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"Biffen", Aalborg, Denmark
70mm Cinema Profile

This article first appeared in
..in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Issue 36 - December 1994
Some issues the 70mm Newsletter will present one 70mm cinema of outstanding quality. We will start in Aalborg, Denmark. If any of our readers would like to write about their favourite 70mm cinema, this is where to do it.

"Biffen" opened 2. April 1989. There are 51 seats and a 5,4 meter (17,7 feet) wide curved screen. It is equipped with a Dolby CP65 processor for 70mm format 42. The 70mm projection lens is a Leitz 90mm Colorplan slide projector lens. The resolution and color on the screen is outstanding and there is edge to edge sharpness. The screen is built of wood and the speakers are placed above the screen. The 70mm projector is a Philips EL4000 DP70 and is completely in level. There is no distortion on the screen. The auditorium is built almost as a SHOWSCAN High Impact cinema with a curved wall-to-wall screen.

 "Biffen" is the only cinema with regular 70mm presentations in Denmark. "Baraka" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" have been shown frequently. The audience travel many kilometers to experience the 70mm presentations. In January 1992 "Biffen" hosted a 70mm festival of 2 rarely seen Russian 70mm films. "Waterloo" and "The Story of Flaming Years" to a sold-out house. Also shown twice that day was "A Year Along the Abandoned Road" in 35mm Dolby Stereo.

The cinema is clearly an art-house specialising in 70mm films and well crafted films like "Short Cuts", "The Blues Brothers", "Schindlers List" and "Blade Runner". The people of Aalborg happily waits for films to turn up at "Biffen". All of Aalborg "movie palaces", but "Biffen", are shoe-box cinemas without much appeal.

Currently in development is a Festival of 70mm films in summer 1995. The programme will be published in The 70mm Newsletter. The cinema is managed by cinematographer Orla Nielsen who has built everything himself. "Biffen" is a very good example that you can install 70mm in your cinema from day 1 if you like. 70mm is not remotely expensive and the cinema does not have to be a 1000 seater to take 70mm.

Orla Nielsen has recently expanded his activities to the former Europa bio in Aalborg. Europa bio closed in 1980 and is now practice room for Aalborg Symphonic Orchestra. It is called "Synfonien" and has housed a few special screenings of silent films. The former cinema has been re-equipped with a pair of DP70. 70mm will once again sweep the big screen in Aalborg.

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