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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Is it possible that there is still life in the 70mm format?
By Bill Kallay
t’s an entertaining film and Anderson has clearly loosened up on being too serious. The film is lighthearted, if not a little slow, and the acting is well done. I laughed quite a few times and thought that Joaquin Phoenix commands the screen. I also enjoyed the sense that I felt like I was back in 1970 when the film take place. I was also reminded of how much I miss seeing 70mm in a large theatre.
"Inherent Vice" is released in70mm
When private eye Doc Sportello's ex-old lady suddenly out of nowhere shows up with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend whom she just happens to be in love with, and a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin…well, easy for her to say.
“Interstellar” at the BFI IMAX in London
By Ulrich Rostek

The IMAX sequences – grainless, razor sharp, and amazingly detailed, backed up by that marvelous almost SENSURROUND -like sound – really gave me that hyper realistic first person experience which I not even sensed with our beloved Cinerama. This visual impression soon dragged me into the movie – not leaving much brain capacity to think about the one or the other logical disruption of the plot and the somewhat overloaded storyline.
65mm Negative Sources and 4K Screens
Paulo Roberto P. Elias
Up to the 1970’s anyone who wished to enjoy watching a feature film at home would have to resort to some sort of projector, mostly 16 mm equipment, then rent the film, and learn how to set up everything. The video disc changed all that. The movie industry was still struggling to survive, with theater installations closing down permanently everywhere. Film libraries were beginning to fade way or get stuck forever in the vaults of the studios.
"Great is my Country" in Kinopanorama
Otherwise, this Soviet "cinerama," which is being presented here by the Soviet Ministry of Culture in conjunction with the Soviet exhibition at the Coliseum, is a generally handsome and impressive wide-screen-and-color travelogue, notably short on people and propaganda and long on spectacular views.
Europe's Largest Panorama Cinema in Moscow
The largest panorama cinema "Mir" [Peace] in Europe opened in Moscow on the 28th of February [probably 1958]. The first audience for the first performance were all the craftsmen and architects who had participated in the construction of this mile stone cinema.
Interstellaring in London
By Mark Lyndon
And yet, 70mm projection cannot be taken for granted. Even as "Interstellar" is smashing a box office records and Hollywood film directors are committing to 70mm principal photography and prints; there are cinema chains that are removing, yes removing 70mm projection from their houses. Who advises them, the captain of the Titanic?

• Go to The art of film projection is not dead yet
By Francesco Gualeni
When Mr. Piero Fumagalli heard about that possibility, he asked Warner Bros Italy for a 70MM print beside the 4K Digital version. The 70MM print arrived from London on Monday the 3rd of November 2014 in 8 film cans all locked. Mr. Piero Fumagalli himself inspected each reel making sure the film was free of any damages.
Visiting David Samuelson
By Mark Lyndon
These days, David is confined to a wheelchair in a care home in North London, complete with fiercely protective staff. Luckily, on the day, they came to accept and even welcome our presence. We were here to bear witness to greatness. David Samuelson retains a dogged and defiant Churchillian spirit - a point blank refusal to bow to the ravages of time and fortune.
Introduction of CinemaScope
By David Samuelson
Fox's introduction of CinemaScope proved to be every bit as momentous as the introduction of sound, and the cinema has benefitted from the continued development and perfection of an imperfect original invention. The fidelity of the sound in "The Jazz Singer" (1927) is a long way from the sound we experience in the cinema today, and so it is with anamorphic lenses. Chretien, Skouras, Sponable and Gottschalk would not believe the image quality we see on our screens today.
....one performance, one review (your results may vary)
By Vince Young
It had been years since I had set foot in the Ziegfeld, now about to enter its 45th year of existence, since it had gone through two changes in ownership after the original Walter Reade Organization. I wanted to see if a 70mm presentation nowadays could hold a candle to similar wide-gauge engagements in the past.
Cinerama's Search For Paradise CD Soundtrack
The sound track to the 1957 SEARCH FOR PARADISE was only issued in Mono on vinyl but this CD release has been mixed from the original movie sound track in stereo. Composed by Dimitri Tiomkin and with him conducting the Cinerama Symphony Orchestra, the score sounds glorious. Opera star Robert Merrill sings on the solo numbers on the sound track and also on the pop versions.
"INTERSTELLAR" in 70mm im Berliner Zoo-Palast
Von Gerhard Witte
"Interstellar" - ein bildgewaltiges Science-Fiction-Epos mit einer Lauflänge von 169 Minuten. Der Film ist sicherlich, wie eigentlich bei vielen Dingen im Leben, Geschmackssache. Hier will ich mich auch nur kurz halten. Ich hatte gewisse Schwierigkeiten, dem teils metaphysischen, "außerirdischen" Inhalt, vor allem im zweiten Teil des Films, zu folgen – vielleicht fehlt es mir da auch an der nötigen Vorstellungskraft.
"INTERSTELLAR" in 70mm at the Zoo Palast cinema in Berlin
By Gerhard Witte
"Interstellar" - a visually stunning science-fiction epic with a running time of 169 minutes. The movie is certainly, as is the case with many things in life, a question of taste. I will be brief and say only this. I had a certain amount of difficulty in following the partially meta-physical "extra-terrestrial" content, particularly in the second half of the film. Maybe I am just lacking the necessary powers of imagination.
"Interstellar" in 70MM at the Ziegfeld in New York
By Howard Haas
Countless movie premieres and special events like Dr. Who screenings are hosted at the Ziegfeld. But, with more than 1100 seats, the Ziegfeld was designed for movies to be exclusively only there before opening wide, and in the multiplex era, the Ziegfeld's future is in grave doubt. The Ziegfeld is the last huge single screen movie theater still showing daily movies in New York City so I am happy to enjoy a movie there, and was doubly happy to see the 70mm epic “Interstellar” there.

