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The 70mm-Equipped Cinemas in North America (1985)

The 70mm Newsletter
Compiled by: Michael Coate Date: 23.10.2021
Northpoint Theatre, San Francisco May 1980, courtesy Dolby Labs

Have you ever wondered how many North American cinemas were capable of screening 70mm prints during the peak period of the format?

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The 70mm-Equipped Cinemas in North America (2015)

Which year was the peak year for 70mm, though? In terms of number of titles released with 70mm prints, the answer appears to be the year 1985 with twenty-three confirmed titles (plus at least six holdovers from late 1984, along with two re-releases utilizing extant prints, and at least eight difficult/impossible-to-verify titles other historians have cited in their works).

In terms of the number of prints struck, the answer appears to be the year 1984 with approximately 900 prints between sixteen confirmed titles, with about half of that output released late in the year and playing into the early months of 1985.

So, the conclusion to be drawn here is that the mid-1980s ought to be considered the peak period for 70mm (as an exhibition format) and the point in time the industry was a well-oiled machine in regard to large format in so far as exhibitor and studio support and the film laboratories’ ability to manufacture large 70mm print runs in a timely fashion.

The 70mm-equipped cinemas in North America during 1985 were …

Birmingham — Cobb’s Village East Twin
Huntsville — Cobb’s Madison Square 8-plex
Huntsville — United Amusement’s Madison Twin

Anchorage — Festival Enterprises’ University 6-plex
Anchorage — LT’s Fireweed Triplex
Anchorage — LT’s Polar Triplex

Calgary — Cineplex Odeon’s North Hill
Calgary — Cineplex Odeon’s Odeon Twin
Calgary — Cineplex Odeon’s Showcase Grand Twin
Calgary — Cineplex Odeon’s Southland 4-plex
Calgary — Famous Players’ Chinook
Calgary — Famous Players’ Palace
Calgary — Famous Players’ Palliser Square Twin
Calgary — Famous Players’ Sunridge 5-plex
Edmonton — Cineplex Odeon’s Capilano
Edmonton — Cineplex Odeon’s Meadowlark
Edmonton — Cineplex Odeon’s Plaza Twin
Edmonton — Cineplex Odeon’s West Mall 8-plex*
Edmonton — Cineplex Odeon’s Westmount 4-plex* [THX]
Edmonton — Famous Players’ Garneau (?)
Edmonton — Famous Players’ Londonderry Twin
Edmonton — Famous Players’ Paramount
Edmonton — Famous Players’ West Mall 5-plex
Edmonton — Famous Players’ Westmount Twin
Edmonton — Famous Players’ Westmount Centre 4-plex

Mesa — Mann’s Superstition 5-plex
Phoenix — Mann’s Chris-Town 5-plex [THX]
Phoenix — Plitt’s Cine Capri
Phoenix — UA’s Chris-Town Mall 6-plex
Scottsdale — Blair’s Kachina
Tucson — AMC’s Campbell Plaza Triplex
Tucson — AMC’s El Con 6-plex
Tucson — AMC’s Showcase Twin
Tucson — Mann’s Buena Vista Twin
Tucson — Plitt’s El Dorado Twin
Tucson — Plitt’s Foothills 4-plex

Little Rock — UA’s Cinema 150
Little Rock — UA’s Cinema City 7-plex
Little Rock — UA’s Heights

Burnaby — Famous Players’ Lougheed Mall Triplex
New Westminster — Cineplex Odeon’s Westminster Mall Triplex
Vancouver — Cineplex Odeon’s Oakridge Centre Triplex* [THX]
Vancouver — Cineplex Odeon’s Odeon
Vancouver — Cineplex Odeon’s Park
Vancouver — Cineplex Odeon’s Varsity
Vancouver — Cineplex Odeon’s Vogue
Vancouver — Famous Players’ Capitol 6-plex
Vancouver — Famous Players’ Denman Place
Vancouver — Famous Players’ Stanley [THX]
Vancouver — Famous Players’ Vancouver Centre Twin
Victoria — Cineplex Odeon’s Haida
Victoria — Famous Players’ Coronet
West Vancouver — Famous Players’ Park Royal Twin

