamiec (Kazimierz Wielki), Zofia Saretok (Cudka Wladyslaw Hancza), Jaroslaw Bogoria (Wieslaw Golas), Macko Borkowic (Ignacy Machowski), Wladyslaw Lokietek (Tadeusz Fijewski)


16:30 – 17:15 "The Wonderful World of Film Formats" hand made lecture by Thomas Hauerslev,

Direct from a presentation from the Schauburg in Karlsruhe (Germany), 2007

Lawrence of Arabia

17:30 - 21:17 "Lawrence of Arabia" (3:47) (+ intermission). Filmed in: 65mm 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Super Panavision 70. Presented: on the curved screen in Super Panavision 70 with 6-track magnetic stereo. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1962. World Premiere: 10.12.1962 Odeon Leicester Square, London, England. Czech Republic PREMIERE(previously only shown on TV).

Directed by David Lean. Written by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson. Produced by Sam Spiegel. Music by Maurice Jarre. Cinematography by Freddie Young. Edited by Anne V. Coates

Peter O'Toole (T.E. Lawrence), Alec Guinness (Prince Feisal), Anthony Quinn (Auda abu Tayi), Jack Hawkins (General Lord Edmund Allenby), Omar Sharif (Sherif Ali), José Ferrer (Turkish Bey, Anthony Quayle (Colonel Brighton), Claude Rains (Mr. Dryden) & Arthur Kennedy (Jackson Bentley)

Movie poster art by Howard Terpning

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Sir David Lean

"Lawrence of Arabia"
is struck from a 65mm intermediate negative in 1989, Dolby A Magnetic Sound. Print from Jean-Piere Gutzeit, Berlin, Germany

Sen noci Svatojánské

22:15 - 23:31 “Sen noci Svatojánské” (aka "A Midsummer Night's Dream") (1:16). Filmed in: 35mm, 4 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: CinemaScope. Presented in the original Czechoslovakian version on the curved screen in a rare 35mm print from 1959, with 4-track magnetic sound. Aspect ratio: 2,55:1. Country of origin: Czechoslovakia. Production year: 1959. World Premiere: 25.09.1959, Czechoslovakia

Directed by Jirí Trnka. Screenplay Jirí Brdecka. Josef Kainar, Howard Sackler and Jirí Trnka. Produced by Erna Kmínková and Jaroslav Mozis. Music by Václav Trojan. Cinematography by Jirí Vojta. Edited by Hanna Valachova

Sunday, 21. April 2008


10:00 – 13:18 “Spartacus” (3:18) + intermission. Filmed in: 35mm 8 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Technirama. Presented in the restored Super Technirama 70 version with German subtitles on the curved screen. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1960. World Premiere: 06.10.1960, De Mille, New York, USA. ČSSR - Premiere 15.09.1967

Directed by Stanley Kubrick and Anthony Mann.Screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. Produced by Kirk Douglas (executive producer), James C. Katz (1991 restoration), Edward Lewis. Music by Alex North. Cinematography by Russell Metty. Edited by Robert Lawrence.

Kirk Douglas (Spartacus), Laurence Olivier (Marcus Licinius Crassus), Jean Simmons (Varinia), Charles Laughton (Sempronius Gracchus), Peter Ustinov (Lentulus Batiatus), John Gavin (Julius Caesar).

"Spartacus" is struck from a 65mm Intermediate negative (separations) in 1991, Dolby A Magnetic Sound (with German subtitles!). Print from Jean-Piere Gutzeit, Berlin, Germany


14:00 – 16:40 “Amadeus” (2:40). Filmed in: 35mm, 4 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Panavision. Presented in the original version with Czeck subtitles on the curved screen in 70mm Dolby Stereo. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1984. World Premiere: 19.12.1984, USA. CSSR - premiere 01.08.1986

Directed by Milos Forman. Screenplay by Peter Shaffer. Produced by Saul Zaentz. Director of photography Miroslav Ondrícek. Edited by Michael Chandler. Production Design by Patrizia Von Brandenstein

F. Murray Abraham (Antonio Salieri), Tom Hulce (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Elizabeth Berridge (Constanze Mozart), Roy Dotrice (Leopold Mozart), Simon Callow (Emanuel Schikaneder / Papageno), Christine Ebersole (Katerina Cavalieri / Costanza), Jeffrey Jones (Emperor Joseph II)

"Amadeus" is incomplete and will be supported with two reels in 35mm

The Kino Mir 70

Projectors: 2 x UM 70/35XB, 2 x Meo5XB + Meo II. X (16 mm ) optical analogue sound record, 6 channel magnetic record, 4 channel magnetic. record, Dolby Digital EX, DTS(35mm) DTS for 70mm screening is coming in September 2007

70mm Screen size: 14 x 7m, slightly curved

First 70mm film: "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" - 23.05.1969
Sound: Dolby Stereo EX, DTS

Speakers: K.C.S. (Kelonik Cinema Sound) S- 3000, 4 OHMS, 600 WATTS (3 behind screen) + K.C.S subwoofers: C-218-A, 4 OHMS, 1200 WATTS + Effect channel: 16 speakers, Left wall: 4 speakers, right wall 4 speakers, rear wall: 8 speakers: SR-15, 8 OHMS, 200 WATTS each.

