"Antique" Wide-Gauge movie cameras and projector equipment at the University of Southern California - Department of Cinema/Television + 1930's Large Format Equipment at the USC Archive + in70mm.com
Images: Paul H Rayton
18. November 2004

DSC07547 DSC07549 DSC07551 DSC07552 DSC07554 DSC07557 DSC07562
DSC07563 DSC07564 DSC07565 DSC07567 DSC07569 DSC07575 DSC07580
DSC07581 DSC07583 DSC07586 DSC07587 DSC07590 DSC07592 DSC07598
DSC07603 DSC07605 DSC07609 DSC07611 DSC07614 DSC07616 DSC07619
DSC07620 DSC07621 DSC07622 DSC07623 DSC07625 DSC07626 DSC07627
DSC07629 DSC07631 DSC07634 DSC07640 DSC07645 DSC07646 DSC07648
DSC07653 DSC07656 DSC07657 DSC07658 DSC07661 DSC07666 DSC07670
DSC07672 DSC07673 DSC07681 PICT0713 PICT0714 PICT0717 PICT0718
PICT0721 PICT0725 PICT0726 PICT0730 PICT0731 PICT0732 PICT0740