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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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Tony Cutts Passed Away
23 December 1940 - 29 October 2014

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Duncan McGregor, Bradford Date: 30.10.2014
Yesterday, Wednesday 29. October 2014, at 8:40pm Tony Cutts – projectionist extraordinaire – lost his two year fight against cancer and passed away in the Marie Curie Hospice here in Bradford. He was 73.

In 2006 Tony was interviewed on Pictureville stage by Bill Lawrence during the 12th Bradford International Film Festival as he celebrated 50 years as a projectionist, which in itself was an incredible milestone, but he went on to complete a further seven years doing a job he both loved and was truly inspired by. His passing is a huge loss to the film department here, as the knowledge Tony takes with him is irreplaceable. He saw the introduction of widescreen cinema in 1952, the transition to wide gauge 70mm film, the introduction of stereophonic surround sound in cinemas, 3D, VistaVision, Imax, Cinerama – Tony saw and experienced it all first hand. He started as a casual projectionist at the museum in 1984 covering Imax shifts, whilst still a projectionist at the Odeon Bradford and became a permanent member of the film team here in 1992 as we prepared for the opening of Pictureville cinema.

Tony had a remarkable career and was a wonderful guy with a great sense of humour and was both admired and greatly respected by the projection team, especially his beer drinking ability – we will miss him enormously. Throughout it all though, Tony managed to remain matter-of-fact throughout the last two years of his battle with cancer. I will forward details of funeral arrangements when known for those who wish to remember Tony. Sad times,

Tony Cutts (1940 - 2014). A gallery from Bradford 1996 - 2012
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I am saddened to read of the passing of Tony Cutts

I am saddened to read of the passing of Tony Cutts, a most delightful man and with many an anecdote. When I donated my Cinerama memorabilia to the museum I was asked if they could do anything in return. I requested a tour of Pictureville and the projection room and it was then that I first met Tony. It will be a memory for the rest of my life, Tony was so interesting and we swapped many a tale of the early days of Cinerama and Todd-AO. He will be missed by many and my condolences go to his family.

David Slack
Boston, Lincolnshire

We'll never see the like of him again

Just heard the very sad news that Tony Cutts lost his 2 year battle with cancer last night'

I first met Tony in 1983 just after we opened the Museum in Bradford and Tony was chief at the Odeon across the road. I had just started in the cinema business but by then Tony already had an impressive 27 years of projection experience under his belt. In fact he started work in the projection room of the old Majestic Cinema in Bradford 6 days after I was born.

He came to work with us part time in IMAX from 1984 and then full time in 1992 when Pictureville Cinema opened. He taught me so much about projection and cinema history over the past 31 years for which I will be eternally grateful. We didn't always agree about everything and we had a few heated exchanges over the years but the good times we had in the pubs , clubs and curry houses of Bradford were far more numerous.

The picture below was taken on the 6th January 2006 at the start of a joint celebration to mark my 50th birthday , Tony's 65th and his 50 years as a projectionist and this how I'll remember him with a smile on his face and ready to get on with the party.

We'll never see the like of him again. A true showman. Rest in peace my friend, I'll miss you.

Dick Vaughan

The Funeral is on Tuesday 18th November:
It starts at 12.40pm at Joseph Hey’s Chapel, 470 Great Horton Rd, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 3HR. The hearse will then drive past the front of the National Media Museum at approximately 1.15pm and continue on to Scholemoor Crematorium, Necropolis Rd, Bradford BD7 2PS for a service at 1.20pm approx. All donations to Marie Curie Cancer Care please
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Updated 04-05-22