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DP70s in Canada

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 16.07.2009
City = ? Cinex Projecton Systems Ltd.
  Two DP70 in storage (2274+2275) from Palace Theatre Montreal. removed 2000. Sold on E-bay February 2008 to company in California, USA
Montreal Aluette Theatre (*╗)
  1156 seats. Alouette Theatre does not longer exist: Both Machines where taken (DP 70 AA11s 2 Motor) to the Imperial Cinema 2 blocks down in 1981, they where re-installed as a 2 projector changeover system.
Montreal Imperial Cinema
  Two DP70 from Aluette Theatre. Theater belongs to the Montreal Film Festival
Montreal Palace Theatre
  Two DP70 (2274+2275) (2 motor) Cinema # 3. 1 Machine runs with platter other machine remains on stand by. Theatre Closed Down February 2000. Famous Players gutted the building. 2 AA11 projectors shipped to Toronto head office. Machines to be used for spare parts in other Famous Players cinemas having these projectors. Projectors removed by Cinex Projecton Systems Ltd. 2000
Ste. Adele Cinema Pine #1
  One DP70 (2091) Single Motor with platter system.
Ste. Adele Cinema Pine #3
  One DP70 (898) Single Motor with platter system. 85 KM North of Montreal
Totonto Ontario Place Cinesphere. IMAX Theatre,
  Two DP70 (2250+2393). Dolby CP200. SR.D. DTS. Sonics amps.

Image by: ?

Toronto Ontario Science Center
  Two DP70. Taken out and put in storage
Toronto Tivoli Theatre (*╗)
  "Oklahoma!" opened in the end of April 1956, and played at least 31 weeks. 935 seats
Vancouver Stanley Theatre (*╗P)
  1105 seats
Vancouver Strand Theatre (*)
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