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Visit about Danish cinemas
(in Danish)
"To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen"., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

Cinema Retro Magazine Goes Curved in Issue #31
By Thomas Hauerslev
Cinema Retro is essential reading. The latest issue is no exception. Contributions from Raymond Benson, DVD, books and music CD reviews of films from that era, Gareth Oven takes us back to Pinewoods Past plus the usual entertaining articles about long forgotten films of the 60s and 70s. 64 pages in full (Techni)color. Cinema Retro magazine is unique, and if you are tired of (or don't give a dam about most) contemporary films - and adore the films from the 60s and 70s, THIS is THE magazine for you.
Is it possible that there is still life in the 70mm format?
By Bill Kallay
t’s an entertaining film and Anderson has clearly loosened up on being too serious. The film is lighthearted, if not a little slow, and the acting is well done. I laughed quite a few times and thought that Joaquin Phoenix commands the screen. I also enjoyed the sense that I felt like I was back in 1970 when the film take place. I was also reminded of how much I miss seeing 70mm in a large theatre.
70mm, Cinerama and Cinemiracle films shown in Norway
Edited by Thomas Hauerslev
Which large format films were shown in Norway in 70mm, Kinopanorama or Cinerama? See the list and let know if you can add more details to it. All contributions: titles, dates and adverts are most welcome. Many 70mm prints are archived in cold conditions near the Arctic Circle in the official Norwegian State Film Archive.
11th Oslo 70mm Festival, January 2015
By Jan Olsen
The Norwegian film institute proudly presents the 11th Oslo 70mm festival 23. January - 4. February 2015. The program is a mix of vintage original prints, blow-ups and restored classics. This festival, dedicated to a movie format that was introduced more than 50 years ago, is a dream for many movie fans around the world.
"Inherent Vice" is released in70mm
When private eye Doc Sportello's ex-old lady suddenly out of nowhere shows up with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend whom she just happens to be in love with, and a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin…well, easy for her to say.
“Interstellar” at the BFI IMAX in London
By Ulrich Rostek

The IMAX sequences – grainless, razor sharp, and amazingly detailed, backed up by that marvelous almost SENSURROUND -like sound – really gave me that hyper realistic first person experience which I not even sensed with our beloved Cinerama. This visual impression soon dragged me into the movie – not leaving much brain capacity to think about the one or the other logical disruption of the plot and the somewhat overloaded storyline.
65mm Negative Sources and 4K Screens
Paulo Roberto P. Elias
Up to the 1970’s anyone who wished to enjoy watching a feature film at home would have to resort to some sort of projector, mostly 16 mm equipment, then rent the film, and learn how to set up everything. The video disc changed all that. The movie industry was still struggling to survive, with theater installations closing down permanently everywhere. Film libraries were beginning to fade way or get stuck forever in the vaults of the studios.
"Great is my Country" in Kinopanorama
Otherwise, this Soviet "cinerama," which is being presented here by the Soviet Ministry of Culture in conjunction with the Soviet exhibition at the Coliseum, is a generally handsome and impressive wide-screen-and-color travelogue, notably short on people and propaganda and long on spectacular views.
Europe's Largest Panorama Cinema in Moscow
The largest panorama cinema "Mir" [Peace] in Europe opened in Moscow on the 28th of February [probably 1958]. The first audience for the first performance were all the craftsmen and architects who had participated in the construction of this mile stone cinema.
Interstellaring in London
By Mark Lyndon
And yet, 70mm projection cannot be taken for granted. Even as "Interstellar" is smashing a box office records and Hollywood film directors are committing to 70mm principal photography and prints; there are cinema chains that are removing, yes removing 70mm projection from their houses. Who advises them, the captain of the Titanic?