• Go to Dennis Furbush's Gallery: "Interstellar" in 70MM at the Ziegfeld in New York, November 2014
"Interstellar" Now Playing in 70MM
By in70mm.com readers
Just went through a wormhole and then through a black hole - can we do that again please? WOW! The IMAX experience now made me falling in love with the film by putting everything into the right perspective. To sum it up: if you have not seen INTERSTELLAR in IMAX 15/70 you haven't seen it at all.
Interstellar: La Magia Del 70mm Al Cinema Arcadia Di Melzo (Milano)
By Laura Fumagalli & Alessandra Pinna Berchet
Da Giovedì 6 Novembre grazie alla volontà del regista Christopher Nolan e della Warner Bros Distribution, il cinema ARCADIA di Melzo sarà l’unico cinema in Italia e uno dei pochissimi in Europa a proiettare il film "Interstellar" nella speciale versione 70MM. In Europa sono segnalate ufficialmente solo quattro sale oltre a Melzo: Londra, Berlino, Copenaghen, Elbeuf in Francia e in tutto il mondo sono solo una quindicina.
France's Grand Mercure Cinema, will be showing INTERSTELLAR in 70mm
By Richard PATRY, Président Directeur Général
The Grand Mercure Cinema, in Elbeuf, Normandy, France will be the only French cinema to show Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR in the optimal conditions as envisioned by the director: in 70mm film format. Christopher Nolan, wished to promote the distribution of his new masterpiece, INTERSTELLAR, on a 70mm print with 5 perforations. In Europe, only five cinema theatres will screen the film in 70mm: in Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan and at the Grand Mercure Cinema in Elbeuf

• Go to "Interstellar" opens in 5/70 and IMAX 70MM

• Go to Grand Mercure Cinema, INTERSTELLAR in 70mm

Tony Cutts Passed Away
By Duncan McGregor
Tony Cutts – projectionist extraordinaire – lost his two year fight against cancer and passed away in the Marie Curie Hospice here in Bradford. He saw the introduction of widescreen cinema in 1952, the transition to wide gauge 70mm film, the introduction of stereophonic surround sound in cinemas, 3D, VistaVision, Imax, Cinerama – Tony saw and experienced it all first hand.

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Tony Cutts Gallery from Bradford 1996 - 2012

Report from The 10th Todd-AO 70mm festival in Karlsruhe
By Johan Wolthuis
The beautiful Schauburg Theatre in Karlsruhe, was the place to be for 70mm fans from all over the world. In the first weekend of October people from Germany, England, Switzerland, Danemark, Austria, France, Tjech Republic, the Netherlands and even an enthousiastic film student from Japan, came especially to visit this famous film festival. With its unique program of famous 70mm films presented on the large curved Cinerama screen.
Projectionist and Head Programmer Dan Halsted is bringing 70mm back to The Hollywood Theatre
By Morgan Montague
Dan has been a projectionist in the Portland for over 10 years, has served as the technical director at the Hollywood and moved into programming for the theatre. He first started doing his own events by presenting rare 35mm prints of obscure exploitation films, and eventually became the head programmer. He initiated the 70mm project and it is virtually his entire doing.
"Holiday In Spain" released on Blu-Ray
Redwind Productions Inc., in association with Cinerama Inc, is proud to present for the very first time – the lost and now re-mastered 70mm treat, filmed entirely in Spain…Originally titled “Scent of Mystery” and presented in “Smell-O-Vision”, this unique and magical adventure, follows a mystery novelist, played by Denholm Elliott, who discovers a plan to murder an American heiress, played by Beverly Bentley, while on vacation in Spain.
Kinopanorama Paris Update
By Jean-Noël Grosmenil
The so called "control desk" was the pre-control table to test the SOUND equipement before a Kinopanorama Show (3x35 and 70 with sep mag sound). It was also used to do the intermission from the booth, during the early 70mm years. At the bottom of that desk, located very close to the sound dubbers, there was 18 pre-amplifiers racks. The MAIN theatre control table was removed since 1974, during the new orchestra refit.
Help the Hollywood Theatre Bring 70mm Film Back to Portland!
By Morgan Montague
Exciting news here in Portland, Oregon. An achievable goal for our area. This cinema was Portland’s 3 Strip and 70mm Cinerama venue back in the day. The foundation that is running it is trying to modernize the theatre while at the same time keeping much of its glorious past in tack as well. As this comes to past I hope to be the Jimmy Olson cub reporter on the spot to provide updates to In70mm.com readers.

