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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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Widescreen Weekend 2016
13 - 16, October 2016, Pictureville, Bradford, England

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: NMM websiteDate: 06.08.2016
Widescreen Weekend will take place from 13 - 16, October 2016 and will feature new Cinerama restorations, classic 70mm screenings and demonstrations of the latest ways to enjoy immersive cinema. Widescreen Weekend commences on Thursday evening and concludes after the last show on Sunday evening. We will be announcing programme information in August 2016. We hope to see you all as we celebrate the joys of wide gauge film once again.

Weekend 2016 once again celebrates the joys of large format film making in many guises. Cinerama pioneers Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch return to our shores once more and enable us to screen their final digital remasters of the historic 3-panel travelogues, with Cinerama's Russian Adventure: 50th Anniversary Screening showing on Pictureville’s deeply curved, louvered Cinerama screen.

The full festival programme will be announced in August, but for now, here’s a heads up on a few events to whet your Widescreen appetite...
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Memories from Bradford

"Audience on Stage"

Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, England

in70mm.com's Cinerama page

Cinerama Remaster

Internet link:

National Media Museum

Widescreen Weekend 2016

Festival Archive

Jess Conrad and Jess Conrad in Karlsruhe, 2010. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

The Golden Head + Jess Conrad

We’re delighted to welcome actor and singer Jess Conrad to accompany a European premiere digital remaster of comedy mystery The Golden Head, in which he stars. Filmed in 70mm Technirama, this Cinerama-Hungarofilm co-production sees a slapstick chase take place across Budapest as two plucky British children pursue a gang of art thieves.

It was simply a travelogue and in several scenes the character played by Cecilia Esztergalyos, simply say to Conrad's character' "See", the so-and-so bridge, church etc. The audience could enjoy the sight of Budapest by watching "The Golden Head". Nobody had cars, in those days in Hungary, except high ranking politicians and of course the movie crew. When visiting people at home - always followed by security staff "who was just there", people didn't have any art on their walls - only pictures of cars."

Jess Conrad, Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe, 2010

Jess Conrad, star of "The Golden Head" visits 70mm Film Festival
Information about the 70mm Cinerama movie "The Golden Head"
Cinerama Inc. Scans 70mm
• See the "The Golden Head" trailer plus a test scan

Aliens in 70mm
To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of its release, we’re showing Aliens in wide and wonderful 70mm. In the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 space thriller Alien, Ripley is back and forced to face her worst nightmares as she joins a team of space marines on a rescue mission to LV-426.

Grant's Blow-Up Blog
70mm Blow Up List 1986 - by in70mm.com

Cinerama's Russian Adventure: 50th Anniversary Screening
Widescreen Weekend is proud to present a digitally recreated print of this unique and immersive Cinerama film, originally released in 1966. Bing Crosby narrates scenes of Russia, covering the sights of the Bolshoi Ballet, the Moscow State Circus, a cross-country troika race, the Tisza River, and the hunt for a ferocious wild boar.

Flicker Alley presents "Cinerama’s Russian Adventure"
Cinerama Remaster
"The Golden Head" and "Russian Adventure" Update
Reconstructing "Russian Adventure" and a trailer.

Return of the Seven
With some new recruits in tow, Chris, Vin and Chico team up to save a Mexican village from an evil bandit who has kidnapped their men for labour. If you enjoyed The Magnificent Seven at 2015's Widescreen Weekend and want to see more, you won't be disappointed.

Happy cinema going,
The Festival Team
Pictureville Seating Layout

Passes are now on sale for this year’s festival of big, bold and wide cinema experiences. Glorious 70mm screenings, Cinerama restorations and great guests will remind you why going to the cinema is so magical.

Passes for Widescreen Weekend can be booked online or over the phone – call 0871 902 5756. Passes will also be available at the National Media Museum box office. All seating for Widescreen Weekend is reserved. Pass holders will get the same seat for every performance – we encourage you to book your passes early to guarantee a good seat.

• £ 110 (Full Pass. Available to adults (age 17-60))
• £ 90 (Concession Pass. Available to senior citizens (age 60+), children (age 3-16), and registered disabled)

Pass holders will have access to all events in the programme, tours of the National Media Museum’s cinematography collection and the opening night reception. Passes are on sale until 23rd September 2016. Only individual tickets will be available after this date.


Jess Conrad welcomes you to Bradford. Conrad was surprised to learn that "The Golden Head" was shown in Bradford in 2006, but didn't learn until too late. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

"The Golden Head" Revisited
Millie Goes to the Golden Head
2006 Widescreen Weekend report

Thursday 13 October
13:30 An Introduction to Widescreen Cinema
19:00 The Agony and the Ecstasy 7OMM

Friday 14 October
10:00 Vertigo 7OMM
13:30 Cinerama’s Russian Adventure DCP
17:00 The Golden Head DCP with Jess Conrad
20:00 Aliens 7OMM

Saturday 15 October
10:00 This Is Cinerama CINERAMA
13:30 The Innocents 35mm
20:00 Ghostbusters 4K

Sunday 16 October
10:00 Cineramacana
12:30 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 35mm
15:45 Return of the Seven 35mm
19:00 Bond and Beyond: In Conversation with Jenny Hanley
20:00 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 4K

2016 Cineramacana Program
Reported by Anders M. Olsson

On the flat screen:
1. A special message from Widescreen-friend Douglas Trumbull. Some news about his ongoing work to re-invent the cinema experience and get away from the old restrictions of 24 fps.

2. "A Tale of Old Whiff". A cartoon short, originally in Smell-O-Vision, that accompanied "Scent of Mystery" on its premiere run. This cartoon was considered long lost, but was recently rediscovered, and has been digitally restored by David Strohmaier.

3. "Behind the Scenes of Smell-O-Vision". Some footage by David Strohmaier from last year's Widescreen Weekend revealing some of the hard work that went into the special screening of "Scent of Mystery"
a.k.a. "Holiday in Spain".

4. "Spectre in 60 seconds". A spoof by Michael Hall, remembering Maurice Binder and his signature title sequences from countless Bond movies.

5. "In Memoriam 2016", a tribute to the recently deceased, compiled by Wolfram Hannemann.

6. A clip from "Tora! Tora! Tora!". Pink and in 70mm from the museum's collections.

While switching screens, Randy and Dave raffled off some vouchers for new Cinerama DVD/Blu-ray combo packs that will be released in November. Some lucky winners also got a postcard signed by Bond-girl Jenny Hanley.

On the curved screen:
7. "Kilgore College Rangerettes", a digitally restored scene from "Seven Wonders of the World" that was only included in the film on its Texas screenings. Since the original soundtrack is lost, David Strohmaier has substituted some other music and sound effects.

8. The Norwegian Fjords sequence from "Windjammer" in a recently re-restored version from the original camera negatives. David Strohmaier is currently seeking funding for a complete make-over of the Windjammer restoration, this time from better source material than before.

• Finally, the traditional Audience on Stage photograph, this year by Ulrich Rostek.
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Updated 06-05-2022