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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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in70mm.com Home
  Updated 07-01-2023
The index page and 70mm screenings will be updated very often and will not be mentioned here.
Date About
05.06.2022 Text updated: “Back to the Future” | “Back to the Future Part II” | “Back to the Future Part III” | “Ghostbusters” | “Heaven’s Gate” | “Superman” | “Superman II” | “Superman III” |
01.05.2022 Text updated: “The Deer Hunter” | “Deliverance” | “The Goonies” | “Grease” and “Grease 2” | “The Last of the Mohicans” | “Zoot Suit”
24.04.2022 Text updated: “Absolute Beginners” | “Annie” | “The Big Blue” | “Big Trouble in Little China” | “Cobra” | “Gremlins” | “Little Shop of Horrors” | “Little Shop of Horrors” | “The Lost Boys” | “Manhunter” | “The Mission” |
14.03.2022 Pictures and text updated Panacolor's "Pik-A-Movie" 70mm System
20.01.2022 70mm engagements updated: “Superman”, "Streets of Fire", “Logan’s Run”, “Can-Can”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “Can’t Stop the Music”, “The Muppet Movie”, “The Manitou”, “Howard the Duck”
29.12.2021 Page face-lifted: Cinerama's 50th Anniversary + "How The West Was Won" - in Cinerama
02.10.2021 New page: 70mm, Cinerama, IMAX and Cinemas in Canda
12.06.2021 New page: Arriflex's ARRI 765 Camera System + Film list updated
12.06.2021 Pictures face lifted and gallery added: Radio City Music Hall
28.02.2021 Page face-lifted: Cinema 180 Films including OmniVision Specialty Films, MagnaVision, OmniVision, MotionMaster and ESI 3D
10.02.2021 Restoration of "My Fair Lady" page is face-lifted
17.01.2021 Pages rearranged with different pictures: 3 Falke Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark + Three Great Danish 70mm Cinemas
14.07.2018 New gallery: The Making of "Where The Trains Used To Go"
13.03.2018 Showcase Presentations in Phoenix, USA
06.08.2017 70mm Engagements in Rochester, NY: More data and adverts
26.02.2017 Bigger pictures: Cinema Circulaire 360, Arromanches, Normandy, France, July 2008 + Gulliver Arane 65mm/70mm Laboratory, Paris, France, July 2008
14.02.2017 DP70 Advertising & Promotion gallery completely updated
11.02.2017 Super Technirama 70 + MCS 70 - Superpanorama pages updated with information from Foreign titles editor Gerhard Schwach, Austria
09.02.2017 6 super 8 screen shots added: "What's On" with Udo Heimansberg
24.01.2017 Todd-AO in Sydney
15.08.2016 Mystery solved: A refrigerator and a DP70, please
04.05.2016 Added 2 pictures: "What's On" with Udo Heimansberg
16.04.2016 Updated pictures: "Doctor Zhivago" at the Royal. Free screening on the largest screen in Sweden, Classics at the Royal. The largest screen in Sweden, 70mm Cinema Profile The Royal, Malmö, Interview With Projectionist Hans Braman, Royal, Malmø, Sweden
04.04.2016 New pictures The 70mm Promotion Tour 1994, part #2
24.03.2016 New pictures and a gallery added to: Jan Jacob Kotte and A Brief History of Philips Cinema
15.09.2015 70mm Films in Sydney by Mr. Peter Fraser - 3 PDFs by Doug Louden added: 70mm Release Summary Sydney, Super Panavision 70 in Sydney and Ultra Panavision 70 in Sydney
30.06.2015 New page: Gerhard Witte's in70mm.com Library + Web versions of: To commemorate William Wyler's monumental epic "BEN-HUR" shot in MGM's Camera 65 & Zur Erinnerung an William Wylers monumentales Epos "BEN-HUR", gefilmt in MGMs Camera 65
15.05.2015 New images: Imax Sound System + The Basics of The Rolling Loop IMAX Projector
08.05.2015 Pictures added: ABC Shaftsbury Avenue 1+2, London, England
28.03.2015 70mm, Cinerama and Cinemiracle shown in Sweden
21.01.2015 The Passing of Doris Waller pictures added
15.01.2015 Vintage PDFs of test reviews added: 65mm Todd-AO Concept Tests
