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Visit about Danish cinemas
(in Danish)


Construction of the Philips “All Purpose” projector DP70
The Cinema Department of the Philips works in Eindhoven (Netherlands) were asked to develop a special projector which had to be suitable for running 70mm films with magnetic sound tracks and which after replacement of some easily removable parts could be made suitable rapidly for the reproduction of 35mm films with optical sound track and of CinemaScope films with four magnetic sound tracks.

The web site is in three parts: a simple story about the the DP70 / Universal 70-35 Projector / Norelco AA11 machine and several lists of cinemas and serial numbers.

0600-2729 - see many numbers and where ther are

= new information/images

Algeria | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Denmark | England | Finland | France | Germany | Holland | Hong Kong | Iceland | Iraq | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jamaica | Japan | Lebanon | Mexico | New Zealand | Malaya | Malta | Morocco | Northern Ireland | Norway | Philippines | Portugal | Rumania | Russia | Scotland | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | South Africa | Thailand | Tunis | USA |
Venezuela | Vietnam

Please send the following DP70 information to the editor:

* Serial number
* Present location (Cinema or private)
* City
* Country
* and a picture

• 1466 + 1469 in Australia
• 864 + 869 with Stephen Rowley, UK
• 651 + 652 now with Tim Burke
• 1920 + 1924 in Boston, Massachusetts
• 1492 + 1493 in Germany
• New images from Marocco and Oklahoma
• 2006 + 2007 added from Morocco
• 1984 + 1989 added
• New image from Swizerland and Africa
• New image of DP70 2125
• 2304 moved to Bob Leader
• 880+881 from Warner (DC), are scrapped
• 2311+2312 moved to the Academy, California (CA)
• 1352 is a now a museum exhibit in England
• 1513 was taken to the scrap dealer in April 2013
• 1960+1967 added to the list of D70s in Virginia (VA)
• 2171 moved to new home in Denmark

• Wonderful stuff on the DP70s site – where do you find the time?!! Jim Slater, Cinema Technology, UK

• It's a great job you'v done! My compliments. Keep on!
Best regards, Volker Hannemann, Germany

• Very interesting website as I just have been looking it over. Bill Dubiel, USA

• Hi, Enjoyed your wide-screen site very much. Charles Slater, Australia

• Congratulations for all what you do in favour of DP70. I am a fan of these machines. Best Regards, Gerard Cortιs, Spain.

• Your web site? YEAHHH, STILL GREAT !!!! Best regards, Luc, France

• Just a quick note to congratulate you on your excellent website in respect of the Philips DP70, projector a machine I worked with for a few years at the Queens Theatre in Newcastle On Tyne. U.K. Neil Thomson, Odeon Cinemas, Newcastle, England

• Go to more testimonials

Jan Jacob Kotte
By Anton P Kotte
Philips is known all over the world for electrical shavers, food processors, consumer electronics and a "millon" other things. Little known today perhaps is that Philips was a leading company in manufacturing a series of outstanding motion picture projectors.
A Brief History of Philips Cinema
By C. G. Nijsen
The Philips Light bulb factory was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and Dr. Anton Philips. When the "Philips" brand became so successful, they decided to enlarge their scope from lamps only to everything electrical or electronic.
I think DP70s are a sight to behold in their own right and were the most visionary piece of engineering imaginable