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Vergessen Sie „The Hateful Eight“, hier kommen die glorreichen Zehn!!!
Von Mark Lyndon
Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Meine Damen und Herren, Ladies and Gentlemen, es bereitet mir große Freude, diese Begrüßungsworte für das zehnte Todd-AO-Filmfestival in diesem vielversprechenden Jahr hier in der Schauburg in Karlsruhe zu schreiben.
Todd-AO Festival 70mm Film Intro
By Wolfram Hannemann
The 10th anniversary program features more colors than just the „official Todd-AO pink“. Thanks to Sovscope! Obviousely communism was able to succeed where capitalism failed – striking 70mm prints which do not fade. However, pink will still be very present during this weekend, in various stages. A fact that we all have to live with. At least we still get organic material fed into our projectors at 24 frames per second as opposed to zeros and ones coming from a hard drive. And I am sure that this is exactly the reason we all are here for.
Forget the Hateful Eight, here comes the Glorious Ten!!! - 70mm Foreword for 2014
By Mark Lyndon
Wilkommen, Bien-venue, Welcome! Meine Damen und Herren, Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to write these words of welcome to the tenth Todd-AO Film Festival in what promises to be a vintage year, here at the Schauburg Cinerama Theatre in Karlsruhe.
Pictures from the 10th Todd-AO Festival
See some snap shorts from the Todd-AO Festival at the grand Schauburg Cinerama cinema in Karlsruhe, germany. Gallery will be updated evry day as the festival continues through the weekend
Flicker Alley presents "Seven Wonders of the World" and "Search for Paradise"
Flicker Alley, in association with Cinerama, Inc., releases two historic gems - Seven Wonders of the World and Search for Paradise - presented in brand new, beautifully restored editions. Release Date: November 11, 2014. Flicker Alley and Cinerama, Inc. invite you to celebrate the rich spectacles of Cinerama's Seven Wonders of the World and Search for Paradise, both newly restored and never before seen on home video. Both Deluxe Blu-ray/DVD Combo Editions are available for pre-order on the Flicker Alley website.
ALEXA 65 - le 70 mm redevient le format d’excellence au cinema
Jacques Morell
On attendait la sortie imminente de la nouvelle caméra Panavision numérique 65mm développée avec le concours de la NASA. L’information est parue en début d’année avec une photo d’une version prototype. Et depuis plus rien. Surprise! La bonne nouvelle est venue d’Allemagne. ARRI, dont les différentes versions de caméras numériques de la gamme ALEXA sont la référence depuis des années sur les plateaux de tournages en Europe et dans le monde entier, sera non seulement la marque leader du cinéma 35mm numérique
ALEXA 65 - The splendor of 70mm is reborn
By Jacques Morell
We were waiting for the new Panavision digital 65mm camera developed with NASA engineers. The information has been published in January with a picture of the prototype. And no more news 9 months later… The breaking news is coming from Germany! ARRI is the leader of digital 35mm cameras all over the world with its complete range of ALEXA cameras.
Spectrum Reverse Spectrum
A film made not with a camera but by exposing 70mm print stock to precisely calibrated colored light in a film printer, resulting in a uniform field of color with no frame lines. The color moves gradually through the visible light spectrum from violet to red, then back to violet. Symmetrical in its construction, it is the same film shown starting from either end and is not rewound between screenings. The film can be presented only by means of a 70mm film projector.

Go to A Visit to ARRI in München
Go to gallery A Visual Visit to ARRI in München
Re-visiting Large Format With Gerhard Fromm
By Thomas Hauerslev
In the late 1990s, Mr. Gerhard Fromm invited me to come to München to talk about movies and cameras and in 2009 I was on my way to see him. I left Copenhagen on a cold Thursday January night, and I was not travelling alone for this epic adventure. My friend of many years, Orla Nielsen joined me en-route and boarded the City Night Line train in Odense. The following morning we would arrive - by train - in south Bavaria to look for traces of the MCS 70 film process.

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Re-visiting Large Format With Gerhard Fromm

Schauburg Cinerama Premieres New "Oklahoma!" DCP 2. October 2014
By Born & Hauerslev
Fred Zinnemann's beloved OSCAR winning musical "Oklahhoma!" (1955) will have it's European DCP premiere at one of the most prestigious 70mm cinemas; the Schauburg in Karlsruhe, Germany. It is a single screening of the new and much anticipated digital 4K restoration of this classic musical by Rodgers & Hammerstein.
Cinema Retro Issue #30 and "Foto Files #1: Spy Girls" Special
By Worral & Pfeiffer
Our new line of special issues is called Foto Files. The images are derived from the Cinema Retro archives. Our premiere issue is dedicated to "Spy Girls" of the 1960s and 1970s. It's an 80-page magazine that emphasizes rare and exciting photographs of those actresses who were "deadlier than the male" in some of the best retro spy movies ever made!

Go to 10. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival 2014

Poster Displays from 10th Todd-AO 70mm Festival, 2014
Less than 100 films were made in 65mm. Still, those titles have acquired such an aura of mystique, that fans are flying in from around the world to see them. Here is a preview of the famous poster displays from the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe, as we are approaching the 10th Todd-AO Festival in October 2014
FLAMMENDE JAHRE. Der erste 70mm Panorama-Spielfilm
Ruth Pergen & Klaus Zunker
Der Mensch ist groß. Aber wie schwer ist es, seine Größe, seine Größe in Leid und in Freude, zu erkennen und schwerer noch zu gestalten. Der berühmte ukrainische Schriftsteller und Regisseur Alexander Dowshenko besaß diese Menschenliebe und diese künstlerische Meisterschaft, in all seinen Werken dem Menschen ein Denkmal zu setzen.
AFI's Spectacular 70MM Festival
By Howard B Hass
On Sunday, I found myself in the historic auditorium of the AFI Silver, at the “70mm Spectacular, Part 3” watching the first ever Todd-AO movie, "Oklahoma!". This screening was from the new DCP restoration, made from the 65mm negative. The film, especially its colors, looked gorgeous, really phenomenal. The scenery and costumes looked great. As wonderful as it looked, no 4k DCP has the resolution of 70mm.
Earth Shattering: Coasters, Quakes, Battles, Sounds and Lawyers
By Andreas Fuchs
“Why would you want to know about Sensurround,” Mark Collins, director of projection technology at Marcus Theatres, wonders after I asked while we were talking about Cine-Sation. “Ah, that’s right … 1974 … Earthquake …” The November 15 release of the Universal Studios film not only created a heightened sense of involvement with the action on the screen, not unlike the in-seat transducers discussed, but also an entire genre of disaster movies that has been accompanying us all the way to today.
Widescreen Weekend 2014
By Mark Trumpeteler
This year’s Widescreen Weekend was well attended with, as always, a busy schedule. It was good to see local cinemagoers coming in to create a few “full houses” or near “full houses” for a number of the screenings. With its now established policy of providing a seamless integration between showing film prints and DCPs, the absence of faded “magentavision” prints and programming intervals that provide sufficient time for meals, refreshments, socialising and networking – it’s a formula that delegates seem to really enjoy.
Open-Air 70MM Movie Magic at Rungstedlund. Projecting "Out of Africa" at 140 Amperes
By Thomas Hauerslev
Orla and I like to show 70mm like this. We prefer to do it with the authentic 70mm print from 1986. It's an analogue experience with reels to carry, lenses to focus, buttons to push and dowsers to pull. It's large format 70mm film and the audience sits right in front of you and can hear the film-loops making their characteristic projector noise. It's very "reel" and authentic and not as sterile as modern cinema has become. The audience can see what you are doing and what they are paying for. This is real people behind the projector. It's a unique experience.
CIRCARAMA at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne
By Gerhard Witte
On the 50th anniversary of EXPO 64, CIRCARAMA can be experienced again for the first time with a restored version of the same film at a special exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne from 1 August and is expected to be shown there until 31 December 2014. For this screening, the nine 35mm films for the 360 degree projection have been digitised. The individual segments and the sound were synchronized. Colour changes that had occurred over the years were corrected.
CIRCARAMA im Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in Luzern
Von Gerhard Witte
Zum 50-jährigen Jubiläum der EXPO 64 ist CIRCARAMA mit dem gleichen, nun restaurierten Film ab dem 1. August im Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in Luzern in einer Sonderausstellung erstmals wieder erlebbar und soll dort noch bis zum 31. Dezember 2014 vorgeführt werden. Für die Wiederaufführung digitalisierte man die neun 35mm-Filme für die 360-Grad-Projektion. Die einzelnen Segmente und der Ton wurden synchronisiert. Alterungsbedingte Farbveränderungen wurden behoben.
"Meine Lieder-Meine Träume" in Germany
Udo Heimansberg
In the southern part of Germany in the Frankfurt branch of 20th Century Fox there was a guy who hated this end of the film and cut it off himself. A far relative of Robert Wise wrote to the producer/director about this screening, and their reaction came immediately. The film was completed again and there might have been only a handful of screenings at the time.
The Hateful Eight - in 65mm??
By Thomas Hauerslev

