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"Dinosaur" in 70mm DTS

This article first appeared in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Text and images by: Mike B. Smith, DTS Issue 63 - December 2000

Dinosaur_poster.jpg (48295 byte)For the premiere of Disney's "Dinosaur" Buena Vista International (Japan) decided to bring it to Tokyo in a big way. It was called "DINOSAUR Super Revolution Preview in Seibu Dome."

The premiere took place at Seibu Dome just outside of Tokyo. This Dome is primarily an indoor baseball stadium.


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sebu_Dome_II.JPG (59298 byte)Yes the Dome is very reverberant for sound and one would expect sound problems but somehow it really sounded great! The dialog was very intelligible and the little bit of reverberant sound added an interesting effect for the dinosaur roars and other sounds. For best viewing of the screen 20,000 seats were available and all were filled.
lamphouse.JPG (43048 byte)And believe it or not, no tickets were sold, it was a free event. The picture was a 70mm print with Japanese subtitles. It was made in the United States at CFI Hollywood with print checks done at Technicolor. Digital Theater Systems (DTS) was the only sound source for this event. To safeguard against problems a dual projection, sound system, and prints were used.

DTS provided two DTS-6D's for each system. The primary projector ran about 20 seconds ahead of the back up system. The event went better than perfect. The entire show ran on one projector and one DTS player, although no back up systems were needed during the show, when you have a crowd of 20,000 you want to be prepared!

After the show the entire stage exploded with pyrotechnics and a live singer appeared on stage. I do not know who he was but apparently someone very popular in Japan, especially with the girls who rushed the stage and screamed during his one and only song. From what I was told his appearance was not advertised. This surprised and delighted the crowd. The overall response from the audience's experience was fantastic proving events like this, as costly as they may be, still help promote the film and leave lasting memories for people to tell their grandchildren.


lamphouse_table.jpg (45136 byte)All Projection and local sound system was assembled by Victor ARCS Co., LTD of Japan. This company did a incredible job.

Projector: Kinoton. Stage, Screen and sound system speakers were assembled by the Hibino Corporation and UDO Tours & Productions who also put on a flawless show. Screen Picture Size: 13.5m high x 25m wide (44' high x 82' wide).

Speakers Center Screen: 24 NEXO Alpha B1 Bass Cabinets & 30 NEXO Alpha M3 Mid/High cabinets. Total Power: 23.7 kW r.m.s. Left & Right Channel: 24 NEXO Alpha B1 Bass & 24 NEXO Alpha M3 Mid/High cabinets. Total Power: 28.8 kW r.m.s. Sub Bass: 36 NEXO Alpha S2 Sub bass cabinets. Total Power: 28.8 kW r.m.s. Left & Right Surround: 18 Turbosound TMS-3 cabinets. Total Power: 14.4 kW r.m.s.
Projector_2.JPG (29643 byte)An event like this takes many people, from all the workers who did the set up including everything from erecting the massive screen, adding extra seats, installing sound and projection systems, to placing promo materials on every seat. The following is just a small list of the people who helped put this big event into the history books. Buena Vista International (Japan): Kiyoko Yoshida - Manager Technical, Mayumi Mizugaki - Assistant Technical and Satoru Otani - Publicist/Marketing. Buena Vista (USA): Kent Petersen - Picture & Sound Technical Advisor. UDO Tours & Productions: Shoji "Tommy" Shigetomi. Digital Theater Systems (Japan): Atsuko Makayama - DTS Technical. Digital Theater Systems (USA): Mike B. Smith - DTS 70mm Technical Advisor. Hibino Corporation: "Casey" T. Miyamoto. Victor ARCS Co., Ltd.: Mr. Hibara Katsuki Sato and everyone else.

More "Dinosaur" in 70mm DTS

Projector_70mm.JPG (39543 byte)The date for DTS 70mm "Dinosaur" in Japan was Sunday November 12, 2000. This was a one show only at the Seibu Dome in Tokyo Japan. This was the opening Premier in Japan. After this one and only performance some other cities in Japan were scheduled for sneak screenings before wide release. All these other screenings were in 35mm only. To the best of my knowledge this was the one and only showing of this 70mm print of "Dinosaur".

It was necessary to place subtitling on the print so this will limit the use of the print anywhere else in the world. As far as I know Disney has no plans to ever screen this print again. It was a one and only performance. One more tech note that I think I failed to mention, because this "Dinosaur" premiere was always planned to be shown in the baseball stadium, this print was overexposed to help with the picture brightness and the large projection throw.
Sibu_Dome.JPG (58178 byte)During the print checks at Technicolor the picture looked a little washed out, but when I saw the same print at the stadium the color looked great. Disney has done screenings like this before and they really know what they are doing.

70mmdts.jpg (24455 byte)  
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Updated 07-01-21