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"Savage Pampas" released 19. December 2016 on German BluRay and 4K UHD

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 07.12.2016
For the fans of "Savage  Pampas" here's finally the news you have been waiting for. On 19. December 2016, the new BluRay and 4K UltraHD disc of the classic MCS 70 Superpanorama western is finally available in stores.

The new transfer was made directly from an original very sharp vintage 70mm print, which was faded to the familiar red tones - both beloved and hated by 70mm fans and DVD fans alike. The print was scanned by Operator Gary Welch of Cinesolutions UK in 4K and later processed and color corrected.

See film clip of faded and remastered "Savage Pampas"

Thanks to the talent of scan master Mr. Vincent Koch in Karlsruhe, Germany, most of the full color spectrum has been brought back in its full glory to be enjoyed by the fans. Mr Koch is no stranger restoring old faded films. In 2014 he remastered the EXPO film "Vigilant Switzerland" and brought back the colors from a complete set of the original 3-panel 70mm print found in the Swiss army archive.

The new 70mm transfer is produced by Mr. Herbert Born, of the Schauburg Cinerama, in Karlsruhe, and at the first announcement in 2015 he said:

We will scan a pristine original 70mm print from the first release in 1966, which came directly from the 65mm camera original. This print already has the color corrections in it, but it is faded. We will clean the print and then have it scanned at 4K Resolution. Our scan expert Vincent Koch will restore the color with the same software he used to bring back the colors in "Vigilant Switzerland". The advantage of this process is we will stick with the original color balance, and do not need to make up a new color timing, which always is a problem with the old prints.
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See film clip of faded and remastered "Savage Pampas"


Remastered scene from "Savage Pampas" directly from a 70mm print struck from the original 65mm negative. Please note the pleasant skin tones - click to see an enlargement for a better view.

The new disc has a 94min running time, and carry a German (Dolby Atmos + DTS-HD MA 7.1) and an English (DTS-HD MA 2.0) soundtrack, remastered directly from the 70mm 6-track magnetic sound track on the 70mm print. The stereo is very pleasing and has a nostalgic quality with very active surround and panning sounds, side to side and front to back. "Recreating the English soundtrack has been quite a challenge", explains Herbert Born. The English language monophonic 2.0 version was lifted from a foreign DVD. That version turned out to be a little bit shorter compared to the German version, so "we had to fill in the missing parts with German dialouge. They were different cuts of the same film".
Remastered scene from "Savage Pampas" directly from a 70mm print struck from the original 65mm negative. Please note the pleasant skin tones - click to see an enlargement for a better view.

At first we thought "Well, we put the film in a scanner and scan it", but it is not that simple. The 70mm print was buckled and warped, which made a challenge to work with. The original 70mm material was scanned in London from both sides of the print to get the best parts. The images have been cleaned gently for scratches and dust, but some have been left in to reflect the nature of the source - a real 70mm projection print. This is quite pleasing to look at and should make the 70mm fans happy. The pictures are very sharp and gives you a real 70mm feeling of the real thing in a cinema. Colors are vivid and what I would call a Technicolor feel. Blazing reds, greens, blue, and deep black. You cannot get closer to the real deal than this.

Film credits: Producer: Jaime Prades; Samuel Bronston (uncredited). Director: Hugo Fregonese. Screenplay: Hugo Fregonese, John Melson; Homero Manzi, Ulises Petit de Murat (novel). Cinematography: Manuel Berenguer. Camera assistant: Dieter Gaebler. Music: Waldo de los Rios. Film Editing: Juan Serra

Cast: Robert Taylor (Captain Martin), Ron Randell (Padron), Marc Lawrence (Sargent Barril), Ty Hardin (Miguel Carreras), Rosenda Monteros (Rucu), Del Pozo (Lt. Del Rio), Felicia Roc (Camila Ometio), Charles Fawcett (El Gato - Private), Henry Avila (Petizo), Jose Jaspe (Luis - Private), Julio Pena (Chicha - Private), Laya Raki (Mimi), Laura Granados (Carmen), Ingrid Ohlenschlager (The Old Woman), Jose Nieto (Gen. Chavez), Willie Ellie (Chief Winkon).

BluRay / 4k UltraHD restoration and film credits

Faded "Savage Pampas" 70mm print being scanned in London. Picture by Vincent Koch

Schauburg 70 Digital presents "Savage Pampas" scanned in 4k from 70mm film elements. Produced by: Herbert Born. Color grading: Vincent Koch. Magnetic sound transfer: Vincent Koch. Scanner operation: Gary Welch. Post Production by: Rotor Films. Managing directors: Martin Frühmorgen & Holger Lehmann. Project management: Sandra Neundorf. Digital coloring: Sebastian Göhs. Mixing assistance: Konstantin Jänecke. Additional sound design and Dolby Atmos sound mixing: Alexander Sass. Project Supervision: Simon Busch. Project Support: Christian Frank, Adalli Singh & Johanna Czerwinski. Additional Graphic Design: Robert Rasouly. Legan Support: Daniel Schülken. Special Thanks to Jürgen A. Brückner and Hannelore Bollmann-Cantor. A Busch Media Group Release.

The disc also has four additional 4K trailers from "India", "USA", "Best of 4K" and "Wundervolle Welt 3D" from Busch Media Group. The only "Savage  Pampas" extras are a set of approximately 30 rare full color stills from the film.
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Updated 04-05-22