The Weinstein Company haven't got the logos quite right. It's a 70mm blow-up logo created by Paramount 30+years ago, stacked on top of a vintage 1953 CinemaScope logo by 20th Century Fox with a "Super" added in the middle. The combined "logo" is gibberish and confusing. It does not make any sense, except if "The Hateful Eight" is shot in Super 35, and then blown up to 70mm for limited engagements.
Cinerama Birthday Bradford Celebrates Cinerama’s 60th. Anniversary
By Mark Trompeteler
The largest number of core delegates, in the region of 180, that the museum staff can ever remember attending the Widescreen Weekend gathered at the museum’s Pictureville Cinema in late April. Not only to celebrate all things widescreen, but particularly this year [2012], Cinerama’s sixtieth birthday.
Widescreen Weekend 2013
By Mark Trompeteler
The National Media Museum’s annual festival of all things widescreen was again held earlier this year in Bradford, in the UK. Mark Trompeteler reports on a very successful and enjoyable event which included acknowledgement of Cinemascope’s 60th Birthday.

• Go to A Picture Visit to Kinopanorama in Paris, 1990
70mm Retrospective in Paris
By Johan  Wolthuis
The Paris 70mm Retrospective was launched in a most extraordinary way with a lecture by Jean-Pierre Verscheure in French; entitled "Une Histoire du format 70mm". In a marathon three and a half hour power point presentation on the giant screen, he showed the audience beautiful images of the history of widescreen in 70mm, accompanied with short clips from various 70mm films.
Gulliver Arane 65/70mm Laboratory in France
By Thomas Hauerslev
In July 2008 I met with Francois Carrin, who had arranged a tour at the only remaining large format film laboratory in Europe - the Gulliver Arane, in the Paris suburb of Clichy. I was very excited to go and looked forward to see the laboratory. On a previous attempt to see a 65mm/70mm laboratory, I visited Technicolor in London, but when I arrived, they would not allow me to take pictures. I hoped this visit in Paris would be a lot better. Arane Gulliver turned out to be all I could wish for.

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Gulliver Arane 65mm/70mm Laboratory (gallery)
The restoration of the Todd-AO feature Oklahoma
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
Come 2014 and we were finally granted the result of years of lab work trying to recover the original elements of the Todd-AO feature "Oklahoma!", directed by the renowned Fred Zinemann, and released for theatrical exhibition in 1955.
A restauração do clássico Todd-AO “Oklahoma”
Escrito por Paulo Roberto P. Elias
Depois de vários anos de esforço, foi finalmente liberada para exibição digital em cinemas e masterização para mídia a cópia restaurada do filme Oklahoma, adaptação do musical da Broadway e dirigido pelo notável Fred Zinemann. O filme foi lançado em 1955 nos Estados Unidos em cinemas adaptados para o processo Todd-AO e nos demais adaptados para a projeção em CinemaScope.
Retired DP70s in Casablanca
Thomas David Boehm
Some months ago Rainer and friend from Norway travelled to Morocco, where he discovered old 70mm projectors on display in the lobby of the CINEMA RIF in Casablanca. He made the attached photos and asked me to send them to you.
The Last Cinerama Wrap Party
By Strohmaier & March
The digital scanning of “IN THE PICTURE” is complete and it has been about two years since it was filmed, so now that we have the HD digital version of the film, it’s about time for a wrap party. The BBQ and movie screening were a great success and a good time was had by everyone.
Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
By Pavel Nejtek
Majitelem kina jsem se stal v roce 2001. K mému konečnému rozhodnutí kino od města Varnsdorf odkoupit přispěly názory statiků, stavbařů a projektantů, že kino by šlo zachránit s rozumně vynaloženými finančními prostředky. Hlavně to však byla touha znovu otevřít v minulosti prestižní a prosperující kino 70mm.
Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
By Pavel Nejtek
I became owner of the cinema in 2001. My final decision to buy the cinema from the city Varnsdorf was influenced by opinions of structural engineers, builders and designers that cinema could be saved with reasonable expenses. However, it was mainly the desire to reopen in the past prestigious and thriving 70mm cinema.
70MM "Hamlet" in Ireland
By Brian Guckian, Ireland
Kenneth Branagh’s stunning, word-for-word adaptation of Shakespeare’s great work debuted for the first time in 70mm at the Irish Film Institute on June 30th. The showing attracted a large audience, most of who, going by a straw poll, had come because of the faithfulness of the adaptation and quality of the acting
Krrr! Means not only Krnov, but also a sound of roaring film projector
By Stanislav Novotný
During past nine years a new tradition has been established for Czech 70mm film fans in North-Moravian city of Krnov. When mid-April comes, flowers start to be in bloom and days are longer and longer – those are not only marks of forthcoming spring – it is also an inviting enticement for real film connoisseurs from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other not only neighbouring countries.
To commemorate William Wyler's monumental epic "BEN-HUR" shot in MGM's Camera 65
By Gerhard Witte
MGM was in troubled financial waters when they undertook "Ben-Hur". In the successful wide-screen, religious-epic epoch of the 1950s it was MGM's made go-for-broke move - a film which would either sink or save the studio. As Hollywood production cost began to inflate markedly, MGM realized that they could save a lot of money by shooting the entire film in Italy.

