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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Who wrote what for " 70mm"?

The 70mm Newsletter
  Date: 07-12-20

Ole Alstrup

LaserDisc introduction #1
70mm films on Laserdisc part #2

Peter Andren

Cinema: Vinterpalatset, Stockholm, Sweden

John Belton

Cinema: The Rivoli Theatre, New York, USA
Todd-AO: The Show of Shows

Claus Berthelsen

Review: New "2001:A Space Odyssey" CD soundtrack

Adriaan Bijl, Holland The Importance of Panavision

Willem Bouwmeester

Will "Windjammer" Return to Oslo?

Francois Carrin

70mm in France

David Coles

Magnified Grandeur
Cinerama Down Under

Ralph Daniel

Review: "Fantasia 2000"

Wouther De Voogd

Visit to the set of "Hamlet"
Format seminar in London
Cinema Expo 1996

Klaus Diikstal

Review: "Hamlet"

Michael Donahue Making a short film in 70mm

Bob Endres

Cinema: Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA

Ron Fricke

"Samsara" - An outline of the film

Gerhard Fromm

The work of Jan Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen Obituary

Hans Haenssler

Mercedes in 70mm

Robert A. Harris

Film Restoration

Jeff Hecht

The Amazing Optical Adventure of Todd-AO

Rob Hummel


Ronald Håkansson

Cinema: Saga, Hälsingborg, Sweden

Glenda Jensen Working for Mike Todd
David Joachim Time Traveling in Dayton, USA

Bill Kallay

The Audience rules for LFCA
Cinema: Final curtain for the Cinedome, Los Angeles, USA

Director Shows 70mm 3-D At LFCA
News From LFCA

John Kirk New 70mm print of "It´s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"

Anton Kotte

Jan Jacob Kotte portrait

Bill Lawrence

Creating the Widescreen Weekend
The passing of Steen Larsen

Dan Leimeter

Working for Todd-AO
International 70mm Publishers Meeting

Grant Lobban

The Technirama Story
Technirama update
Come Back Dimension 150
Todd-AO Distortion - Correcting Printing Process
In the Splendour of 70mm

Dirk Lorenzen

A Titanic Day Out

Mark Andrew Job

Immersive Cinema

Borden Mace The Danes and the Windjammer

Scott Marshall

Review: “The Witness”

Tak Miyagishima Ultra Panavision 70 lens

Rod Miller

Filming of: “Testatments”
Filming of:
"The Witness"

Jan Niebuhr

70mm Print report from Malmø
70mm Meeting in Aalborg, Denmark

C G Nijsen

Philips Cinema

Brian O' Brien, Jr.

Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #1
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #2
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #3
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #4

David Page

The Passing of Louis de Rochemont
Review: "Hamlet"
That Sinking Feeling
Cinerama Afterglow: A get together in Dayton

A Cinerama Holiday

Brendan Quale

Filming of: "Rheged: The Lost Kingdom"
Filming of:
"The Lost Kingdom"

Paul Rayton

2000 70mm Festival Egyptian Theatre
Digital Cinema
1999 70mm Festival Egyptian Theatre
"Mulan" in 70mm at the Hollywood Bowl
Life with THX in Hollywood, part #1
Life with THX in Hollywood, part #2

Sebastian Rosacker

Classics at the Royal
70mm in Oslo 2000

John Sharp

Cinema: ABC Shaftsbury Avenue 1+2, London, England
70mm films in London
News from London 2001

Bill Shaw

Jan Jacobsen Story

Dan Sherlock

LFCA conference 1999

Walter Siegmund

Todd-AO Mark III printer principle
"Oklahoma!" Printing Operation

Tony Sloman

There were giants in the land
Review: "Ryan's Daughter"

Mike B Smith

"Pearl Harbour" in 70mm DTS
“Dinosaur" in 70mm DTS

Keith Swadkins

Cinerama Society News
To Split or not to Split
Movies are never what they seem
Doris Waller obituary

Torkell Sætervadet

Cinema: "ID4" at the Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

Rene Sørensen

IMAX sound system
ISTC 1996
Euromaxx 1996
The Rolling-Loop IMAX Projector

Richard Vetter D-150 Super Curvulon lens

Ingolf Vonau

Looking for DEFA 70
Introduction to "Orpheus in the Underworld"

Ben Wales

Cinema: 70mm DTS at the Dome, London, England
Cinema: Harbour Lights Cinema, Southhampton, England
MGM Bournemouth, England

Johan Wolthuis

Cinema Expo 1995
Cinema: Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosh, Holland
Dan Leimeter
The 70mm Promotion Tour #1

Allan Young Will IMAX fade to Black?

Freddie A. Young

Advantages and disadvantages of 70mm

Thomas Hauerslev

Final Words from The Editor
“2001: A Space Odyssey” in digital sound
Todd-AO at “Sea”
Dolby Stereo 70mm
Baraka - A Visual Journal
Bradford Wide Screen Weekend
Planning the Wide Screen Weekend
Wide Screen Weekend 1999
Projecting the Wide Screen Weekend
Wide Screen Weekend, Bradford 1998
This is Oyster Bay
70mm and digital sound
70mm Film in China
John O'Callaghan - 70mm Short Film Maker
Historical Wide Screen Gathering
Filming of: "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons"
Interview: Ole Olsen (Print manager UIP, Denmark)
Interview: Johan Wolthuis
Interview: Projectionist Hans Braman
70mm Print report from Malmø
On the trail of "Windjammer" in Oslo
Cinema: Kinopalæet Super Cinerama in Copenhagen
Cinema: "Biffen" - The smallest 70mm show on earth
Cinema: 3 Falke Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cinema: Royal Cinema, Malmö, Sweden
Cinema: Pictureville Cinema, Bradford, England
Cinema: Biffen, Aalborg, Denmark
Book review: "So you Wanna be a Director"
The 70mm Promotion Tour #2
Credits: "Windjammer"
Credits: "Baraka"
70mm in Norway
70mm in Sweden
The Passing of Steen S. Larsen
The Passing of Louis de Rochemont III
A new Newsletter - Introducing the new editor

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