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70MM is Back!
Schauburg's 8. Todd-AO 70mm festival, Karlsruhe, Germany

The 70mm Newsletter
Writen by:  Herbert Born &  Thomas Hauerslev Date: 05.10.2012
Herbert Born (right) and Thomas Hauerslev (left) - Mister DP70 at far right. Image by Saskia Fleischhauer

Herbert Born and I welcome you to the 8th Todd-AO festival, the international 70mm festival which celebrates LARGE format films as they were meant to be seen: on the BIG curved screen here at the prestigious Schauburg cinema in Karlsruhe! Large format is 70mm film with 6-channel stereophonic sound, once much loved by many and now forgotten by most. That is ... until now, because 70mm is back in cinemas! Not only at the Schauburg, but in commercial cinemas. "The Master" and "Samsara" are now playing in cinemas in 70mm and 4k digital high-definition versions. Both filmed in Panavision's 65mm format, and both released nearly simultaneously. We have to go back 40+ years to find a similar example of two 65mm films released at the same time.

70mm roadshow is back! 16 complete "The Master" 70mm prints were prepared for the wide release on 21. September, when the film opened in nearly 800 cinemas across the U.S. Before the official premiere Mr. Anderson even "Road showed" it in four to five select 70mm US cinemas to create some buzz and excitement. "Samsara" opened in August 2012 and was presented in full uncompressed 7.1 digital sound in 2k and 4k digital formats exclusively. People who have seen it are very excited about the picture quality, which exceeds their wildest expectations. 2012 is certainly an exciting year for 65mm/70mm, and I didn't even mention "The Dark Knight Rises" with many portions filmed in 65mm IMAX and the news from Germany about a new version of "Ivanhoe", to be filmed in 65mm. Is "70mm" suddenly becoming trendy again?
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Norwegian 70mm Film Maker Attending Schauburg's Todd-AO Festival 2012

MCS 70 Superpanorama Camera on Display in Schauburg

Internet link:

This year we have collected a handful of EPICS and some forgotten treasures. 2012 is the 60th anniversary of Cinerama and we celebrate it by showing two Cinerama films in their 70mm versions. One of which is an example of a film which wasn't even filmed in the original 3-strip process. It became a "Cinerama" film, simply by adding the famous logo on the poster. "In 70mm and 6-track Dolby Stereo" was a very popular tag line on cinema adverts and cinema marquees in the late 1970s and throughout the 80s. We celebrate the 35th anniversary of 70mm Dolby Stereo by showing two films in the acclaimed format, which gave rise to the biggest 70mm boom ever! I saw the 35mm Dolby Stereo version of "Alien" in 1979 and I still have nightmares from time to time. Luckily I never saw it in 70mm with 6-track magnetic sound, which would have created MUCH scarier nightmares. I fear the future.
"Todd-AO", "Super Panavision 70", "Sovscope 70" and "Super Technirama 70" - film formats so big and impressive, they had to have an extra "70" added to the trade name. It is the spectacles we like to see, even if some are "Big Bores", because nothing can match the excitement and grandeur of these road-show films. When the curtain starts to open and the music starts to play in glorious magnetic sound, it can be a goose-bump creating sensation. It can only be understood if you try it yourself. You will have fun seeing vintage 70mm. Everything is bigger, better, brighter, richer, sharper and crisper on the curved screen.

An unforgettable weekend at the Schauburg, one of the last cinemas still equipped with 70mm projectors, a red curtain and a huge curved screen. An authentic cinema experience and LARGE FORMAT EVENT, uniquely Schauburg, to be shared with many friends from all over Europe. Welcome to the 8th Todd-AO Festival in Karlsruhe.

…so now, while we wait for the lights to go down, we can sit back and prepare to enjoy "The Greatest Show in Todd-AO"

Herbert Born &
Thomas Hauerslev
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Updated 07-01-23