• Go to PDF: William Wyler's monumental epic "BEN-HUR"
Zur Erinnerung an William Wylers monumentales Epos "BEN-HUR", gefilmt in MGMs Camera 65
Von Gerhard Witte
Als Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer das "Ben-Hur"-Projekt annahm, befand sich das Studio in einer schwierigen finanziellen Lage. In der erfolgreichen Phase der religiösen Breitfilm-Epen in den 1950er Jahren setzte MGM mit diesem Film alles auf eine Karte - er bedeutete entweder die Rettung oder den Untergang des Studios. Da das Produzieren von Filmen in Hollywood immer kostenaufwändiger wurde, erkannte MGM, dass man eine Menge Geld einsparen könnte, wenn man die Dreharbeiten des gesamten Films nach Italien verlegen würde.

• Go to PDF:
Zur Erinnerung an William Wylers monumentales Epos "BEN-HUR"
We saw NAPOLEON on Sunday in Amsterdam
Udo Heimansberg
A very special event took place on Sunday, 15th of June 2014. A screening of the 5 ½ hour version of Abel Gance's masterpiece from 1927, "NAPOLEON" at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam before an audience of about 10.000 people!
Arromanches 360
By Thomas Hauerslev
The "Arromanches 360" circular cinema was created upon the initiative of Lower Normandy Regional Council for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Landing in 1994. The cinema presents an exceptional film projected on 9 screens in a circular cinema. The Circorama is the only cinema of its kind in France.

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Cinema Circulaire 360 (gallery)
Todd-AO Sales Brochures
Provided by Robert Weisgerber
Sales Brochure #1
Sales Brochure #2
AP65 65mm camera Brochure

Todd-AO Conference 1954 at American Optical Company Research Center
By Brian O'Brien, Jr
The people on the picture are from left to right: Skyler Sanford, Bob Surtees, Brian O'Brien, Jr., Walter Siegmund, Mike Todd, Steve Macnielle, Fred Zinneman, Art Miller, Brian O'Brien, Oscar Hammerstein, Arthur Hornblow
Around The 70mm World In Thirty Seven Days
By Brian Walters
While I did at times feel a bit like Phileas Fogg, having to make key connections for various forms of transport, including planes, trains, buses and ferries, my trip was a little less adventurous but very interesting none the less. When reflecting on all the 70mm presentations I watched on my trip it was interesting that all of them had been projected by the Philips DP70 projector, the original, most esteemed and enduring of all 70mm projectors.
"Streets of Fire", The 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
The following is a list of the known 70mm first-run engagements of “Streets of Fire” in North America. All opened June 1, 1984. Any move-overs, sub-run and international engagements have not been included.
I was there - in a small way - at the birth of Todd-AO
By Michael Williams
During the refurbishment time I was promoted to Third Projectionist, so on the opening night I was allowed to to lace up, to change from 35mm to 70mm and best of all to show "OKLAHOMA!" in all its original Glory This experience has stayed with me throughout my life.
Restoring 70mm Movie Musical Oklahoma! at 30fps
By Bryant Frazer
The restoration premiered April 10 at the Chinese Theater, but the restoration process actually began about nine years ago. At that time, FotoKem had the opportunity to assess the degraded quality of the film's camera negative, which was badly faded. At that point, Fox asked that a new interpositive be made.
Schauburg Celebrates Sensurround's 40th Anniversary
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Schauburg Cinerama cinema in Karlsruhe is proudly celebrating the 40th anniversary of SENSURROUND and shows "Earthquake" in 70MM in October 2014 during the 10th Todd-AO Film Festival. Cinema manager Herbert Born has started preparing this special performance: "It takes a lot of preparation. We are bringing in - literally - a truckload of subwoofers to re-create SENSURROUND.
Reflections on The 70mm Aalborg Film Festival at The Biffen
By Mark Lyndon
Shortly after the one day 70MM Film Festival at The Biffen in Aalborg in April, some excellent reports were published here; narrating and celebrating the tremendous success it enjoyed as a showcase for and demonstration of the best of true film - in 70mm, naturally. With the perspective of a few weeks more, it is now worth reflecting on and asserting what a genuine film festival is actually for and what it actually does.
New Cinerama Restorations at Widescreen Weekend 2014
By Dave Strohmaier & Tom March

Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch returned to Widescreen Weekend for their eighth appearance bringing along two new Cinerama restorations, “Seven Wonders of the World” and “Search for Paradise” which were digitally scanned at Image Trends in Austin, Texas. Here are some “Cinerama Highlights” from this year’s Widescreen Weekend.
Pour prolonger la conférence du Conservatoire des techniques sur le 70 mm, la Cinémathèque présente un corpus de onze films représentatifs de la production de ce format dit de prestige.
“Wehrhafte Schweiz” Restaurierung im Schauburg-Cinerama
Von Herbert Born