Trevor Wilson, 10.04.2006

• Go to DP70s in Denmark
DP70, Victoria 8 and Prevost P70 in Argentina
By Eduardo Cesar Gσmez
Actualmente hay dos cabinas de proyeccion instalada con 3 victoria8, una y la otra 2 PREVOST 35/70 las salas ya no funcionan como cines comercial. le voy a adjuntar unas fotos de lasmismas. En nuestro pais hubo dos salas con instalacion de CINERAMA, una ya desaparecida y la otra funciona con tres salas digitales actualmente y se hubica en la Pca de Cordoba. Muchos saludos y lo felicito por su hermosa pagina.
DP70 information from Spain. #850 #1708 #1717
By Gerardo Cortes
New DP70s have been found here in Barcelona, Spain. Including one of the DPs installed in Cine Kursaal (Barcelona). After many years projectors were move to Cine Femina (Barcelona) and both worked until 1991 once the cinema burned. #850 was restored and has been installed in a private cinema room in La Vall de Bianya - Barcelona.
What is the correct colour of a DP70?
Clive Woodward
We are puzzled by trying to work out the correct colour to repaint them. Ours are a brownish 'hammertone' / 'hammertex' colour. I note from photos on your website many appear to be grey. Even the brown on our units varies from part to part. Do you know of the 'official' original colour for DP70 projectors?
June 1990, Restored "Lawrence of Arabia" premieres in Copenhagen, Denmark
By Thomas Hauerslev
The restored "Lawrence of Arabia" opened in 70mm and six-track Dolby Stereo SR at the prestigious Imperial Bio, 31. May. Much to the surprise of everyone - not least the distribution company, "Lawrence" played extremely well for 4 weeks. There were two shows a day, for a price of DKK 40/45 pr. ticket. The gross was DKK 853.000 in 29 days and 58 performances.

• Go to the gallery: "Lawrence of Arabia" in 70MM Dolby Stereo on DP70 #1644, Imperial Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark, 31. May 1990 - 28. june 1990
DP70 Update from Australia, 2013
By Phillip Grace

Corrections to your page DP70s in Australia. The 70mm projectors at Horsham, Victoria are not DP70. They are Cinemeccanica Victoria X. They were originally installed new in the Chelsea Theatre, Melbourne, then moved a little way down the street to the Forum Twin Cinemas (Cinema One) also in Melbourne, and screened a lot of 70mm on both sites. When the Forum Twin closed in 1982 or 1983 the Victoria X machines were sold to Horsham.
DP70: A Story of the Todd-AO Projector
By Thomas Hauerslev
Today, when most cinemas have converted to digital presentations, there is less need for the DP70 – or any other film projector – and most of the machines are now redundant, with notable exceptions such as the Schauburg, and other 70mm venues.

• Go to DP70: Die Geschichte des Todd-AO Projektors
Magnificent 70mm Cinemas of Casablanca
I was happy to hear that you are interested by the DP70s exposed at the hall of my cinema RIF. They have been renewed and they have been running since 2000 until 2013. I created a museum of 35mm and 70mm at the entrance of cinema RIF with Victoria 8 Cinemecanica, Westrex and DP70 projectors from my 3 cinemas ABC, RITZ & RIF in Casablanca.
Retired DP70s in Casablanca
Thomas David Boehm
Some months ago Rainer and friend from Norway travelled to Morocco, where he discovered old 70mm projectors on display in the lobby of the CINEMA RIF in Casablanca. He made the attached photos and asked me to send them to you.
A refrigerator and a DP70, please
By Gerhard Witte
The Saturn electronics store on Tauentzienstraίe 9 in Berlin's Europa Center has exhibited an authentic Todd-AO DP70 70mm projector in their department of Hi-Fi and electronics. The machine can be seen on the third floor in the Megastore's HiFi department.
DP70: A Story of the Todd-AO Projector
By Thomas Hauerslev
Today, when most cinemas have converted to digital presentations, there is less need for the DP70 – or any other film projector – and most of the machines are now redundant, with notable exceptions such as the Schauburg, and other 70mm venues.

* Go to Die Geschichte des Todd-AO Projektors
DP70s of the Empire
By Robin Dakin
We arrived at Leicester Square early on a Saturday morning to join a Cinema Theatre Association visit to the Odeons and Empire. The Empire was the third visit, its vast auditorium was amazing with the constant colour changing lighting scheme.
DP70 at the Casino in London
By Peter Philips
The pictures are taken of the left hand DP70 projector and two show it laced up with one of the reels of "Zulu". I used to know the Chief Engineer for Cinerama at the time and I made several visits to the Casino and got shown around.
Imperial Bio Scraps 70mm projector DP70 #1640
By Thomas Hauerslev
Copenhagen: DP70 serial number #1640, installed for the 70mm opening of Imperial Bio in Copenhagen in 1961 has been taken out and scrapped. Sister machine #1644 will continue 70mm and 35mm operation is needed.
A new film gate for the DP70 projector
By Emmy Rosbeek
We have some news about the DP70 projector: We made a new film gate for this projector.

