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A New 65mm Film Camera

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Jonathan Kitzen, 3D Consortium Ltd.Date: 24.05.2009
65mm camera magnesium - finder removed.

A new 65mm film camera will be released in Feb 2010 by MKBK which will be available for rent from 3D Consortium Ltd. UK. The new camera is mirror reflex and made of magnesium and will weigh in at under 8 kilos (17.5lbs). A 35mm working prototype was completed and it weighs only 3.2kilos (7lbs). The cameras development cost was over $1M usd. It's main use was to support 3D filmmaking but can be used for standard flat screen 5/65 shooting.

A modification of the above camera system for blimped 8 perf pull down is planned for mid-late 2010 delivery to offer an economical alternative to filming 15/70 scenes for major motion pictures.

3D Consortium announces that is has upgraded the MKBK equipment and that four 65mm cameras are available for rent as of AUGUST 2009 from London, including one configured for underwater, and one for steadicam. All cameras support stereo 3D filming and 5/65mm filming and are mirror reflex.
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65mm camera magnesium - finder removed.

The new camera uses German motors and electronics, the finder is either stereo (full 3d optical in finder) or flat 2d. Based on the already existing 35mm camera that has been already delivered at 3.2 kilos. Movement is Mitchell dual pull down, dual pin, 4-72fps. 52mm minimum flange focal that can support Zeiss, or Hassleblad, or 3D stereo lens systems.

The existing cameras I will have new photos after the electronic upgrades this month.

Jonathan Kitzen
3D Consortium Ltd.
+44 (0)20 7983 9895
Question: It looks like a 35mm ARRI house to me - why use a 35mm house and modify it for 65mm?

Answer: It was modified because the original order was for a light weight 35mm and the market for that camera was significantly larger than for 65mm so it was a logical progression. The 35mm camera is in use in Germany currently.

The camera shares no features with the ARRI, different mirror, different magazine, different movement, completely different optical path (the ARRI lenses can fit on this camera but the lenses for this camera wont fit the ARRI). Not to mention the major weight difference.
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Updated 03-04-12