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Flicker Alley releases "Windjammer" and "This is Cinerama" on Blu-ray and DVD

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Flicker AlleyDate: 04.05.2012
WINDJAMMER: The Voyage of Christian Radich

WINDJAMMER -- Louis De Rochemont's Cinemiracle Adventure -- Deluxe combo Blu-ray/DVD edition (Region Free)

Release Date: Mid-September, in conjunction with Cinerama's Official 60th Anniversary. Special Pre-order Sale Price: $29.96 (S.R.P. $39.95)

Come onboard the magnificent Norwegian square-rigger as it sails its spectacular 17,000 mile journey, manned by a crew of young sailors-in-training with all photographed in the widescreen splendor of Cinemiracle, Cineramas only true competitor to thrill 1950s audiences by sheer size and clarity.

Now digitally remastered, the color, the music, the true artistry of this classic is reborn.

Bonus Features Include:

New Documentary on the films original production - 56 min.

Mini documentary featuring before and after demos on the films remastering - 14 mins.

The Windjammer Breakdown Reel - 14 min.

The Christian Radich Today at the Aalborg Denmark Tall Ships Festival 2010 - 7 min.

"Windjammer" Trailer - 3 mins.

Special Photo Galleries featuring reproductions of the original Windjammer/Cinemiracle Booklet, Original Posters and promotional Graphics, Original Newspaper Ads, and production photos (and more!)
More in 70mm reading:

"Windjammer" Press Release

Image presentation of the S/S Christian Radich

"Windjammer" in Cinemiracle

"Windjammer" Telecine

"Windjammer" cast and credits

The Danes And The Windjammers

Internet link:

Flicker Alley:
This is Cinerama

From: Robert Amick <>
Subject: Windjammer release on Blue-Ray

Dear Mr. Hauerslev,


I just received a Blu-ray of "Windjammer: the Voyage of the Christian Radich" from Amazon. The production is just magnificent and brought back so many great memories of seeing it when I was a teenager.

Please accept my profound gratitude for the very high quality restoration which can now be enjoyed by today's
audiences, many of whom have never seen the original film in theatres.

You, Mr. Strohmaier, and all the dedicated professionals and artists have performed a wonderful service for so many in preserving this priceless treasure.

I wrote a review of the film on the Amazon website with five stars. Thanks very much for your exceptional dedication and efforts in restoring this wonderful creation.

Best wishes,
Bob Amick
Meeker, Colorado USA

This is Cinerama

Flicker Alley and Cinerama invite you to experience the digital premier of THIS IS CINERAMA in a deluxe combo Blu-ray/DVD edition (Region Free)

Release Date: Mid-September, in conjunction with Cinerama's Official 60th Anniversary. Special Pre-order Sale Price: $29.96 (S.R.P. $39.95)

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of its premiere, Flicker Alley is proud to present "THIS IS CINERAMA", exactly as seen by over 20,000,000 viewers in its original roadshow version. You will travel around the world with Cinerama, from Venice to Madrid, from Edinburgh Castle to the La Scala opera house in Milan, and concluding with a flight across America in the nose of a B-25 bomber.

Bonus Features Include:

Audio commentary track: With John Sittig (Cinerama, Inc.), Dave Strohmaier (Cinerama Historian), Randy Gitsch (TIC Locations background), and special audio recording from Jim Morrison (original crew member).

"This Is Cinerama" Breakdown Reel - 9 min.

Alternate Act II Opening for European Versions - 2 min.

"This Is Cinerama" Trailer re-created HD - 3 min.

TV Spots: "This Is Cinerama" and "Seven Wonders of the World" - 1 min. each

Tribute to the New Neon Movies: A video short celebrating the Cinerama revival in Dayton Ohio, 1996-1999, in which a lone projectionist sets up Cinerama for special screenings to people from all over the country. - 14 min.

Tribute to the New Cooper: The first Super Cinerama Theater - 4 minutes

Special Photo Galleries: featuring behind the scenes shots, the original program booklet and press memorabilia newspaper ads, and publicity stills

Fred Waller Radio interviews audio only: Original 1952 radio interviews with Fred Waller on the eve of opening night. - 15 mins.
More in 70mm reading:

Cinerama's 50th Anniversary by Greg Kimble

“The CINERAMA story”, a brand new publication from International 70mm Publishers's Cinerama page

"How the West Was Won" now re-issued on DVD

“This Is Cinerama” The Original Roadshow Engagements

Internet link:

Flicker Alley:
This is Cinerama
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Updated 31-12-15