• Go to The art of film projection is not dead yet
By Francesco Gualeni
When Mr. Piero Fumagalli heard about that possibility, he asked Warner Bros Italy for a 70MM print beside the 4K Digital version. The 70MM print arrived from London on Monday the 3rd of November 2014 in 8 film cans all locked. Mr. Piero Fumagalli himself inspected each reel making sure the film was free of any damages.
Visiting David Samuelson
By Mark Lyndon
These days, David is confined to a wheelchair in a care home in North London, complete with fiercely protective staff. Luckily, on the day, they came to accept and even welcome our presence. We were here to bear witness to greatness. David Samuelson retains a dogged and defiant Churchillian spirit - a point blank refusal to bow to the ravages of time and fortune.
Introduction of CinemaScope
By David Samuelson
Fox's introduction of CinemaScope proved to be every bit as momentous as the introduction of sound, and the cinema has benefitted from the continued development and perfection of an imperfect original invention. The fidelity of the sound in "The Jazz Singer" (1927) is a long way from the sound we experience in the cinema today, and so it is with anamorphic lenses. Chretien, Skouras, Sponable and Gottschalk would not believe the image quality we see on our screens today. performance, one review (your results may vary)
By Vince Young
It had been years since I had set foot in the Ziegfeld, now about to enter its 45th year of existence, since it had gone through two changes in ownership after the original Walter Reade Organization. I wanted to see if a 70mm presentation nowadays could hold a candle to similar wide-gauge engagements in the past.
Cinerama's Search For Paradise CD Soundtrack
The sound track to the 1957 SEARCH FOR PARADISE was only issued in Mono on vinyl but this CD release has been mixed from the original movie sound track in stereo. Composed by Dimitri Tiomkin and with him conducting the Cinerama Symphony Orchestra, the score sounds glorious. Opera star Robert Merrill sings on the solo numbers on the sound track and also on the pop versions.
"INTERSTELLAR" in 70mm at the Zoo Palast cinema in Berlin
By Gerhard Witte
"Interstellar" - a visually stunning science-fiction epic with a running time of 169 minutes. The movie is certainly, as is the case with many things in life, a question of taste. I will be brief and say only this. I had a certain amount of difficulty in following the partially meta-physical "extra-terrestrial" content, particularly in the second half of the film. Maybe I am just lacking the necessary powers of imagination.

• Go to "INTERSTELLAR" im Berliner Zoo-Palast
"Interstellar" in 70MM at the Ziegfeld in New York
By Howard Haas
Countless movie premieres and special events like Dr. Who screenings are hosted at the Ziegfeld. But, with more than 1100 seats, the Ziegfeld was designed for movies to be exclusively only there before opening wide, and in the multiplex era, the Ziegfeld's future is in grave doubt. The Ziegfeld is the last huge single screen movie theater still showing daily movies in New York City so I am happy to enjoy a movie there, and was doubly happy to see the 70mm epic “Interstellar” there.

• Go to Dennis Furbush's Gallery: "Interstellar" in 70MM at the Ziegfeld in New York, November 2014
"Interstellar" Now Playing in 70MM
By readers
Just went through a wormhole and then through a black hole - can we do that again please? WOW! The IMAX experience now made me falling in love with the film by putting everything into the right perspective. To sum it up: if you have not seen INTERSTELLAR in IMAX 15/70 you haven't seen it at all.
Interstellar: La Magia Del 70mm Al Cinema Arcadia Di Melzo (Milano)
By Laura Fumagalli & Alessandra Pinna Berchet
Da Giovedì 6 Novembre grazie alla volontà del regista Christopher Nolan e della Warner Bros Distribution, il cinema ARCADIA di Melzo sarà l’unico cinema in Italia e uno dei pochissimi in Europa a proiettare il film "Interstellar" nella speciale versione 70MM. In Europa sono segnalate ufficialmente solo quattro sale oltre a Melzo: Londra, Berlino, Copenaghen, Elbeuf in Francia e in tutto il mondo sono solo una quindicina.
France's Grand Mercure Cinema, will be showing INTERSTELLAR in 70mm
By Richard PATRY, Président Directeur Général
The Grand Mercure Cinema, in Elbeuf, Normandy, France will be the only French cinema to show Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR in the optimal conditions as envisioned by the director: in 70mm film format. Christopher Nolan, wished to promote the distribution of his new masterpiece, INTERSTELLAR, on a 70mm print with 5 perforations. In Europe, only five cinema theatres will screen the film in 70mm: in Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan and at the Grand Mercure Cinema in Elbeuf

• Go to "Interstellar" opens in 5/70 and IMAX 70MM

Tony Cutts Passed Away
By Duncan McGregor
Tony Cutts – projectionist extraordinaire – lost his two year fight against cancer and passed away in the Marie Curie Hospice here in Bradford. He saw the introduction of widescreen cinema in 1952, the transition to wide gauge 70mm film, the introduction of stereophonic surround sound in cinemas, 3D, VistaVision, Imax, Cinerama – Tony saw and experienced it all first hand.

