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"Inherent Vice" is released in 70mm
Theatrical Premiere: December 12, 2014

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: - Date: 11.12.2014
"Inherent Vice", is the seventh feature from Paul Thomas Anderson and the first ever film adaption of a Thomas Pynchon novel.

When private eye Doc Sportello's ex-old lady suddenly out of nowhere shows up with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend whom she just happens to be in love with, and a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin…well, easy for her to say.
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Canadian review

Web advertising for the film at the Cinerama Dome

It's the tail end of the psychedelic `60s and paranoia is running the day and Doc knows that love is another of those words going around at the moment, like trip or groovy, that's being way too overused—except this one usually leads to trouble.

With a cast of characters that includes surfers, hustlers, dopers and rockers, a murderous loan shark, LAPD Detectives, a tenor sax player working undercover, and a mysterious entity known as the Golden Fang, which may only be a tax dodge set up by some dentists... Part surf noir, part psychedelic romp—all Thomas Pynchon.
There are TWO 70mm prints playing at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. One in their Cinerama Dome and another in one of their "black box" cinemas.

The film stars Oscar nominees Joaquin Phoenix (The Master, Walk the Line), Josh Brolin (True Grit, No Country For Old Men) and Owen Wilson (The Royal Tennenbaums, Midnight in Paris); Katherine Waterston (Michael Clayton, Boardwalk Empire); Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) and Benicio Del Toro (Traffic); Martin Short (Frankenweenie); Jena Malone (The Hunger Games series); and musician Joanna Newsom.

I just saw "Inherent Vice" today. I got a couple of pictures, but that was it. As with "Interstellar", there wasn't anything on the marquee indicating a 70mm presentation. I'm not sure why that was, the ticket does say "70mm."

I can say that the print looked very good. Being shot in 35mm, there were some very grainy shots, but the 70mm print held the excellent cinematography in a solid, bright and fairly sharp format. I have no complaints about seeing a movie in the 21st century in blow-up form. Film still looks wonderful, in my humble opinion.

The Cinerama Dome did have some excellent digital previews, but they still look almost too sharp, too "digital" to my eyes. Ironic since I love sharp film images! I guess in some ways it reminds me of the old vinyl album versus CD/digital music battle. There is just something organic and warm about film. The same with a record album. I don't know if it's happened where you live, but record stores have been doing excellent business on a "dead" analog format! So it's great to see a new film in the 21st century in 70mm.

Bill Kallay

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Is it possible that there is still life in the 70mm format?
They show the 70mm at the Cinerama Dome, but they donít indicate the 70mm in one of the Black Box theatres (itís playing in two of those theatresÖone 70mm and one digital).

But on their website, they do show the 70mm performances. Iíve attached a snip from their website where you can see that (from Mondayís performances).

Eric Carter

"Inherent Vice" in Toronto, Canada

"Inherent Vice" in Toronto, Canada

Click to see enlargement


"Inherent Vice" in Texas, USA

"Inherent Vice" in Texas, USA

Click to see enlargement

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Updated 07-01-23