29.12.2014 New information: 70mm, Cinerama and Cinemiracle shown in Norway + 70mm, Cinerama and Cinemiracle shown in Sweden
26.12.2014 "Great is my Country" in Kinopanorama + Europe's Largest Panorama Cinema in Moscow are updated
22.11.2014 Amsterdam 70mm Cinema History is updated
10.05.2014 This is Oyster Bay, Historical Wide Screen Gathering, Time Traveling to the New Neon
09.05.2014 The Samuel Goldwyn Co 1982 re-release of "Oklahoma!", Description of Todd-AO Mark III Printer Principle, "Oklahoma!" Printing Operation in the Todd-AO Mark III Printer
20.04.2014 Pictures updated Historical Wide Screen Gathering
12.03.2014 Tuairisc Todd-AO agus Cinerama in Éirinn + Todd-AO & Cinerama in Ireland updated
27.12.2013 70mm Film in India - update added
24.10.2013 Sovscope 70 - 70mm Films in USSR - totally updated
26.03.2013 Gerhard Witte added to Staff & Volunteers
17.09.2012 70mm Films in Sydney by Mr. Peter Fraser, A comment to "The lost world of 70mm Theatres",
21.07.2012 Motion pictures photographed in Super Panavision 70 & Panavision System 65
26.03.2012 A comment from Bill Kallay added to Reflecting on Projecting. Short Stories also updated
22.12.2011 More pictures to The Grindel Filmtheater + Das Grindel Filmtheater
20.11.2011 Filmography added to Rick Mitchell - A Rememberance
21.08.2011 Two adverts added to Delphi's gallery
09.05.2011 2011 update to the Cleo text "Cleopatra" Revisited
04.05.2011 Added image of Forum DP70s in Los Angeles DP70s in California (CA). Added "Titanic" 70mm adverts here: "Titanic" Gets a Record 14 OSCAR Nominations!!, A "Titanic" Day Out, That Sinking Feeling......
09.04.2011 Added Sheldon Hall's "2001" introduction from Widescreen Weekend 2010
10.09.2010 Images added to Technirama on Wheels + The Technirama Story
21.05.2010 Image of the Empire Cinerama cinema added
20.04.2010 Link to clip of "This is New Zealand" added: "This is New Zealand" 3-strip EXPO Film From New Zealand. Text added to: Fønix, Kristianstad, Norway
21.02.2010 Updated with images: Jan Jacob Kotte + A Brief History of Philips Cinema
30.01.2010 Updated: Widescreen Weekend Planning the Wide Screen Weekend, Creating the Widescreen Weekend,
07.11.2009 New page: in70mm.com dubbed into foreign language
18.08.2009 Images added This is Oyster Bay, Cinerama Afterglow - A Get Together in Dayton, OH, in70mm.com's Cinerama page
25.07.2009 Images added to Johan Wolthuis Says Goodbye, Statement on 65/70mm, How Cinerama got the name, Cinerama's 50th Anniversary by Greg Kimble, Full Story, John Harvey's Cinerama Achievements Recognized, in70mm.com's Cinerama page, The 70mm Newsletter
18.06.2009 Updated: in70mm.com Testimonials, in70mm.com Disclaimer and in70mm.com - Storytelling
04.01.2009 Small updates to Work of Jan Jacobsen
01.12.2008 Added some images from "Hello, Dolly!"'s locations in this article Movies Are Never What They Seem
09.11.2008 DEFA 70 film list is updated
06.07.2008 Poster added to Credits for "Sky over Holland"
24.06.2008 Added movie adverts to Magnified Grandeur
01.06.2008 Updated: 4. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival, "A Year Along the Abandoned Road" - One Year in 12 Minutes and 70mm; "Where The Trains Used To Go" in IMAX by Morten Skallerud, Distribution of German 70mm short
21.05.2008 Updated images: "The Witness" in Super Panavision 70 and The Filming of "The Testament of One Fold and One Shepherd"
15.05.2008 Arc-120 Gives Wider Vistas has been updated
05.05.2008 The News page has been reorganized, with links to news, year-by-year
01.05.2007 www.in70mm.com reloaded. Link is updated. Become a sponsor
12.02.2007 New area introduced. The Todd-AO Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany
05.02.2007 "Cinerama Adventure" cast/credit roll and Kinpanorama film list have been updated.
16.12.2006 "Baraka" in a swim bath - pictures in better resolution and new pictures added