• Go to
Tony Cutts Gallery from Bradford 1996 - 2012

Report from The 10th Todd-AO 70mm festival in Karlsruhe
By Johan Wolthuis
The beautiful Schauburg Theatre in Karlsruhe, was the place to be for 70mm fans from all over the world. In the first weekend of October people from Germany, England, Switzerland, Danemark, Austria, France, Tjech Republic, the Netherlands and even an enthousiastic film student from Japan, came especially to visit this famous film festival. With its unique program of famous 70mm films presented on the large curved Cinerama screen.
Projectionist and Head Programmer Dan Halsted is bringing 70mm back to The Hollywood Theatre
By Morgan Montague
Dan has been a projectionist in the Portland for over 10 years, has served as the technical director at the Hollywood and moved into programming for the theatre. He first started doing his own events by presenting rare 35mm prints of obscure exploitation films, and eventually became the head programmer. He initiated the 70mm project and it is virtually his entire doing.
"Holiday In Spain" released on Blu-Ray
Redwind Productions Inc., in association with Cinerama Inc, is proud to present for the very first time – the lost and now re-mastered 70mm treat, filmed entirely in Spain…Originally titled “Scent of Mystery” and presented in “Smell-O-Vision”, this unique and magical adventure, follows a mystery novelist, played by Denholm Elliott, who discovers a plan to murder an American heiress, played by Beverly Bentley, while on vacation in Spain.
Kinopanorama Paris Update
By Jean-Noël Grosmenil
The so called "control desk" was the pre-control table to test the SOUND equipement before a Kinopanorama Show (3x35 and 70 with sep mag sound). It was also used to do the intermission from the booth, during the early 70mm years. At the bottom of that desk, located very close to the sound dubbers, there was 18 pre-amplifiers racks. The MAIN theatre control table was removed since 1974, during the new orchestra refit.

Dave Strohmaier's remastered "Holiday In Spain" Blu-ray is mentioned in NEW YORK TIMES!

"Windjammer" and "Cinerama Holiday" producer Borden Mace have passed away November 21, 2014 in Salisbury, Connecticut

Jurassic World: “We’re shooting 35mm and 65mm film. We’re also using an aspect ratio that hasn’t been seen theatrically in a very long time. The movie will be presented in 2 to 1. It’s basically a middle ground between 2.35 and 1.85. It allows us enough height to fit humans and dinosaurs into a single frame, without giving up that sense of scope. It’s very close to the ratio of the digital IMAX screens, so it will look great in large format. I think other filmmakers will want to give it a try when they see how it looks. It’s very comfortable.” Colin Trevorrow, The film’s director

If any of readers by any chance know of the existence of a 70mm/5p KEM/viewer/flatbed, a big Hollywood director is looking for one. He has begun work on a new 65mm production and would like to acquire or rent a unit. Any feedback you might be able to offer would be very helpful.

Arane Gulliver 70mm laboratory has closed 11/30/2014. All the facilities including the new Mederic structure. Bankrupcy confirmed and published 11/20/2014. All the film material (positive and negative) went to storage at Orféo Levallois film archive. The materials should be subject to an auction sales conducted by Maître Chritophe Basse very soon. Please support the team

Read why bigger is always better from

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Ultra Panavison 70
MCS 70 - Superpanorama
Super Panavision 70
ARRI 765
Dimension 150
Super Technirama 70
Sovscope 70

Chronological premiere list of major 70mm films

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ALEXA 65 - le 70 mm redevient le format d’excellence au cinema
Jacques Morell
On attendait la sortie imminente de la nouvelle caméra Panavision numérique 65mm développée avec le concours de la NASA. L’information est parue en début d’année avec une photo d’une version prototype. Et depuis plus rien. Surprise! La bonne nouvelle est venue d’Allemagne. ARRI, dont les différentes versions de caméras numériques de la gamme ALEXA sont la référence depuis des années sur les plateaux de tournages en Europe et dans le monde entier, sera non seulement la marque leader du cinéma 35mm numérique

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Sales Manual For Louis De Rochemont's Windjammer
By The Cinemiracle Process
David Samuelson interview
By Lyndon / Hauerslev
New 6-track Magnetic Head
By Clemens Sherer
Kinopanorama Cinemas
By Alain Dorange
2014 Schauburg Festival Report
By Thomas Hauerslev
Oklahoma! Blu-ray Review
Walters Siegmund's Todd-AO Barn Findings
Doctor Zhivago
Unknown Ultra Panavision 70 short Film
Vintage articles about Showscan, Panavision & Dolby

"Interstellar" opens in 5/70 and IMAX 70MM
Grand Mercure Cinema, INTERSTELLAR in 70mm
Help the Hollywood Theatre Portland!
Todd-AO Festival 70mm Film Intro
Forget the Hateful Eight
Vergessen Sie „The Hateful Eight“

Pictures from the 10th Todd-AO Festival
Flicker Alley presents "Seven Wonders of the World"
A Visit to ARRI in München
Re-visiting Large Format With Gerhard Fromm

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IN70MM.COM PARTNER is proud to be associated with one of the finest cinemas in Europe, Schauburg Kino, home of the annual Todd-AO Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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The 11th “Todd-AO 70mm Festival“ will take place from 2-4 October 2015. For three days in October Filmtheater Schauburg in Karlsruhe (Germany) will celebrate the world of LARGE FORMAT film, by offering a series of epic films in 70mm - the HD of film formats.