Einer meiner Mitarbeiter, Vincent Koch, hat aber seit vielen Jahren ein Computer Bildbearbeitungsprogramm geschrieben und ständig weiterentwickelt, das aus den gefadeten Bildinformationen den Ursprungszustand zurückrechnen kann. Darauf hin und nach einigen Test bekamen wir den Auftrag, diese Restauration er 3 Filmrollen durchzuführen
Samuel Bronston's Epic "55 Days at Peking" on BluRay – it is really stunning!
By Gerhard Witte
I have never seen the movie in such a quality – with razor sharp images, superb contrast levels and impressive colors. The Blu-Ray is highly recommended. It is the Roadshow Version of the movie with Overture, Intermisson (Entr`acte) and Playout Music
Widescreen Weekend – Es ist Tradition!
Ulrich Rostek
Auch ein ungesunder Lebensstil gehört zu den Traditionen des Widescreen Weekend. Die Hochgeschwindigkeits-Druckbetankung mit Drinks und Snacks während der knapp bemessenen Pausen ist nicht unbedingt das, was Ernährungswissenschaftler für erstrebenswert halten. Aber was tun? Keine Zeit! So ein Film-Marathon ist schliesslich harte Arbeit. Wir sind nicht zum Vergnügen hier.
Widescreen Weekend – It is tradition!
Ulrich Rostek
Unhealthy lifestyle is also a kind of tradition during Bradford Widescreen Weekend. High speed food intake during the short breaks between the movies is not really recommended by nutritionists but at least we are all in a hurry. Watching movies all day long is a hard work to do. We are not there for fun.
70mm Day in Aalborg
Johan Wolthuis
On the Friday of April 25, I travelled all the way from my hometown Arnhem in The Netherlands to Aalborg in the far North of Denmark during a twelve hour train ride to join the celebration of 25 year Biffen 70mm Cinema on Saturday. The day started in the morning with "West Side Story" on the curved screen as it should be screened!

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5 YEARS AGO - 2009
"The Alamo" lost 70mm version
Large Format in Brazil / 70mm In Rio
"Where Eagles Dare" - 40th Anniversary 1969 - 2009

10 YEARS AGO - 2004

Facts about the new "Mad World" 70mm print
The Danes And The Windjammers
Sensurround Horror Stories

