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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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The 70mm Newsletter back issues

The 70mm Newsletter
Compiled by: Thomas Hauerslev  

Issue 1 - 35 Published and edited by Johan C M Wolthuis 1988 - 1994

Issue 1 December 1988
• Kinepolis
• Cinespace 70
• Cinerama Dome (LA)

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 1
Issue 2 February 1989
"Lawrence of Arabia"
"It's a Mad....World

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 2

Issue_3 April 1989
• Lawrence soundtrack
• Cinerama Dome

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 3

Issue_4 July 1989
• Letters
• Rise of 65/70mm

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 4

Issue_5 September 1989
• Mad World restoration
• Imax
• ARRI 765

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 5

Issue_6 December 1989
70mm museum?

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 6

Issue_7 February 1990
• The future of 70mm
• Cinerama is back

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 7

Issue_8 April 1990
• Iwerks
• Imax
• Showscan

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 8

Issue_9 July 1990
• M Hayes on 70mm film
• Film vaults

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 9

Issue_10 September 1990
• Todd-AO 35 years

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 10

Issue_11 November 1990
• DP70
"The Alamo"

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 11

Issue_12 December 1990
• Mad World update
"Blue Planet"
• Showscan

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 12

Issue_13 February 1991
"Along the Abondoned Road" short in Super Panavison 70.

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 13

Issue_14 April 1991

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 14

Issue_15 June 1991
• Does life begin at 65mm?

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 15

Issue_16 August 1991
• Wim Wenders
• El Capitan
• Cinemaxx

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 16

Issue_17 November 1991
"Far and away"
• M Hayes on 65mm

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 17

Issue_18 January 1992
• 70mm in the UK
• DP70

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 18

Issue_19 May 1992
"Jesus was his name" in ARRI 765

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 19

Issue_20 June 1992
"Far and away"
• Future of 65mm

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 20

Issue_21 July 1992
• 70mm projection standard

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 21

Issue_22 September 1992
• 70mm projectors
• 70mm in Australia

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 22

Issue_23 November 1992
• 70mm projection
Pictureville, Bradford

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 23

Issue_24 December 1992
"Alien 3" partly in Panavision • Super 70
• 65/70mm facilities at • Technicolor

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 24

Issue_25 March 1993
• Future of 70mm
"Baraka" in Todd-AO 70mm
• Rentals of 70mm films

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 25

Issue_26 June 1993
• Cinerama is back in England

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 26

Issue_27 September 1993
• Storaro on 70mm potential

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 27

Issue_28 November 1993
Metropolis in Antverpen,

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 28

Issue_29 December 1993
"Little Buddha" in ARRI 765

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 29

Issue_30 January 1994
"Wings of courage" in Imax 3D

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 30

Issue_31 March 1994
• 70mm tour
Todd-AO Concept Tests
• 70mm in Denmark

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 31

Issue_32 June 1994
"Tour Eiffel"
• Le Chateau du Cinema
• Imax,

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 32

Issue_33 August 1994
• 70mm in Paris
• Filmhuis Delft

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 33

Issue_34 September 1994
Mark Magidson on "Baraka"

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 34

Issue_35 October 1994
• Why 70mm?
• 70mm Promotion Tour

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 35

Issue 36 December 1994
The 70mm Promotion Tour #1
A new Newsletter
• Cinema: Biffen, Aalborg, Denmark
Dan Leimeter
"Lawrence of Arabia" at the Casino (4 pages)
More in 70mm reading:

Who wrote what for ..in 70mm - The 70mm Newsletter

The 70mm Newsletter

See the News Index

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Back issues are no longer available as photo copies. Issues 1 - 36 are usually 8 pages and mostly photocopies of other articles. 

Last printed issue was Issue 70 (March 2005). Until new 65mm productions are made in a larger scale, the magazine is only published as a web publication.