Alhambra — Edwards’ Alhambra Place 5-plex
Anaheim — Vinstrand’s Brookhurst Twin
Arroyo Grande — Festival Enterprises’ Festival 6-plex
Azusa — Edwards’ Foothill Center 6-plex
Bakersfield — UA’s Movies 6-plex
Berkeley — Cinerama’s Berkeley
Berkeley — Cinerama’s California Triplex
Beverly Hills — AMPAS’ Samuel Goldwyn
Buena Park — UA’s Buena Park Mall 8-plex [THX]
Burlingame — Syufy’s Hyatt Triplex
Campbell — UA’s Pruneyard Triplex
Carlsbad — SoCal’s Plaza Camino Real 4-plex
Carmichael — Crestview
Cerritos — UA’s Cerritos Mall Twin
Chula Vista — UA’s Park Plaza 6-plex
Clovis — Festival Enterprises’ Regency 6-plex
Clovis — UA’s Clovis Towne Center 8-plex [THX]
Corte Madera — Marin’s Cinema
Costa Mesa — Edwards’ South Coast Plaza Triplex
Costa Mesa — Edwards’ Town Center 4-plex*
Daly City — Plitt’s Plaza Twin
Del Mar — Edwards’ Flower Hill 4-plex
El Cajon — UA’s Parkway Plaza Triplex*
El Toro — Edwards’ El Toro 5-plex
Escondido — Edwards’ Carousel 6-plex
Escondido — UA’s Del Norte Plaza 8-plex [THX]
Fairfax — Marin’s Fairfax
Fremont — Syufy’s Cinedome East 7-plex*
Fresno — Festival Enterprises’ Festival 6-plex
Fresno — Pacific’s Sunnyside Drive-In
Glendale — Mann’s Glendale Twin
Glendale — Pacific’s Roxy
Hayward — Festival Enterprises’ Festival 6-plex
Hayward — UA’s Hayward 5-plex*
Huntington Beach — Edwards’ Charter Centre 5-plex
Irvine — Edwards’ University 6-plex
La Mesa — Pacific’s Cinema Grossmont
La Mesa — Pacific’s Grossmont Mall Triplex
La Mirada — Pacific’s Gateway 5-plex
La Mirada — Pacific’s La Mirada Mall 6-plex*
Laguna Hills — Edwards/SoCal’s Laguna Hills Mall Triplex
Lakewood — Pacific’s Lakewood Center 4-plex*
Long Beach — UA’s Marketplace 6-plex
Los Angeles (Century City) — Plitt’s Century Plaza Twin* [HPS-4000 / THX]
Los Angeles (Downtown) — Metropolitan’s Globe
Los Angeles (Fairfax) — Cineplex Odeon’s Showcase
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Mann’s Chinese Triplex* [THX]
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Mann’s Fox
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Mann’s Hollywood
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Mann’s Vogue
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Pacific’s Cinerama Dome
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Pacific’s Hollywood Pacific Triplex
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — Pacific’s Paramount
Los Angeles (Hollywood) — UA’s Egyptian Triplex
Los Angeles (Mid-Wilshire) — Four Star
Los Angeles (North Hollywood) — UA’s Valley Plaza 6-plex*
Los Angeles (Northridge) — Pacific’s Northridge 6-plex*
Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks) — GCC’s Sherman Oaks 5-plex [THX]
Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks) — Mann’s La Reina
Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks) — Pacific’s Galleria 4-plex
Los Angeles (Studio City) — Mann’s Studio
Los Angeles (Tarzana) — Mann’s Valley West 6-plex*
Los Angeles (University Park) — USC’s Eileen Norris
Los Angeles (West Los Angeles) — Pacific’s Picwood
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — GCC’s Avco Center Triplex* [THX]
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — Mann’s Bruin [THX]
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — Mann’s National [THX]
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — Mann’s Plaza
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — Mann’s Regent