07.12.2006 Update about 70mm in Turkey
24.11.2006 News about Lyon cinema in France
20.09.2006 "2001" premiere list updated
30.05.2006 Image of CinemaScope 55 camera added
29.05.2006 Images added to Ken Annakin interview
06.03.2006 New homepages for Library, The 70mm Newsletter, Todd-AO and Widescreen Weekend
15.01.2006 Sensurround speaker cabinet image added
24.12.2005 eXperymints page updated
09.12.2005 Comoedia story updated with a bit of news
25.08.2005 "EMVF in 65mm: Movies for your ears" image captions added
17.08.2005 Images added to the Jan Jacobsen story
19.07.2005 Images added to the story about 70mm in Mexico City
02.06.2005 Directory re-org and complete upload of whole site. 6th anniversary
17.05.2005 Picture and news added to Comoedia story. Short stories and Circlorama story updated.
21.03.2005 More pictures added to Glenda Jensens story
08.03.2005 Link added to Odeon Bradford story and images added to Olivier Brunet interview
05.01.2005 Images added to Oslo and Swissorama story
30.10.2004 70mm Dolby list, "Alien" and "2001" updated
20.07.2004 Original "Alien" article updated
15:07.2004 "Circlorama Cavalcade" advert added to Circlorama and "Holiday in Spain" advert to Mike Todd, Jr. CircleVision 360 list updated
20.06.2004 Updated dates to "2001" releases
13.02.2004 MSC-70, DEFA-70 and Chronological premiere list updated
09.02.2004 Wide Screen Weekend 1993 and 1995 programs updated
20.01.2004 Notes added to the story about Morten Skalleruds "A Year Along the Abandoned Road". 70mm DTS film, Combined premiere list 70mm films, Close Encounters, 70mm in San Francisco (USA) and San Diego lists updated. 
08.01.2004 Alien, Close Encounters, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and 70mm in San Francisco (USA) and San Diego lists updated.

eXperymints home page updated
23.12.2003 More pictuyres added to the Jan Niebuhr article
05.11.2003 70mm films in San Diego and San Francisco updated
28.10.2003 "Fanny´s Wedding" added to the 70mm DTS list. Comment added to Odeon Tottenham Ct. Rd. Star Wars , Empire, Close Encounters and Alien lists updated. 
19.10.2003 Small changes to 70mm Blow up index. Pictures added to ABC Shaftsbury Avenue
10.10.2003 A combined premiere list of all 70mm films
02.09.2003 "Alien" and "The Empire Strikes Back" lists updated
16.08.2003 Pictures added to "Hamlet" story
09.08.2003 Little mistake on CDS starting year
16.07.2003 Pictures added to the story of the Saga in Helsingborg, Sweden
06.05.2003 Pictures added to story about Mr. Lasher´s Kinopanorama camera and the first short "Bounty"
01.05.2003 Wide Screen Weekend 2003 report - proofread.
24.04.2003 Los Angeles 70mm Theatres revised a bit
09.04.2003 Kudos updated. "Around the World in 80 Days" poster added
01.04.2003 "Audience on Stage" picture 2000 and 2003 uploaded
15.03.2003 "Cobra Verde" added to Dolby 70mm list and 1988 blow-up list. Kinpanorama poster added
10.03.2003 Corrected spelling errors. Wide Screen Weekend 2002
10.02.2003 More picture from Pictureville and Wide Screen Weekend. New galleries from 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. Better resolution to 2001's gallery. Created new page about Academy of the Wide Screen Weekend and the Group Picture on Stage
31.01.2003 Pictures added to The Final Curtain of the Cinedome, John Vorisek obituary and Blow up index. Added a few links to Wide Screen Weekend. Dolby 70mm list, Super Panavision 70 list, 70mm in Sydney and 70mm cinemas in Southern California updated.
28.01.2003 Corrected images files to Lion King and Treasure Planet story. Small changes to Wide Screen Weekend home page and program. Added a list of IMAX DMR titles.
15.12.2002 "Attack of the Clones" and "Treasure Planet" in IMAX. 2 interviews by Bill Kallay. Pictures added
08.12.2002 How The West Was Won screening at the Dome December 7, 2002
01.12.2002 How The West Was Won - in Cinerama Greg Kimbles 1983 article for American Cinematographer. Now with pictures.
23.11.2002 70mm film lists have been updated. See the index. How The West Was Won - in Cinerama Greg Kimbles 1983 article for American Cinematographer.
21.10.2002 Who is Greg Kimble?, reprint of "The Alamo" article and new abour 70mm in Los Angeles
17.10.2002 A new  list of all articles added after January 1, 2002
16.10.2002 PICTURES ADDED to Greg Kimble's 50th anniversary Cinerama article. A list of MANY Canadian 70mm and Cinerama screenings by Bill Kretzel
13.10.2002 PICTURE ADDED to 70mm installation at City Screen York Ltd By Darren Briggs. About "This is Cinerama"'s Cinerama Dome engagement. Discoveries from the “Around the World in 80 Days” collection.
06.10.2002 The entire website uploaded to www.in70mm.com server.
03.07.2002 Added a new article about 2002 LFCA in LA by Bill Kallay. A few updates to existing articles. Rivoli and the Todd-AO saga
01.07.2002 Mr. Lashers current Kinopanorama projects have been added to the list.
16.06.2002 New home pages of Todd-AO and 3 Falke Bio
03.06.2002 More pictures added to the 3 Falke Bio story. Both English and Danish versions
07.04.2002 A comment added to "100%".
01.04.2002 A page about what people have said about the web site and magazine.
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