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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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"The Hateful Eight" goes to Russia

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Alex Asp Date: 29.01.2016
Alexander Zenin and Yuriy Mamaev. Picture by Alexander Zenin

The HATEFUL EIGHT will be released on one 70mm screen in Moscow on January 1st, 2016 - In the biggest auditorium of OCTOBER cinema.

They have located fully preserved an fully functional KINOTON FP75E. The Russian dubbed soundtrack will be played using the only surviving DTS set of equipment.

Short video of the test:
More in 70mm reading:

Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" in Ultra Panavision 70

Internet link:

Short video of the test:


Example of screen image by Alexander Zenin

The OCTOBER cinema was opened in 1967.

A new purposely built 70mm cinema was at the time one of the biggest cinemas in Europe with main auditorium and balcony housing 3150 seats.

The second auditorium of about 200 seats was where STEREO-70 process was premiered and shown till 2005

The projectors were all KINAP-Odessa Soviet-era made 35/70 mm KP30-V and KP30-S for STEREO-70. 220 Amp fully-automated, water-cooled carbon arc lamp houses provided 30.000 lumen of light without film in a 70mm gate. This is about 14 foot lamberts on a screen sized 30 by 14 meters (in 1967!). The lamp houses used 60 cm spherical reflectors with interferential coating which led the infrared part of the carbon arc spectrum into a combined air/water-cooled back part of the lamp house. In the 1990 the lamp houses were upgraded to 10 Kw Xenon water-cooled Xenon lamps.

Dmitry Kuzin
Close up of the FP 75E machine by Alexander Zenin

The sound system was 2 x ZVUK-100 6-discreet channels system . At the time they still used change-over system but the show was fully automated including the screen curtains and horizontal screen cashes. The 70 mm presentations used full screen real estate 30 by 14 meters. The Scope was projected on 15 by 6.5 meters, Academy format films were projected to on 9 by 6.5 meters. Both Scope and Flat formats used same height The screen parts not used for 35 mm formats were masked by moving black velvet caches. This was done due to 35 mm projection limitations. This arrangement made the 70 mm screening even more impressive.

In 2005 after a major reconstruction the Soviet-made projectors were replaced by Strong-Ballantine 35/70mm projectors and digital projectors were installed a couple of years later.

The sound system was replaced with new solid-state amplifiers, JBL speakers and Dolby Digital processors.

After reconstruction the cinema became a multiplex and now houses 11 auditoriums including one IMAX theater with 300 seats.

The main auditorium now houses 1518 seats only.

OCTOBER today is a one of the main venues for Moscow International Film Festival.

"The Hateful Eight" in 70mm Ultra Panavision is slated to have 30 screenings in a first month (One screening a day). The projector/sound system is leased for 3 months.
The FP 75E machine and Kinoton non-rewind by Alexander Zenin

The equipment

KINOTON SP75E projector with DTS 70mm reader Projection Lens ISCO, focal length 115 mm. Anamorphic attachment supplied by Panavision/Weinstein company in Los Angeles.

Special sound equipment
DATASAt Mediaplayer XD20
DATASAT processor AP24 AURO 3D

Soundtrack: Russian Dubbed version 5.1, Pythagorus Studio DTS discs mastering Jordan O'Neil, Los Angeles.
The October auditorium. Picture by karofilm.ru
The October lobby. Picture by karofilm.ru
The October exterior. Picture by karofilm.ru
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Updated 04-05-22