15 YEARS AGO - 1999
Planning the Wide Screen Weekend
The Work of Jan Jacobsen
Radio City Music Hall

20 YEARS AGO - 1994
65mm Todd-AO Concept Tests
The 70mm Promotion Tour 1994 Part #1
A new Newsletter

The Golden Elephant Award
By Johan Wolthuis
International 70mm Publishers in The Netherlands has taken the initiative to create a new Award for those people who have worked for many, many years promoting and researching the heritage of 70mm film and original Cinerama and have never received any official recognition.
Paul Rayton Remembers "Scent of Mystery" in 3 minutes and 49 seconds
By Thomas Hauerslev
I believe the odours were directed towards us by little pipes in between the seats in front of us. I remember a scent of some shaving cream, and a couple of other smells, vaguely. I didn’t have the complaint about the smell lingering afterwards, which apparently was one of them – but still I was getting some smells. But OK – it was a process, but possibly not perfect.
Sunset Song Filming in 65mm
Director Terence Davies has begun principal photography in Scotland on "Sunset Song", a film adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s 1932 classic novel. To capture the landscape, the filmmakers have chosen to shoot on 65mm film, a creative decision that the producers say “will ensure depth, clarity and emotional impact on the screen”.
Aalborg 70mm Film Event
By Ben Wales
The 70mm programme comprised of two 70mm feature films and a Lecture and Q&A with Oliver Todd, this was ideal as more time was available for “70mm Fans” to chat and Eat and have a few Beers together, making it a good relaxing day and by the end of the day Oliver was greatly impressed with the “70mm Experience"
Odyssé til Aalborg
By Brian Mac Eochaidhin
A visit to beautiful Denmark, Aalborg and Biffen Art Cinema is a must for those who appreciate film – not just the stories and personalities on screen, but also to witness best practice in cinema design and presentation, and to learn more about Cinema history and heritage.
Oliver Michael Todd in Conversation with Thomas Hauerslev
My name is Oliver Michael Todd. I was born in New York where I lived the first six years of my life. I went to University in the US and actually took a little detour from University and went to Los Angeles before I became a school teacher and over a series of years and different locations found myself lucky enough to find a job in Copenhagen.
Das Vergessene Tal In Innsbruck
Von Udo Heimansberg
1969 wurde im Gschnitztal in Tirol in der Nähe des kleinen Ortes Trins der Film "Das Vergessene Tal" gedreht. Zu den Dreharbeiten eingeflogen wurden Stars wie Michael Caine, Omar Sharif, Per Oscarsson und Florinda Bolkan, Einheimische spielten mit als Statisten und verwandelten sich so in ihre Vorfahren zur Zeit des 30jährigen Krieges.
Attending the Widescreen Weekend from 10 to 13 April 2014
By Gerhard Witte
2006 had been the last time I visited Bradford's Widescreen Weekend. At the time, of course, I was particularly impressed by the 3-strip screenings of "Windjammer" and the all-time hit "How the West Was Won". All projected onto the deeply curved screen in the Pictureville Cinema. Now, 8 years later the great opportunity watching the last two Cinerama `holy grails´ "Seven Wonders of the World" and "Search for Paradise" on the curved Cinerama screen. That was the reason why I travelled to England.
Circarama at the "EXPO" in Lausanne, Switzerland
By Gerhard Witte
The "EXPO" in Lausanne in 1964 is often called it "EXPO of Projection". In the hall of the Swiss Federal Railways "CIRCARAMA" was presented on 9 screens and with 9 projectors. For the EXPO a new CIRCARAMA film was produced in Eastman Color and 35mm film with Mitchell cameras to ensure the best image quality.
"Violet" Partly Photographed in 8-perf 65mm
By Bas Devos, director
We shot in an 8-perf format to approach the 4:3 ratio. We wanted to achieve a heightened reality for certain shots. Approx. 12 min in the films final cut is 65mm footage. This includes a monolithic ending sequence of 6½ min. Due to the length of an 8 perf 65mm reel, we had to cut the shot in two parts and stich it together in post to have one fluent 6½ min shot.
2014 Widescreen Weekend Introductions
Having dubbed Wood as well as Moreno, Nixon felt she deserved a cut of the movie-album royalties. Neither the movie nor the record producers would bow to her demands. Leonard Bernstein broke the stalemate by volunteering a percentage of his income, a gesture of loyalty-royalty since Nixon had been a performer-colleague of his at New York Philharmonic concerts. He ceded one-quarter of one percent of his royalties to her
Seattle Cinerama shows "2001" and "Brainstorm" in blazing 70MM
The Festival's banner event is Douglas Trumbull's forward-looking film, UFOTOG. The 12-minute science fiction adventure was written and directed by Trumbull and demonstrates his new technical process, MAGI − a new cinematic language that invites the audience to experience a powerful immersion in the story that is not possible using conventional film standards. Christie Digital will provide a special digital projector to premiere the footage, which was captured in 4k 3D at 120 frames per second.
"Holiday in Spain" Screens in Spain
By Dave Strohmaier
Upon hearing that this rare film, which was largely filmed in Malaga had been reconstructed and re-mastered, Festival director Juan Antonio Vigar and local newspaperman and film historian, Francisco Grinan contacted David Strohmaier about the possibility of showing the film at this years festivities.
Schauburg Cinerama restores "Vigilant Switzerland"
By Herbert Born
All three panels were scanned from the original and faded but mint 70mm archive prints and are now in the process of being color graded to get the original look back. "FORTRESS OF PEACE" will be shown in 70mm at the 2014 Todd-AO 70mm festival this October. An original 3-Panel-screening of the DCP's in work is planned later this year.
La Suisse Vigilante
By Freek Dozy
When I was 20 years old I visited the Swiss exhibition 1964. I have in my collection the original prospectus (16 pages) of the Swiss Army pavilion 1964 Lausanne. Also an article in the ‘Kinotechniek’ from Germany.
Carl W. Williams Passed Away
The Williams Family
It was at UCLA that he and fellow faculty member, Dr. Richard Vetter, invented a wide-screen photographic and presentation system called Dimension-150. Introduced in 1966, the system was soon being installed in movie theaters around the world and for a time, the D-150 process was one of Cinerama's chief rivals
Book signing in Aalborg -  Johan Wolthuis to attend 70mm Event
By Thomas Hauerslev
On Saturday April 26 Johan Wolthuis, Dutch 70mm enthusiast of the International 70mm Publishers, will be present in Aalborg (Denmark) on the occasion of Biffen's 25th Anniversary. Johan will be present to talk about his passion for 70mm, sell his latest publication "Widescreen History", and do book signing during the 70MM Event.
2001: A Space Odyssey - The Missing Pieces
By Ken Kunkel
It is strange how the mind works. The older one gets, one can forget what happened yesterday but can remember details from decades ago. When I was a senior in high school, I took my two younger sisters to the Warner Cinerama Theatre in downtown Pittsburgh to see "2001: A Space Odyssey." It was the first week in town.
Which 70mm Projector is this?
Is there anyone among the readers of in70mm.com, who might know what brand this 70mm machine is? Maybe of Italian origin, but it does not look like a FEDI or a Prevost. Any comments about the brand and use of this 70mm projector is most welcome, please. Pictures are also most welcome.
"Interstellar" Goes IMAX 70MM
...a page in progress
This is a page in progress with stories about Christopher Nolan's new film "Intersellar", which is being released in IMAX 70mm by November 2014. The idea is to update the page regularly with information about IMAX cinemas showing the film in 70mm, bits and pieces, links and stills as they become available. You - the reader - is invited to contribute with information, reviews, adverts etc - anything you see fit to share.
Introduction to Projection and Wide Film (1895-1930)
By Rick Mitchell (
It is the intention of this book to deal with the subject of “Wide Screen“ as it relates to the mainstream theatrical motion picture industry and its history, with reference, where appropriate, to its effect upon such related areas as documentary, industrial, and non-theatrical production and exhibition. Notable techniques and processes, the events and situations within the industry which precipitated their introduction, and the subsequent loss of popularity of some them will be covered mostly in chronological order as new developments were generally founded upon, or a reaction to, a previous one.

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CENTRUM PANORAMA Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
By Pavel Nejtek
Jako majitel kina CENTRUM PANORAMA Varnsdorf který bylo projektováno jako 70mm kino a do dnešního dne přes veškerou modernizaci tj. digitalizace jsme uchovali v provozu původní vybavení kina s projektory UM3570 takže jsme schopni projekce jak 6-kanálového magnetického záznamu tak i záznamu DTS.
CENTRUM PANORAMA Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
By Pavel Nejtek
As owner of the cinema CENTRUM PANORAMA Varnsdorf, which was designed as 70mm cinema and despite all possible modernization including digitalisation we keep running the original equipment of the cinema with projectors UM3570 so that we are able to provide projection of the 6-chanel magnetic recording as well as DTS recording.
Introduction to How The West Was Won
By Professor Sir Christopher Frayling
How The West Was Won began life not with a script commission from the executives at Cinerama Inc or with an original treatment sent in from an agent, but with a series of seven historical articles in Life magazine—running from April 6th to May 18th 1959.
Newly Restored Oklahoma! to open TCM Classic Film Festival
This unique 4k presentation, painstakingly restored from 65mm Todd-AO elements by Twentieth Century Fox and Fotokem, will be screened at 30 frames per second — the same frame rate as when the film was originally released in 1955. The original 6 - track soundtrack has been also restored and re - mastered at Twentieth Century Fox, in collaboration with End Point Audio and Chase Audio by Deluxe.
Dieter Gäbler Verstorben
Von Herbert Born
Dieter Gäbler verstarb vergangenen Mittwoch, 5. März 2014 nach schwerer Krankheit. Viele Gäste unseres 70mm Festivals lernten Dieter Gäbler als einen aufgeschlossenen und freundlichen Zeitzeugen kennen, der zweimal als Ehrengast unser Festival besuchte.
Dieter Gäbler passed away
By Herbert Born
Dieter Gäbler, German DoP and well known MCS-70 camera technician, passed away last Wednesday, March 06, 2014. We remember him as a very passionate filmmaker and a very friendly and likable friend who was always very helpful in answering questions during our long research conversations.
Me and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - a 50 year Love Story
By Stefan Adler
I might as well have bought a private 70mm print to get it right from the beginning! What's $ 20.000:- or more for nostalgic remembrance purposes for an old 70 mil' projectionist? A mere trifle! The possibility of having "prime beef" running through two lusty warm purring kittenlike DP70:s in the living room was appealing, but somewhat hard to get a household majority to vote for.
"War and Peace" Souvenir Program
WAR AND PEACE follows the fortunes and intricate relationships of four aristocratic families in Russia during the eight turbulent years, 1805-1812 when the vast country was caught up in the swirling and irresistible tides of history. The families are the ROSTOVS, the BOLKONSKYS, the KURAGINS, and the BEZUKHOVS. The story begins in 1805 when the spectre of Napoleon hung over the tapestry of Eastern Europe like a shroud.