More updates for the DP70
RED-LED reverse scanner
Reverse scanner
• Cinefocus
Photo mask by Todd-AO

• 70mm film projection lenses for the DP70

• All those who have helped finding the DP70 information

• North American DP70 brochure (PDF)
• Norelco AAII Universal 70-35 Projector (PDF)
• European DP70 Brochure (PDF)
• Der Projector DP70 (PDF)
British Kinematograph - Philips DP70 (PDF)
• Norelco AAII / DP70 Theatre List (PDF)

Three DP70 Brochures
DP70, Universal 70/35mm Projector and Norelco AAII

Classic trade magazine DP70 adverts from Denmark, France, Germany, North America, Holland and many more

Original 1957 DP70 invoice:

• Haus Savoy, Hamburg 1957
• Haus Savoy, Hamburg, Rechnung April 1957
• Haus Savoy, Hamburg, Rechnung December 1957
The Story of the DP70, the Todd-AO projector. The famous and time proven 70mm film projector developed by Philips in Holland more than 55 years ago. The DP70 was a remarkable 70mm projector. On Monday April 8, 1963 Fred J Pfeiff, technical manager of the motion picture equipment department of Norelco (North American Philips), received the 1962 Class 2 Oscar plaque for:

"The design and engineering of the Norelco Universal 70/35mm motion picture projector".

This is a labour of love - and a fair amount of insanity. The history of one of the most remarkable film projectors; the DP70 Todd-AO projector.

In 1982, as a teenager, I started my film-life as a projectionist apprentice at the 3 Falke Bio, my favourite cinema which was "purpose built" for Todd-AO in 1958. My new interest became the history of the Philips DP70 projector. I was intrigued and wondered "Why did the DP70 receive an OSCAR and what was Todd-AO?".

My collection of DP70 information started to build and soon I discovered how much the DP70 was appreciated everywhere. I also discovered the wonderful story about Todd-AO and have spent a lot of effort and time to document the Todd-AO process and the DP70 projector.
I remember finding the original European sales brochure of the DP70 with a list on the back cover of all DP70 installations by August 1960. I started to collect DP70 serial numbers from Copenhagen, and soon expanded the search to Denmark and soon to Malmø in Sweden and in Hamburg in Germany.

Just how many machines were made? An intriguing question which I have tried to answer here.

I wrote letters to cinemas and soon answers arrived with serial numbers and pictures from fans all over the world. This was amazing! The list grew and I sent out regularly updated lists to all contributors in return for their help. Today, nearly 30 years later, the lists are too long to do that, and instead you can find the information online.

It would not have been possible to find all this data without continuing support from enthusiasts everywhere. To those individuals who have assisted me I am very grateful. My thanks to everyone and keep up the good work. We still have a long way to go ;-)

It is very difficult to record all DP70 cinemas and serial numbers. Projectors are moved and often re-installed in new places. Cinemas open, close and sometimes the machines are destroyed when cinemas are demolished. When available those details have been included on the cinema lists.

So far I have collected DP70s in:

44 countries, 592 Serial Numbers and 1073 Theatres (to be updated)
Little did I know, so many years ago, what this interest and lifelong hobby, would bring me of wonderful visits to projection rooms, cinemas and unique historical places connected to the DP70 story. Imagine the thrill to receive a letter from The Todd-AO Corporation in Hollywood with serial numbers and images of their machines. What joy to find 24 machines in one single day in Paris' projection rooms - and by the end of the day be able to say "70mm" and "DP70" in French - fluently.

I have traced the story back into the home town of the chief engineer, met his son, shared memorabilia and information. I have seen the birthplace of the DP70 and photographed the Academy Award Jan Jacob Kotte won in 1963 for his achievement. I have seen American Optical in Southbridge in the United States, the birthplace of Todd-AO, and met with several key people from the early days of Todd-AO.

Online: 02-06-1999. Updated: 25-05-2016