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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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Academy of the Widescreen Weekend 2001-2013 Gallery

Randy Gitsch (USA)
By Bill Lawrence
Randy Gitsch is a key part of the revival of Cinerama and a regularly welcomed guest at the Widescreen Weekend. For this, and his continued work in film preservation and filmmaking, we are delighted to welcome Randy Gitsch to the Academy of the Widescreen Weekend.
Johan Wolthuis (The Netherlands)
By Bill Lawrence
Johan is still promoting 70mm and celebrating movies in 70mm and Cinerama and 60 years on from the birth of his great passion and in recognition of his tireless work we are delighted to welcome him to the Widescreen Academy.

Tom March (Canada)
By Bill Lawrence
Tom March has made an outstanding contribution to bringing life back to the finest of widescreen formats that we all love.
John Mitchell (Australia)
By Bill Lawrence
There were many people who made the 60th Anniversary of Cinerama celebrations at the Widescreen Weekend in Bradford a success, but the contribution made by one man was particularly exceptional.
Kevin Brownlow (England)
By Bill Lawrence
Kevin Brownlow is a man of extraordinary knowledge of the history of cinema. Not only a researcher, but great explainer through seminal documentaries and books on the golden days of the industry. But to the widescreen world he holds a special place for his championing of the work and vision of Abel Gance.

Joe Dunton (England)
By Tony Sloman
Joe is a man who has wide-screen sprockets running through his veins, who has done more to achieve widescreen perfection that any one single individual ever since Henri Chretien invented what we now know as CinemaScope
John Harvey (USA)
By Richard Greenhalgh
Recipient of The Academy of the Widescreen Weekend's Roll of Honor. A projectionist, phenomenal collector, showman and Cinerama enthusiast extraordinaire.

Bill Lawrence (UK)
By Duncan McGregor
A strong believer in promoting the Cinerama experience, that has remained a regular, steadfast part of this museum’s programme since it premiered here in 1993.

Dave Strohmaier (USA)
By Thomas Hauerslev
This man works in Hollywood, where he sometimes presides over film presentations at the local “three-strip” cinema.

Francois Carrin (France)
By Thomas Hauerslev
His encyclopaedic knowledge of cinemas in his country’s capital is amazing. I have visited him in France and met his family including the cats – one of which is called “My Fair Lady”.

Paul H. Rayton (USA)
By Howard Rust
Wherever he goes...and he is a world traveller...he is unable to resist any opportunity of seeking out, discussing, and promoting what for him must surely be "The Big Seven Zero".

Anthony B. Sloman (UK)
By Howard Rust
Our nominee for inclusion in the Academy is a true "child of the cinema". A lifetime devotee of everything cinematic. He could accurately be described as a "Human Movie Database".

Keith Swadkins (UK)
By Howard Rust
A true Cinerama enthusiast, typed, edited, a Cinerama newsletter that he posted to similarly minded enthusiasts all over the world, at his own expense.

Willem Bouwmeester (NL)
By Howard Rust
Willem's role in life was defined when his dad took him to see Cinerama. When  NMPFT was looking for a new attraction. For him the logical choice was Cinerama.
Purpose of the Academy of the Widescreen Weekend
Howard Rust, 1999

Why have an Academy?

To promote Cinerama, 70mm and 'Scope formats in all their splendour. It is the duty of the Academicians to ensure that the membership grows year on year.

It is their duty to create whatever rules are necessary to the pursuance of these aims.
John Belton, 2000

Membership in the Academy is by invitation of the Board of Governors and is limited to those who have achieved distinction in promotion of wide screen activities of a caliber which reflect the high standards of the Academy or making of an outstanding contribution to the wide screen film community.

The Academy was organized in November 2001.

Academy Board of Governors
2013 - Randy Gitsch
2013 - Johan Wolthuis
2012 - Tom March
2012 - John Mitchell
2012 - Kevin Brownlow
2011 - Joe Dunton
2010 - John Harvey
2009 - None selected
2008 - Bill Lawrence*
2007 - Dave Strohmaier
2006 - Francois Carrin
2005 - Paul H. Rayton
2004 - Anthony B. Sloman
2003 - Keith Swadkins
2002 - Willem Bouwmeester
2001 - Thomas Hauerslev*
2000 - John Belton
1999 - Howard Rust

* - co-Chairman
Widescreen Weekend

Special Awards
John Harvey's Cinerama Achievements Recognized
By Bill Lawrence
The NMPFT felt it was in place to pay tribute to John with a special award - a scroll - , thanking him for his contribution to revitalize Cinerama. Thanks to John's enthusiasm, Cinerama has again been made available to the public.

• 2014 - The Golden Elephant Award by The International 70mm Publishes. Awarded to Bill Lawrence, Dave Strohmaier & Thomas Hauerslev
• 2008 - Nigel Wolland
• 2005 - John Harvey

Academy of the Widescreen Weekend

Gallery: Academy of the Widescreen Weekend 2001-2013

Online: 02-06-1999. Updated: 21-01-2024