Once again CINERAMA, Super Technirama 70, DEFA 70, Todd-AO, Panavision 70 and Super Panavision 70 will light up on the large 18 meter curved Cinerama screen.

"in 70mm" is unlike anything you have ever seen - a High Definition movie experience with extremely sharp images and crystal clear 6 track stereo.
"in 70mm"
is very realistic, almost three dimensional and can make everything you have ever seen pale into insignificance. But don't take our word for it - come and see for your self.

• Go to Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe, Germany

I continue to be impressed by the dedication you have to the continuing wellbeing of 70mm. I would like you to have met my colleague and friend, the late Robert Gottschalk, founder and driving force of Panavision. He was of the unshakeable opinion that picture quality, real picture QUALITY, depended on a big piece of negative, the bigger the better.

All good wishes, Sir Sydney Samuelson, December 2009

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The original idea was

"Encourage film makers to produce and make new films in 65mm, present them in 70mm with 6-track discrete digital sound on big curved screens".

The 70mm Association Newsletter" was the "voice" of The International 70mm Association.

For 7 years, when the magazine was produced regularly, it was edited and published in Copenhagen. The magazine was never a commercial venture - nor was it intended to be. It had a lot of fans and the number of subscribers climaxed in 2000. The last issue was published in the fall of 2001. Special edition issues 68, 69 & 70 have been made for the Widescreen Weekend.

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All readers are invited to send in their RAMAs. The "Rama" pages, now in its 6th year. More than 100 new and vintage RAMAs documented so far. Send your RAMA now!

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26 Things Movies Taught You
By Bill Kallay
Rather than wasting bullets, megalomaniacs prefer to kill their archenemies using complicated machinery involving fuses, pulley systems, deadly gasses, lasers and man-eating sharks, which will allow their captives at least 20 minutes to escape.

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Stanley Kubrick's "2OO1: A Space Odyssey"

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Fred Zinnemann's "Oklahoma!" in Todd-AO

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Sunset Song Filming in 65mm
Director Terence Davies has begun principal photography in Scotland on "Sunset Song", a film adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s 1932 classic novel. To capture the landscape, the filmmakers have chosen to shoot on 65mm film, a creative decision that the producers say “will ensure depth, clarity and emotional impact on the screen”.
"Violet" Partly Photographed in 8-perf 65mm
By Bas Devos, director
We shot in an 8-perf format to approach the 4:3 ratio. We wanted to achieve a heightened reality for certain shots. Approx. 12 min in the films final cut is 65mm footage. This includes a monolithic ending sequence of 6½ min. Due to the length of an 8 perf 65mm reel, we had to cut the shot in two parts and stich it together in post to have one fluent 6½ min shot.

“We thought at the time that there wouldn’t be many places to play this in 70mm, but we were pleasantly surprised. There are still a lot of projectors, at least in US, that are 35mm and 70mm combined.”

- Paul Thomas Anderson

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Introduction to Projection and Wide Film (1895-1930)
By Rick Mitchell (
It is the intention of this book to deal with the subject of “Wide Screen“ as it relates to the mainstream theatrical motion picture industry and its history, with reference, where appropriate, to its effect upon such related areas as documentary, industrial, and non-theatrical production and exhibition. Notable techniques and processes, the events and situations within the industry which precipitated their introduction, and the subsequent loss of popularity of some them will be covered mostly in chronological order as new developments were generally founded upon, or a reaction to, a previous one.

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Todd-AO Birth date
By Brian O'Brien
On October 15th, 1952 I received a phone call from a Michael Todd in New York City, who wished to come to see me at Rochester that evening. I had never heard of Todd, but it seems that he is a well-known Broadway producer.

Go to Todd-AO | Filmed in Todd-AO | The First Movie Produced By Todd-AO | Walter Siegmund Remembered

How to Create the Best experience in the Cinema
By Thomas Hauerslev
Films like "Titanic" and "Braveheart" should have been shot in 65mm simply because they are "big" movies. But shooting in 65mm doesn't need to be limited to the obvious mega productions. Small independent movies would benefit enormously with the sharper picture. I'd enjoy seeing films like "Enemy of the State", "As Good As It Gets" and "You've Got Mail" and many more, shot on 65mm stock and presented in 70mm. I and most of our readership would certainly seek out cinemas presenting films in 70mm.

Online: 02-06-1999. Updated: 19-12-2014