Issue 36 - 70 Published and edited by Thomas Hauerslev 1994 - 2005

Issue 37 February 1995
The 70mm Promotion Tour #2
Freddy Young about Advantages and disadvantages of 70mm
Cinema: MGM Bournemouth
Filming: "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons"
Issue 38 April 1995
John Steven Lasher's Kinopanorama
Kinopanorama Camera
"Bounty" in Kinopanorama
Cinema: Theater aan de Parade
Credits: "My Fair Lady"
Restoration of "My Fair Lady"
Issue 39 June 1995
Film: "Tour Eiffel"
Interview: Kaliber 95
LaserDisc introduction #1
Comment about 70mm Restoration
"Samsara" An outline of the film
Ron Fricke - 70mm Film Maker
"Samsara" a 70mm project
Issue 40 September 1995
My First Encounter with 70mm
Cinema Expo 1995
Format seminar
70mm films 1896 - 1994
Issue 41 October 1995
70mm films on Laserdisc part #2
Harbour Lights Cinema, Southhampton, England
Issue 42 December 1995
Todd-AO Distortion - Correcting Printing Process
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #1
Todd-AO Mark III printer principle.
"Oklahoma!" Printing Operation
"Oklahoma!" 1982 re-release
Review: New York Times "Oklahoma!"
Review: Hollywood Reporter "Oklahoma!"
Credits: "Oklahoma!"
Issue 43 February 1996
Extra Issue about "Hamlet" (4 pages)
Issue 44 March 1996
Bradford Wide Screen Weekend
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #2
Kinopanorama Update
Liga 68
Visit to the set of "Hamlet"
"Hamlet" cast & credits
The International Film Music Festival
The International Cinerama Society
Issue 45 June 1996
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part #3
A Cinerama Holiday
Euromax 1996
70mm Films and Ashley Ward
Cinema: Pictureville Cinema, Bradford, England
70mm Filming in India
The search for the Todd-AO 70mm projector
Issue 46 September 1996
70mm and Digital Sound
What is DTS 70mm?
On the trail of "Windjammer" in Oslo
Will "Windjammer" Retun to Oslo
Interview: Projectionist Hans Braman
Credits: "The Miracle of Todd-AO"
Credits: "The March of Todd-AO"
Credits: "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons"
Cinema: Royal Cinema, Malmö, Sweden

70mm Print Report from Malmø
Issue 47 December 1996
Come Back Dimension 150
Dimension 150 Specifications
Cinema Expo 1996
Doris Waller obituary
Effects Channel Research
ISTC 1996
Interview: Johan Wolthuis
"ID4" at the Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Issue 48 March 1997
John O'Callaghan - 70mm Short Film Maker
Credits: "Warriors of the Wasteland"
Credits: "Dead Sea"
3rd Bradford Film Festival 1997
Review: "2001:A Space Odyssey" CD soundtrack re-release
The Rolling-Loop IMAX Projector
Credits: "Vertigo"
Release of "Hamlet" in 70mm
Issue 49 June 1997
70mm Film in China
A Get Together in Dayton
"Windjammer" Kitsch
Filming: "Harmony: Nature and Man" in D-150
Reading About D-150
Who is Who of D-150
Visual Display for U.C.L.A. Driving Simulator
D-150 Cinemas
Introduction to Dimension 150 Visual Display for U.C.L.A. Driving Simulator
Visual Display for U.C.L.A. Driving Simulator:
Dimension 150
Issue 50 September 1997
Historical Wide Screen Gathering
Todd-AO: How it all Began, part # 4.
Review: "Hamlet"
Misconceptions about the Bradford setup
London News July 1997
Filmed in 70mm Format
Movies are never what they seem
70mm films 1896 - 1997.
IMAX sound system
Third Annual Wide Screen Film Festival
“Contact” in 65mm
Issue 51 December 1997
Life with THX in Hollywood, part #1
This is Oyster Bay
London News December 1997
Cinematec - Park of the Moving Image
Cinema: Vinterpalatset, Stockholm, Sweden
"The Big Fisherman"
Letters: No Support of 70mm in Germany
Letters: "Exodus" and "West Side Story"
"Around the World in 80 days"



Issue 52 March 1998
Life with THX in Hollywood, part #2
Titanic bits and pieces
From the editor
3 Falke Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark

Issue 53 June 1998
Wide Screen Weekend, Bradford 1998
That Sinking Feeling
A Titanic Day Out
70mm Meeting in Aalborg, Denmark.
Time Traveling to the New Neon.
"Mulan" in 70mm at the Hollywood Bowl

"The Miracle of Todd-AO" Final review of 1956

Issue 54 September 1998
Projecting the Wide Screen Weekend
In 70mm: Pik-A-Movie.
"Ryan´s Daughter" revisited
Jan Jacobsen Obituary.
Jan Jacobsen Story
Issue 55 December 1998
Jan Jacob Kotte portrait
70mm films in London
Cinema: "Biffen" The smallest show on earth
Cinema: ABC Shaftsbury Avenue 1+2, London, England
1998 Best 70mm Vote