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — Mann’s Village [THX]
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — Pacific’s Metro
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — UA’s Coronet 4-plex* [THX]
Los Angeles (Westwood Village) — UA’s Egyptian [THX]
Los Angeles (Woodland Hills) — Pacific’s Topanga Twin
Los Angeles (Woodland Hills) — UA’s Warner Center 6-plex [THX]
Marina del Rey — UA’s Marina Marketplace 6-plex
Modesto — Festival Enterprises’ Festival 6-plex
Modesto — Redwood’s Briggsmore 7-plex
Monrovia — Mann’s Huntington Oaks 6-plex
Montclair — Pacific’s Montclair Triplex*
Montclair — UA’s Towne Center Plaza 6-plex
Monterey — UA’s Cinema 70
Mountain View — Syufy’s Century 10-plex*
Napa — Syufy’s Cinedome 7-plex*
National City — Pacific’s Sweetwater 6-plex*
Newark — Syufy’s Cinedome West 7-plex*
Newhall — Great Western’s Plaza
Newport Beach — Edwards’ Newport Twin*
Oakland — Cinerama’s Piedmont
Oakland — Renaissance Rialto’s Grand Lake 4-plex*
Oakland — Syufy’s Century 4-plex*
Orange — Syufy’s Cinedome 6-plex*
Orange — Syufy’s City Center 4-plex
Oxnard — Pacific’s Carriage Square 5-plex
Palm Desert — Metropolitan’s Town Center 7-plex*
Palm Springs — Metropolitan’s Camelot Triplex*
Palo Alto — Renaissance Rialto’s Stanford
Pasadena — Pacific’s Hastings 4-plex
Pasadena — Terrace Amusement’s Uptown
Pasadena — UA’s United Artists
Pinole — Syufy’s Century 9-plex*
Pleasant Hill — Syufy’s Century 5-plex*
Redwood City — UA’s Redwood 6-plex
Riverside — SoCal’s Canyon Crest 9-plex*
Riverside — UA’s Park Sierra 6-plex
Riverside — UA’s Tyler Mall 4-plex
Sacramento — Landmark’s Tower Triplex
Sacramento — Syufy’s Capitol 4-plex*
Sacramento — Syufy’s Century 6-plex*
Sacramento — Syufy’s Cinedome 5-plex*
Sacramento — UA’s Arden Fair 6-plex*
San Diego — Mann’s Cinema 21
San Diego — Mann’s Loma
San Diego — Mann’s Valley Circle
San Diego — Pacific’s Cinerama
San Diego — Pacific’s La Jolla Village 4-plex
San Diego — UA’s Glasshouse 6-plex
San Diego — UA’s Horton Plaza 7-plex [THX]
San Francisco — Blumenfeld’s Regency I
San Francisco — Blumenfeld’s Regency II
San Francisco — Blumenfeld’s Regency III
San Francisco — Blumenfeld’s Royal
San Francisco — Plitt’s Northpoint
San Francisco — Syufy’s Cinema 21
San Francisco — Syufy’s Empire Triplex
San Francisco — UA’s Alexandria Triplex
San Francisco — UA’s Coronet
San Francisco — UA’s Galaxy 4-plex* [THX]
San Francisco — UA’s Metro
San Jose — Syufy’s Century 21
San Jose — Syufy’s Century 22 Triplex*
San Jose — Syufy’s Century 23 Twin*
San Jose — Syufy’s Century 24 Twin*
San Jose — Syufy’s Century 25 Twin
San Jose — Syufy’s Town & Country
San Rafael — Marin’s Regency 6-plex*
San Ramon — Festival Enterprises’ Crow Canyon 6-plex
Santa Barbara — Metropolitan’s Arlington
Santa Barbara — Metropolitan’s Granada Triplex
Santa Clara — UA’s Cinema 150
South Lake Tahoe — LT’s Stateline
South San Francisco — Syufy’s Century Plaza 8-plex*
Stanton — Edwards’ Village Center 6-plex
Stockton — Festival Enterprises’ Regency 4-plex
Sunnyvale — Westside Valley’s Hacienda Triplex
Temple City — Edwards’ Temple 4-plex
Thousand Oaks — UA’s Oaks 5-plex
Torrance — Mann’s Old Towne 6-plex*
Torrance — UA’s Del Amo 6-plex
Ventura — Mann’s Buenaventura 6-plex*
Ventura — Mann’s Fox Twin
West Covina — SoCal’s Eastland 5-plex
West Covina — SoCal’s Wescove Triplex
West Hollywood — Directors Guild
Westminster — UA’s Westminster Mall Twin
Willows — AMH’s Opus

