Academy of the Widescreen Weekend 2001-2013, and a few other awards + Academy of the Wide Screen Weekend +
Pictures by: Hauerslev with contributions from Coles, Lyndon, Olsson & Witte

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2005_DSCN5996 2005_DSCN6012 2005_DSCN6014 2005_DSCN6021 2005x_000000630021 2006_DSC_0914 2006_DSC_0919
2007_DSC_5837 2007_DSC_5844 2008_DSC_3705 2008_DSC_3706 2008_DSC_4015 2008_DSC_4023 2008_DSC_4039
2008_DSC_4047 2008_DSC_4049 2010_2398 2011_DSC_8309 2011_DSC_8316 2011_DSC_8325 2012_DSC_7452
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