Issue 56 March 1999
70mm´s last stand?
Planning the Wide Screen Weekend
Cinerama Down Under
The best 70mm Film
Ole Olsen, Print manager UIP, Denmark

Planning the Wide Screen Weekend
Projecting the Wide Screen Weekend

Pictureville Cinema, Bradford, England

Issue 57 June 1999
There were giants in the land
The Work of Jan Jacobsen
Wide Screen Weekend 1999
70mm in France
Introduction to "Orpheus in the Underworld"
"2001" bit and pieces
International 70mm Publishers meeting
Issue 58 September 1999
Looking for DEFA 70
LFCA conference 1999
Digital Cinema
Cinema: Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA
Credits: "CineSpace 70"
"The Lost Kingdom"

Issue 59 December 1999
Film Restoration
1999 Egyptian Theatre 70mm Festival
The Rivoli Theatre, New York, USA

Issue 60 March 2000
Immersive Cinema
Mercedes in 70mm
Is "Tron" filmed in 65mm?
Yes, "Tron" is 65mm
Baraka - A Visual Journal
"Oklahoma!" premiere dates
"Around the World in 80 Days" premiere dates
"South Pacific" premiere dates
Cinema: 70mm DTS at the Dome, London, England
Credits: "The Witness"
Credits: "Blackadder Back & Forth"
Review: "Fantasia 2000"
Filming: "The Witness"
Filming: "Rheged: The Lost Kingdom"
Filming: "100%"

Issue 61 June 2000
The Technirama Story
Technirama on wheels
News from London
Wide Screen Weekend 2000
The Audience rules for LFCA

Issue 62 September 2000
Todd-AO at “Sea”
Dolby Stereo 70mm
Philips Cinema
Technirama Uddate

Cinema: Final curtain for the Cinedome, Los Angeles, USA
70mm in Oslo

Director Shows 70mm 3-D At LFCA

Issue 63 December 2000
To Split or not to Split
“Dinosaur" in 70mm DTS
2000 Egyptian Theatre 70mm Festival.
“2001: A Space Odyssey” in digital sound

Credits: "Testaments"
Filming: “Testaments”
“The Witness”

The 70mm Newsletter, Bradford_2001 The 70mm Newsletter, Bradford_2002
Issue 64 March 2001
Magnified Grandeur
New 70mm Process Demonstrated.
Cinestage 34mm in London.
140 subscribers.
Cinerama Society News

Cinema: Saga, Hälsingborg, Sweden
Credits: “2001: A Space Odyssey"

Plus a 4-page Wide Screen Weekend supplement on how to plan and project the Wide Screen Weekend at the Pictureville cinema.
Issue 65 July 2001
AB Global
Ken Annakin Interview
Wide Screen Weekend 2001
Filming of "A Year Along the Abandoned Road"
Classics at the Royal
"Cinerama Adventure" update
Arcadia Cinema, Melzo, Italy
"Beauty and the Beast" in IMAX
Indian Hills demolished
The Passing of John Vorisek
Issue 66 November 2001
Todd-AO: The Show of Shows
Cinema: Kinopalæet Super Cinerama in Copenhagen
"Pearl Harbour" in 70mm DTS
Will IMAX fade to Black?
News From LFCA
Creating the Widescreen Weekend
The Passing of Louis de Rochemont
Credits: "Windjammer"
The Passing of Steen S. Larsen
70mm in Norway
70mm in Sweden
Book review: "So You Wanna be a Director?"
News from London
Final Words from The Editor
The 70mm Newsletter, Bradford_2001
Issue 67 March 2002
The Importance of Panavision
Hollywood Comes to American Optical Company
What's Todd-AO?
The Amazing Optical Adventure of Todd-AO
Credits: "Baraka"
In the Splendour of 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter, Bradford_2002
Issue_68 March 2004
The Danes and the Windjammer
Ultra Panavision 70 lens
D-150 Super Curvulon lens
New 70mm print of "It´s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"

Issue 68 PDF

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 68

Issue_69 March 2004
Introducing Sensurround
Making "Treasure Seekers" in 70mm

Issue 69 PDF

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 69

Issue_70 March 2005
Working for Mike Todd
Working for Todd-AO
Walter Siegmund Interview

The 70mm Newsletter Issue 70



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