Arvada — Commonwealth’s Cooper 6-plex
Aurora — Commonwealth’s Cooper 5-plex
Aurora — Commonwealth’s East Drive-In
Colorado Springs — Commonwealth’s Cinema 70 Triplex
Colorado Springs — Commonwealth’s Cooper Triplex
Colorado Springs — Commonwealth’s Mall of the Bluffs Twin
Colorado Springs — Mann’s Cinema 150
Denver — Commonwealth’s Continental
Denver — Commonwealth’s Cooper Twin
Denver — Landmark’s Esquire
Denver — Mann’s Century 21 [THX]
Littleton — AMC’s Southbridge Plaza 8-plex*
Littleton — Commonwealth’s Cooper 7-plex [HPS-4000]
Littleton — Mann’s Festival 6-plex
Thornton — Commonwealth’s North Star Drive-In

East Hartford — Redstone’s Showcase 9-plex*
Hartford — Cinestudio
Orange — Redstone’s Showcase 7-plex*
Stamford — Trans-Lux’s Ridgeway Twin
Trumbull — Trans-Lux’s Trumbull Triplex
West Hartford — Perakos’ Elm Twin

Claymont — Sameric’s Eric Tri-State Mall 5-plex

Washington — AFI’s Kennedy Center (35mm w/ mag interlock capability)
Washington — Circle’s Avalon Twin [HPS-4000]
Washington — Circle’s Embassy Circle
Washington — Circle’s MacArthur Triplex*
Washington — Circle’s Ontario
Washington — Circle’s Tenley Triplex
Washington — Circle’s Uptown
Washington — GCC’s Jenifer Twin
Washington — K-B’s Cinema
Washington — K-B’s Fine Arts
Washington — Library of Congress’ Mary Pickford

Bay Harbor Islands — Loews’ Bay Harbor Twin
Coral Gables — GCC’s Riviera Twin
Coral Springs — GCC’s Coral Square 8-plex
Deerfield Beach — Plitt’s Ultravision Twin
Fort Lauderdale — GCC’s Galleria 4-plex
Jacksonville — Plitt’s Bay Meadows 8-plex
Kendall — AMC’s Town & Country 10-plex
Kendall — Wometco’s Dadeland Triplex
Mary Esther — Ogden-Perry’s Santa Rosa Triplex
Miami Beach — Wometco’s Byron Carlyle Triplex
North Miami Beach — Loews’ 167th Street Twin
North Miami Beach — Wometco’s 163rd Street Triplex
Orlando — GCC’s Fashion Square 8-plex
Orlando — Plitt’s Plaza Twin
St. Petersburg — Plitt’s Plaza Twin
Tampa — GCC’s Northdale Court 6-plex [THX]
Tampa — Plitt’s University Collection 6-plex
Tampa — UA’s The Movies at Mission Bell 8-plex
West Palm Beach — GCC’s Cinema 70 Triplex
Winter Park — Wometco’s Winter Park Triplex

Athens — GTC’s Classic Triplex
Atlanta — Columbia
Atlanta — Fox
Atlanta — GTC’s Lenox Square 6-plex
Atlanta — Lefont’s Tara 4-plex
Atlanta — Plitt’s Phipps Plaza Triplex
Atlanta — Storey’s 12 Oaks Twin
Atlanta — Storey’s Rhodes
Augusta — GTC’s National Hills
College Park — Storey’s National 6-plex
Duluth — GCC’s Gwinnett Place 6-plex
Morrow — GTC’s Southlake 8-plex*
Roswell — Septum’s Holcomb Woods 6-plex
Savannah — Litchfield’s Tara 4-plex
Stone Mountain — Septum’s Memorial Drive 4-plex
Tucker — AMC’s Northlake Festival 8-plex*
Union City — GTC’s Shannon 8-plex

Honolulu — Consolidated’s Cinerama [HPS-4000]
Honolulu — Consolidated’s Kahala Mall 5-plex [HPS-4000]
Honolulu — Consolidated’s Kapiolani
Honolulu — Consolidated’s Waikiki Twin* [HPS-4000]
Honolulu — Consolidated’s Waikiki 3 [HPS-4000]
Kailua — Consolidated’s Kailua Drive-In