Processor: Dolby Model CP65 + DA20 + Model SA10 – EX

DTS: XD10 - CinemaMediaPlayer

Seats: 322 new seats

City of Krnov: 26 000 inhabitants

The Kino Mir 70
3nd 70mm Festival 2008

Friday, 18. April
"Battle of the Bulge" (Ken Annakin, 1965, english version, Czech subtitles, very red print, incomplete print )

"Pugachev" (Alexej Saltykov, 1978, original sound, Czech subtitles)

"West Side Story" (Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise, 1961, English version)
Saturday, 19. April
"Hauptmann Florian von der Mühle" (Werner W. Wallroth, 1968, German version, Czech subtitles)

"Kazimierz Wielki" (aka "Casimir the Great", Ewa Petelska, Czeslaw Petelski, 1976, polish version, Czech subttiles)

Thomas Hauerslev's popular lecture "The Wonderful of Film Formats"

"Lawrence of Arabia" (David Lean, 1962, English version, )

"Sen noci Svatojánské" (aka A Midsummer Night's Dream, Jiří Trnka, 1959)
Sunday, 20. April
Breakfast buffet

"Spartacus" (Stanley Kubrick, 1960, English version, German subtitles)

"Amadeus" (Miloš Forman, 1984, English version, Czech subtitles)
2008 Festival Pass

Includes admission to all screenings during the three days. It does not include accommodation.

Festival Pass Price: 500 CZK/ approx. 20 EUR (it may change due exchange rate).

Reservation will be accepted by Jakub Klíma

The organisers wish to thank the following individuals for their help.
Jaromír Blažejovský, PhD, from Masaryk University who was again asked about introducing each title.

Many thanks go to Pavel Tomešek, the head of the theather Mir 70 in Krnov, officals of culture department of Krnov (MIKS) for their neverending work.

Special thanks goes to Jean Pierre Gutzeit, Germany.

Many thanks to Herbert Born, Germany, Thomas Hauerslev, Denmark. Francois Carrin, France and Maciej Gill, Poland and many others for their endeavour work.
For more information, please, contact Jakub Klima

Hotel Pepa Hotel****

Zámecké náměstí 7
794 01 Krnov

Phone: +420 554 611 005, +420 554 610 806

14 rooms,

price: - single bed room 800,- CZK person/night, breakfast included.
Double bed room 1400,- CZK person/night breakfast included.

Hotel Praha Hotel**

Revoluční 10
794 01 Krnov

Phone.: +420 554 610 741, +420 602 722 634

Single bed room: 400 CZK per night and person, twin bed room: 630 CZK per night and person.

All hotels
2008 Credits
70mm Seminar Contact information:

Director of the Mir 70 theather and founder: Pavel Tomešek

Projectonists: Pavel Tomešek, Jan Piska, Jan Bodišínský

Web designer and art designer: Jan Nálepa


Jakub Klima
CSL. Armady 35/811
Krnov 794 01
The Czech Republic

Phone: +420 775 919 059
Projectors will be on display display in the in Mir 70 foyer and everyone will be invited to visit the projection room. The invitation will not go unnoticed, and the projection room will again be full of guests of all ages.

A small breakfast before the morning screening and some refreshment during the whole seminar will be prepared for all visitors.
Press image to enlarge
Press image to enlarge
More in 70mm reading:

Krnov 2008 festival report

Gallery: 3rd Seminar of 70mm film, Kino Mir 70, Krnov, The Czech Republic.

First 70mm Seminar
Second 70mm Seminar

Internet link:

Kino Mir 70
Namesti Miru 14
794 01 Krnov
The Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 554 615 050

Head of the Kino Mir 70: Pavel Tomešek

Official Festival Page


YouTube clip

Pane Klímo,

ještě jednou Vám chceme poděkovat a to i Vašim přátelům za vynikající tři dny v Krnově. Těšíme se již na další ročník Krnovské 70ky.


Dear Mr. Klima !

I only wanna congratulate you for the films I have seen at your very atmospheric # festival and the wonderful cinema.
Thanks - till next year !

Nice greetings from Vienna

Leo Moser,
Filmpublizist, 1090 Wien, Austria
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