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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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"Harmony: Nature and Man"
Washington State Film for EXPO 70 in Dimension 150.

This article first appeared in
..in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Reprinted from: Greater Amusements, vol. 94, No 7, July 1969. Issue 49 - June 1997
"Harmony: Nature and Man" is the working title for one of the most comprehensive documentaries on a U.S. state ever produced, to be the major attraction of the Washington State Pavilion at the 1970 Osaka Worlds Fair in Japan.

The film will be photographed and exhibited in the 70mm Dimension 150 process, the only current motion picture process of both a photographic and an exhibition system. It will be shown in the specially-designed theater which will occupy one third of the 10.000 sq. ft Washington State Pavilion.

The building, constructed of native red cedar from Washington, will use another third of its space for exhibits representing the states industry, crafts and natural resources. The remainder of the pavilion will be used for administrative offices. The film will be produced by Roger Tierney Associates of Hollywood, in association with King Screen productions, Seattle and Roger Tilton Films of San Diego, and will be directed by Tilton, who has set a July 1 starting date. Gregory Gordon is production designer.

The picture will be screened as many as 40 times per day in the 500 seat theater, thus permitting the film to be viewed by up to 20.000 persons daily, or a maximum of 31/2 million by the end of a 6-month run of EXPO 70.

Director Tilton will use the newly-developed Dimension 150 photographic lenses, including the new extreme wide angle lenses which create the effect of total audience participation, using the Academy Award winning 65mm hand held camera for the principal photography.

The Pavilions theater will be equipped with the deeply curved wall-to-wall Dimension 150 screen, and with 6-channel stereophonic sound from the new Dimension 150 Ampex solid state sound system using five speakers behind the screen and twelve "surround" speakers throughout the auditorium. Projection room equipment will include a Philips DP75/35mm projector with Dimension 150s Super Curvulon lens and Christie Xenon lamp for illumination. The Dimension 150 process will first be introduced in Japan this fall at a new theater in Tokyo.

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Updated 04-05-22