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"Oklahoma!" Cast & Credits

This article first appeared in
..in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Credits assembled by Thomas Hauerslev Issue 42 - December 1995

Original title: Oklahoma! Danish title: Oklahoma! English title: Oklahoma! Filmed in: 65mm 5 perf 30 frames per second and 35mm 4 perf anamorphic. Principal cinematography filmed in: Todd-AO and CinemaScope. Presented in: 70mm and CinemaScope. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1 (Todd-AO) 2,35:1 (CinemaScope). Country of origin: USA. Year of production: 1954, 107 days. Released by: Magna Theatre Corporation. World premiere: 13.10.1955, Rivoli Theatre, New York, USA. Screened for the press 10.10.1955 at Rivoli Theatre, New York. CinemaScope version of "Oklahoma!" opened 01.11.1956 released by 20th Century-Fox. Britain premiere: 26.12.1959, Metropole Theatre, London, England. Danish premiere: 15.02.1963, 3 Falke Bio, Copenhagen. Re-released in 70mm: November 1982, Oklahoma City, USA by The Samuel Goldwyn Company. 2014: Newly Restored Oklahoma! to open TCM Classic Film Festival

Arthur Hornblow, Jr. Director: Fred Zinnemann. Screenplay: Sonya Levien and William Ludwig. Director of photography: Robert L. Surtees. Film editor: George Boemler. Music: Richard Rodgers. Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II. Sound recorder: Joseph I. Kane. Art direction: Joseph Wright. Production designer: Oliver Smith. Set decorator: Keogh Gleason.
Orry-Kelly and Motley. Cast (role): Gordon MacRae (Curly), Gloria Grahame (Ado Annie), Gene Nelson (Will Parker), Charlotte Greenwood (Aunt Eller), Shirley Jones (Laurey), Eddie Albert (Ali Hakim), James Whitmore (Carnes), Rod Stiger (Jud Fry), Barbara Lawrence (Gertie), Jay C. Flippen (Skidmore), Roy Barcroft (Marshal), James Mitchell (Dream Curley), Bambi Lynn (Dream Laurey), James Mitchell, Bambi Lynn, Jennie Workman, Kelly Brown, Marc Platt, Lizanne Truex, Virginia Bosler, Evelyn Tayler and Jane Fischer (Dancers), Ben Johnson (Cowboy at train depot).

Production company:
Rodgers and Hammerstein Pictures, Inc. Production executive: Barney Briskin. Executive producers: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Assistant director: Arthur Black, Jr. Based on: The play "Oklahoma!" by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II produced on the stage by The Theatre Guild, Inc from the play "Green Grow the Lilacs" by Lynn Riggs. The stage version of "Oklahoma!" opened at St. James Theatre in New York City on march 31, 1943. Camera operator: Robert Moreno. Still photography: Schuyler Crail. Todd-AO technician: Schuyler A. Sandford. Color consultant: Elvord Eisenman. Supervision film editor: Gene Ruggiero. Music supervisor and conducter: Jack Blackton. Background music arranger and supervisor: Adolph Deutsch. Orchestrations: Robert Russel Bennet. Dances staged by: Agnes de Mille. Music editor: Ralph Ives. Music coordinator: Richard Melfer. Re-recording: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios and Todd- AO. Sound editor: Milo Lory. Sound recording supervisor: Fred Hynes (Todd-AO Sound Department). Sound system: Westrex six-track magnetic stereophonic sound. Men's wardrobe: Frank C. Beetson. Women's wardrobe: Ann Peck. Make-up artist: Ben Lane and Ben Nye, Sr. Hair stylist: Anna Malin. Second unit cameraman: Floyd Crosby. Locations: MGM Studios, Culver City, USA and Nogales, Arizona, USA. Production start: 14.07.1954 - 06.12.1954. Production publicist: H. Thomas Wood. Production aide: John Emerson.

Todd-AO developers: American Optical Company and Magna Theatre Corporation. Filmstock: Eastman Kodak. Processing: Consolidated Film Industries. 70mm prints: Consolidated Film Industries (1955). Color by: Consolidated Film Industries (1955). Recorded in: Westrex 6-track magnetic orthosonic sound. Running time: 148 minutes + Intermission. Danish distributor: MGM and 3 Falke Bio. Academy Awards (nominations): Sound recording 1955 (Fred Hynes, Todd-AO Sound Department). Scoring of a musical picture. (Film editing and color cinematography).

Original soundtrack on: Capitol Records (1955) SWAO 595 (LP). Angel Records (1993) ZDM 0777 7 64691 2 6 (CD). Laserdisc on: CBS-FOX Video pan & scan 7020-80 (CinemaScope). CBS-FOX Video Letterbox 7020-85 (CinemaScope), FOX Video 4269-85 (Todd-AO).

More reading: October 1954 American Cinematographer Todd-AO Newest wide screen system. April 1955 American Cinematographer Shooting "Oklahoma!" in Todd-AO. 07.10.1955 Motion Picture Daily Todd-AO methods and equipment. 15.10.1955 The Independent Film Journal Todd-AO makes gala N.Y. Debut. 15.10.1955 The Independent Film Journal Todd-AO by H S Woodbridge. 15.10.1955 Showmen's trade review "Oklahoma!" in Todd-AO. 15.10.1955 The Independent Film Journal The "Oklahoma!" story. October 1955 Souvenir programme "Oklahoma!". December 1986 Grant Lobban/Image Technology In the splendor of 70mm #1. June 1990 SMPTE Journal/John Belton Todd-AO: A history. 1992 Widescreen Cinema/John Belton Todd-AO: The hallmark of quality. 1992 Fred Zinnemann "Oklahoma!". May 1994 Movie collector A brief history of 70mm. 23.12.1994 Entertainment Weekly "Oklahoma!" on video from 65mm elements.

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