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Leo Kino, Innsbruck, Austria
By Thomas Hauerslev
I visited the Leo Kino on a very sunny Saturday in February to give a lecture about film formats, followed by a 4K presentation of "A Year Along The Abandoned Road" and a rare screening of "Gorillas in the Mist" in 70mm and Dolby A. Here you have some images of the only remaining 70mm cinema in Austria
Widescreen History
By Johan Wolthuis
The new WIDESCREEN HISTORY publication summarise the history of Widescreen processes and related subjects. The intention was to make a publication with a lot of information on Cinerama, CinemaScope systems, 70mm, etc., With a little history about sound and color and as important aspect: a lot of classic illustrations in colour and black and white.
"2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" Production Information
By Warner Brothers, 2001
"2001: A Space Odyssey" tells the story of astronauts Dave Bowman and Frank Poole, aboard the spaceship Discovery, who are sent on an exploratory mission to a point near the outer reaches of the Solar System. The operation runs smoothly at first but then slowly, inexplicably, things begin to go wrong. The true nature of the mission is called into question and Discovery's highly sophisticated onboard computer, the HAL-9000, appears to be sabotaging the crew he was designed to assist, jeopardizing not only the mission but the lives of everyone onboard.
2001: A Space Odyssey Essential Presentation Procedure
The Running time of 2001: A Space Odyssey is 2 hours 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes of OVERTURE, ENTRACTE and EXIT MUSIC. Play OVERTURE music (3 minutes) with full House lights on. Dim House lights towards end of overture - allow for Censor certificate and open full screen on LION TRADE MARK
2001: a space odyssey Campaign
By Donn Reyes, MGM
I found an unbounded enthusiasm for 2001 on the part of local managers and/or agents which is reflected positively and powerfully in the work of their publicity and promotion departments. In my opinion, a large measure of this enthusiasm springs from the fact that the managers/agents and their pub/promo people have never had a picture quite like 2001 to sell before, and as such, 2001 constitutes a definite challenge to them.
Mr. Todd visits in70mm.com
By Thomas Hauerslev

On Monday 27. January 2014 I had invited expatriate and Copenhagen resident Mr. Oliver Todd to our house for dinner and a talk about his life. Three hours went by very quickly talking about family, film and food and living in Copenhagen. Despite admitting he only knows very little about his famous granddad and 70mm, Oliver has agreed to be interviewed about his life some times soon.
70mm Films I Saw Growing Up
By Ashley Ward

My first 70mm film was "The Alamo". It was at the 2:00 matinee, on December 24, 1960. Yes, it was the full-length roadshow version of the film. The venue was the Valley Theatre, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Valley Theatre had a seating capacity of 1500 persons, and was configured as a Todd-AO house. It had a 120 degree curved screen.
First time on CD is the original movie sound track to the 1955 released "Cinerama Holiday" re-mixed from the movie audio tapes combined with music from the studio recording issued on the LP, making this Morton Gould score release as complete as possible for sound track buffs.
70MM Film Event at Biffen, Aalborg Denmark, 26. April 2014
By Nielsen & Hauerslev
"Biffen" in Aalborg, Denmark, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a 1-day 70MM Festival. One day with 70mm films, lectures, format demonstrations, and the odd surprise on the 10 meter wide and deeply curved screen. It will be an unique opportunity to experience true 70MM in one of the best Danish cinemas.
"Panorama Blue" in 70mm
By Daniel Sherlock
In 1974, an unusual movie was released to a relatively small number of theaters. The movie was PANORAMA BLUE, and it was billed as “the world’s mightiest adult film” and “photographed in 70mm Super Widescreen Panoramascope”. Was the movie actually photographed using 65mm cameras, or was it blown up from 35mm anamorphic ‘scope format, or blown up from spherical 35mm?
Cinerama at The Camerimage Film Festival
By Strohmaier & March
The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE is the greatest and most recognized festival dedicated to the art of cinematography and its creators. Travelling this day were Dave Strohmaier, Douglas Knapp ASC, Rebecca Olkowski and Tom March. Dave and Doug were invited to give two presentations that were moderated by Jon D. Witmer, associate editor of the American Cinematographer magazine.
KRRR! 9th 70mm Film Fest Krnov 2014
By Klima & Tomesek
One of the main task of the 70mm festival is to recall now unused film format which dazzled visitors in its time by brilliant display of details in picture and and insurmountable sound to nowadays public - DESPITE ALL THE DRAWBACKS THAT OLD AND WORN-OUT COPIES OF 70mm FILMS BRING.
Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, 2014
The dates for the next Widescreen Weekend are 10 – 13 April 2014. The one change to note here is that Widescreen Weekend commences on Thursday evening with a double bill and concludes after the last show on Sunday evening. We will be announcing programme information in January 2014 and will be in touch in December to update you and let you know when passes will be on sale.

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