Widescreen Weekend 2016 + Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, England
Pictures by: Ulrich Rostek

01_WSW new Design 02_WSW 2 03_WSW 3 05_Reception 1 06_The pope and his wife 07_Kathryn Penny 08_WSW Finger food
09_Reception 2 10_Johan Wolthuis 11_Reception_3 12_God bless you 13_Hannemann family 14_Holy Communion 15_Flirting with the popes wife
16_Michael from Switzerland 17_Turning water into wine 18_The audience waiting 19_Jo Quinton Tulloch 20_JQT opening WSW 21_Sir Christopher Frayling 22_CF introducing The Agony And The Extasy
23_David Strohmaier 24_Dave and Randy with Kathryn 25_Kathryn  intruducing day 2 26_Cinerama Russian Adventure 27_Randy Gitsch 28_Randy introducing Russian Adventure 29 So does Dave
30_Greetings from Tom March 32_Merits for preserving russian culture 33_Randy is honoured with the Lenin Medal 34_Randy Gitsch with medal 36_Jess Dave and Kathryn 37_Screentalk with Jess Conrad 38_Dave interviewing Jess
39_Jess Conrad and The Golden Head 40_Jess Conrad in conversation 41_During the break 1 42_During the break 2 43_During the break 3 44_Projection room 45_Aliens beeing rewound
46_IMG_6013_Aliens in safety cans 47_In the projection booth 48_Cinerama reels 49_Cinemeccanica machine 50_Say Cinerama 51_We have all the time in the world 52_Kathryn introducing day 3
53_This is Cinerama 54_Mark Lyndon 55_Mark introducing This is Cinerama 56_Cinerama on in70mm 57_Cinerama sound track reel 58_Rewinding Cinerama 59_Having  to do with Cinerama
60_Austrian delegation 61_Meeting old friends 62_Bill Lawrence 63_Francois and Bill 64_Dave in conversation 65_Kathryn and Mark 66_Meeting old friends 2
67_Group picture with lady 68_Randy and Michael 69_During the break 4 70_Roller screen unrolling 71_The audience waiting 2 72_Tony Sloman 74_Audience on stage
76_Wolfram Hannemann 77_WH introducing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 78_NMM Archive 79_VistaVision Cam 80_Technicolor Cam 82_The audience waiting for Bond 83_Screentalk with Jenny Hanley 1
84_Screentalk with Jenny Hanley 2 85_Nobody does it better 86_My favourite things Meeting Pope Marcus Men at work Screentalk with Jenny Hanley Shaken not stirred