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The 55th Anniversary of Hollywood's Historic CINERAMA Dome
"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
event November 7th 2018

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Sebastian Rosacker, Sweden. Pictures by: Harrison Engle. Technical contribution: Dave Strohmaier Date: 21.11.2018
The incredible Mad, Mad, Mad "Mad World" worshipper Sebastian Rosacker (left) flew in from Malmø in Sweden, to watch the classic Ultra Panavision 70 adventure at the Dome.

Here's an audience report from the "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" event November 7th 2018 to celebrating the 55th Anniversary of Hollywood's Historic CINERAMA Dome. The 55th anniversary event was an idea that David Strohmaier and
John Sittig promoted within the ArcLight company last July.

"The idea for the 55th anniversary was received enthusiastically by Warton Gates and Rosie Ramirez of Arclight Presents and their boss Kevin Holloway. Turner Classic Movies, Mark Wynns helped promote it nationwide via Turner Classic Movie News for October.”

Dave Strohmaier.

The Pacific Cinerama Dome, opened with "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", on November 7, 1963, and was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument on December 18, 1998. The Cinerama Dome features a giant, 126-degree curved screen that immerses audiences in the picture. Made of 316 hexagons and pentagons. The Dome is the only concrete geodesic dome in the world.

So, finally it’s time for the 55th anniversary of both one of the best movie theaters in the world and the best comedy in film history. Some of us, friends from "Mad World" groups on Facebook, met up before the film for a nice dinner at the ArcLight bar, next to the Dome. It was great to finally meet my friends. Only two I had met before, Dave Woodman and Dave Strohmaier. Dave Woodman took me for a tour where the film was shot. And Dave Strohmaier and I met in Malmö, Sweden, at a Cinerama Festival a couple of years ago.

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Los Angeles Magazine


A giant success. Full house. Applause all through the film. Two ArcLight executives were there and were impressed. Cinerama Dome audience for "Mad World". A special 6 minute Birthday video of the Dome being built and the opening night newsreels of "Mad World" as the stars arrive was shown before the introduction. Note the special ceiling made of 316 hexagons and pentagons.

Right before the film started I met Barrie Chase. And I can tell you a fun story about her and me. We are related!!! Well, not really. But if we go back to the 18th century at a farm outside Ystad in the south of Sweden and follow two of the siblings there, it leads directly to a Swedish actor that she was married to and to me. Of course I told her the story and it put a smile on her face. We all got a beautiful key chain and Mark Martin and Doug Knapp handed out special anniversary programs.

It was a completely sold out house and before the film started introductions were given by Karen Kramer, Sandy Hackett, John Sittig and of course Barrie Chase. They also showed us a very interesting documentary about when and how the Dome was built. The construction time was only 16 weeks!!! The atmosphere was already on top and escalated during the film. Applause for every actor/actress and laughs, laughs, laughs, laughs. And this time they had the police calls in the intermission!!!
David then contacted his friends Karen Kramer, Sandy Hackett and actress Barrie Chase to be a part of the event. Harrison Engle was the official photographer for the night and Dave's pals Mark Martin and Doug Knapp handed out special programs to each member of the audience. We had a Birthday Cake and some free tickets for other shows etc. to give out. The Kramers and Dave Strohmaier.

"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" was presented digitally remastered from the original 65mm process. Dave Strohmaier told me that he took the Ultra Panavision 70 image and adapted or rectified the picture to the Dome’s 6% Keystone and 126 degree curved screen. That compensated for the horizon sag effect that regular movies have at the theater. In the 70mm days, to fit the screen, the bottom and top of the frame had to be cropped with a ”butterfly” aperture plate to fit the Cinerama screen. It looked fantastic on the big curved screen. Clear and sharp as crystal.
Stanley Kramer's wife Karen Kramer came by to introduce "Mad World". Buddy Hackett's son Sandy was there as well. Note the curved screen behind her.

Thank you to each and everyone involved in this MAD and wonderful anniversary. And a special thank you to Dave Strohmaier and John Sittig for all you did for us. You made it a once in a lifetime event.

PS: I’m lucky to have a dear friend in Santa Monica. She lives in a house once owned by Mary Pickford. Of course things are changed and renovated but the floors in a couple of rooms are still original. Imagine the feeling of setting foot on the same floors as Ms Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and many more.

Audience Reaction

Click to see enlargement
Click to see enlargement
Click to see enlargement

About the DCP prepared for this screening
By Dave Strohmaier

Show was via digital projection, rectified for the Dome's curved 89 foot screen. Normal "flat" Ultra Panavision 70 DCP picture. Click to see enlargement.

For our Cinerama presentations, we take the Ultra Panavision 70 image and adapt, or rectify, the picture to the Cinerama Dome's 6% Keystone and 126 degree curved screen. This compensates for the horizon sag effect that regular movies have at the theater. In the 70mm days to fit the screen the bottom and top of the frame had to be cropped with a "butterfly" aperture plate to fit the Cinerama screen. A similar effect is used at Wide Screen Weekend in Bradford on their 146 degree Cinerama screen.
Rectified Ultra Panavision 70 picture adapted to fit the Cinerama Dome's 126 dgr curved screen. Click to see enlargement.

"Tom March and my rectified digital image was simply amazing on the 85 foot screen. It was much better and brighter than the 70mm print we ran 4 years ago. John Sittig was amazed."

Dave Strohmaier

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Updated 21-01-24