Cinerama Dome's 55th Anniversary, Hollywood, USA + Cinerama Dome's Fall Cinerama Roadshow Events +
Pictures by Harrison Engle & Sebastian Rosacker
"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" event November 7th 2018

Anniversary cake Anniversary signage Anniversary signage_2 Dome IMG_0100 Dome IMG_0102 Dome IMG_0103 Dome IMG_0104
Dome IMG_0624 Dome audience Guest IMG_0174 Guest IMG_0175 Guests Barrie Chase and Sebastian Guests Dave Woodman, George Ann and Paul Scrabo Intro by John Sittig
Intro by Karen Intro by Karen Kramer Intro by Karen and Barrie Chase Intro by with John Sittig and Sandy Hackett Intro with Sandy Hackett Intro with more speakers at MMW Key chain
Key chain give away Mark Martin, Douglas Knapp and Dave Strohmaier Poster display with John & Kevin Holloway Poster display with Kramers with Dave Poster display with Sebastian and John Sittig Poster display with fans of Mad World Poster display with the Kramers and Sandy