Boise — Plitt’s 8th Street Market Place Twin
Twin Falls — Plitt’s Mall

Belleville — BAC’s Cinema 4-plex
Bloomingdale — Plitt’s Stratford Square 8-plex
Calumet City — Plitt’s River Oaks 8-plex*
Champaign — Kerasotes’ Virginia
Chicago — Center’s McClurg Court
Chicago — Essaness’ Chestnut Station 5-plex*
Chicago — Essaness’ Lincoln Village Triplex
Chicago — Essaness’ Plaza Triplex
Chicago — GCC’s Ford City 5-plex
Chicago — M&R’s Fine Arts 4-plex
Chicago — Plitt’s Carnegie
Chicago — Plitt’s Esquire
Chicago — Plitt’s Nortown Triplex
Chicago Ridge — Chicago Ridge Mall 4-plex
Downers Grove — Classic Cinemas’ Tivoli
Evanston — M&R’s Evanston 5-plex
Evergreen Park — M&R’s Evergreen 4-plex
Forest Park — Essaness’ Forest Park Mall Triplex*
Hillside — M&R’s Hillside Square 6-plex
Hoffman Estates — Essaness’ Century 4-plex
Homewood — Plitt’s Diana 4-plex
Lombard — GCC’s Yorktown 6-plex [THX]
Milan — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*
Moline — Redstone’s Parkway
Mount Prospect — GCC’s Randhurst 4-plex
Niles — Essaness’ Golf Mill Triplex*
Niles — M&R’s Niles Square
Norridge — M&R’s Norridge 7-plex
Northbrook — Center’s Edens Twin
Oak Brook — Plitt’s Oakbrook Triplex
Orland Park — Plitt’s Orland Square 8-plex
Peoria — Kerasotes’ Beverly
Schaumburg — Plitt’s Woodfield 9-plex*
Skokie — M&R’s Old Orchard 4-plex
Springfield — Kerasotes’ Esquire 4-plex
Springfield — Kerasotes’ Fox Town & Country
Tinley Park — Essaness’ Bremen 4-plex

Carmel — Heaston’s Woodland Twin
Evansville — Stieler’s North Park 7-plex
Fort Wayne — MSM’s Holiday Twin
Indianapolis — Keedy’s Eastwood
Indianapolis — Loews’ College Park 6-plex
Indianapolis — Twin-Theatair Drive-In

Cedar Rapids — Dubinsky’s Plaza
Des Moines — Dubinsky’s Plaza
Des Moines — Dubinsky’s River Hills
Dubuque — Dubuque’s Cinema Center 5-plex
Dubuque — Dubuque’s Super 20 Drive-In
Mason City — Central States’ Park 70
Sioux City — Dubinsky’s Riviera Twin

Overland Park — AMC’s Oak Park Plaza 6
Overland Park — Commonwealth’s Ranch Mart 4-plex
Overland Park — Dickinson’s Glenwood 4-plex*
Wichita — Commonwealth’s Twin Lakes Twin
Wichita — Dickinson’s Mall

Erlanger — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*
Fairdale — Associated’s South Park Drive-In
Florence — USA’s Florence 6-plex
Lexington — USA’s Northpark 6-plex
Lexington — USA’s Southpark 6-plex
Louisville — Redstone’s Showcase 11-plex*

Baton Rouge — GCC’s Cortana Mall Triplex
Baton Rouge — Gulf States’ Bon Marche Mall 11-plex
Gretna — Cobb’s Westside Twin
Lake Charles — Ogden-Perry’s Charles Triplex
Marrero — Gulf States’ Belle Promenade 6-plex
Metairie — Cobb’s Lakeside 4-plex
Metairie — GCC’s Lakeside 5-plex*
New Orleans — GCC’s Robert E. Lee
New Orleans — Golden Crest’s Kenilworth
New Orleans — Gulf States’ Eastlake 8-plex
New Orleans — Tulane University’s McAlister Auditorium
Slidell — Gulf States’ Tiger Drive-In

Winnipeg — Cineplex Odeon’s Garrick 4-plex
Winnipeg — Cineplex Odeon’s Grant Park
Winnipeg — Cineplex Odeon’s Odeon
Winnipeg — Cineplex Odeon’s Towne 8-plex
Winnipeg — Famous Players’ Metropolitan
Winnipeg — Famous Players’ Northstar Twin

Baltimore — Durkee’s Senator
Baltimore — JF’s 5-Star Reisterstown Plaza 5-plex
Baltimore — JF’s North Point Plaza 4-plex
Baltimore — JF’s Reisterstown Plaza Twin
Baltimore — UA’s The Movies at Harbor Park 9-plex
Bethesda — K-B’s Montgomery Mall Triplex
Catonsville — Einbinder & Brehm’s Westview 8-plex
Greenbelt — AMC’s Academy 14-plex*
Lutherville — JF’s Yorkridge 4-plex
Timonium — Loews’ Timonium Triplex
Towson — Rappaport’s Hillendale Twin
Woodlawn — GCC’s Security Square Mall 4-plex

Boston — USA’s Charles Triplex
Boston — USA’s Cheri Triplex*
Boston — USA’s Cinema 57 Twin*
Boston — USA’s Copley Place 9-plex
Brookline — Coolidge Corner Twin
Brookline — Redstone’s Showcase Circle 5-plex
Chestnut Hill — GCC’s Chestnut Hill 5-plex
Danvers — USA’s Liberty Tree Mall Twin
Dedham — Redstone’s Showcase 10-plex*
Lawrence — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*
Revere — Redstone’s Showcase 12-plex*
Seekonk — Redstone’s Showcase 7-plex*
Shrewsbury — Redstone’s Edgemere Drive-In
Somerville — USA’s Assembly Square 12-plex
West Springfield — Redstone’s Palace Twin
West Springfield — Redstone’s Showcase 10-plex*
Woburn — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*
Worcester — Redstone’s Showcase 4-plex
Worcester — Redstone’s Webster Square Twin

Ann Arbor — UA’s Fox Village 4-plex
Bloomfield — Redstone’s Showcase Pontiac 10-plex*
Burton — Redstone’s Eastland Twin
Burton — Redstone’s Showcase 6-plex*
Cascade — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*
Dearborn — UA’s The Movies at Fairlane 10-plex*
Farmington Hills — SDT’s Old Orchard Triplex
Flint — Butterfield’s Flint
Grand Rapids — Butterfield’s Eastbrook Twin
Grosse Pointe Woods — NGT’s Woods 6-plex
Harper Woods — SDT’s Eastland Twin
Harper Woods — SDT’s Eastland Mall 5-plex
Kalamazoo — UA’s West Main 7-plex
Lansing — UA’s Spartan Triplex
Livonia — NGT’s Mai Kai
Livonia — SDT’s Terrace Twin
Novi — UA’s The Movies at 12 Oaks 6-plex
Pontiac — Redstone’s Miracle Mile Drive-In
Redford — Motor City Theater Organ Society’s Redford
Saginaw — Butterfield’s Temple
Southfield — NGT’s Americana 8-plex* [Cinemagic]
Southfield — SDT’s Northland Twin
Southfield — UA’s The Movies at Prudential Twin
Southgate — NGT’s Southgate 4-plex
Sterling Heights — Redstone’s Showcase 11-plex*
Troy — UA’s The Movies at Oakland 5-plex
Wyoming — Loeks’ Studio 28 12-plex

Bloomington — GCC’s Southtown Twin
Brooklyn Center — Plitt’s Brookdale
Maplewood — Herringer’s Maple Leaf Drive-In
Maplewood — UA’s The Movies at Maplewood II 6-plex
Minneapolis — Engler’s St. Anthony Main 5-plex
Minneapolis — Plitt’s Skyway 6-plex
Minnetonka — Plitt’s Ridge Square Triplex
Roseville — Engler’s Apache 4-plex
Roseville — GCC’s Har-Mar 11-plex [THX]
Roseville — UA’s The Movies at Pavilion Place 7-plex
St. Louis Park — GCC’s Shelard Park 5-plex
St. Louis Park — Plitt’s Cooper Twin
St. Louis Park — Plitt’s Knollwood 4-plex
West St. Paul — Engler’s Signal Hills 4-plex

Chesterfield — Wehrenberg’s Clarkson 6-plex
Columbia — Commonwealth’s Cinema
Creve Coeur — Wehrenberg’s Creve Coeur Triplex
Hazelwood — AMC’s Village 6-plex
Independence — Mid-America’s Blue Ridge East 5-plex*
Jennings — Wehrenberg’s North Drive-In
Kansas City — AMC’s Bannister Square 6-plex
Kansas City — AMC’s Empire 4-plex
Kansas City — Commonwealth’s Bannister Mall 5-plex
Kansas City — Finklestein’s Fairyland Drive-In
Richmond Heights — AMC’s Esquire 4-plex
Shrewsbury — Wehrenberg’s Kenrick 8-plex
Springfield — Dickinson’s Century 21
Sunset Hills — Wehrenberg’s Mark Twain

Lincoln — Commonwealth’s Cooper/Lincoln
Omaha — AMC’s Westroads 8-plex
Omaha — Commonwealth’s Indian Hills Twin
Omaha — Commonwealth’s Orchard 4-plex
Omaha — Douglas’ Cinema Center 6-plex*
Omaha — Douglas’ Q-Cinema 6-plex
Omaha — Moran’s Dundee

Las Vegas — Roberts’ Paradise 6-plex
Las Vegas — Syufy’s Cinedome 6-plex*
Las Vegas — Syufy’s Fox
Las Vegas — Syufy’s Parkway Triplex*
Las Vegas — Syufy’s Red Rock 11-plex*
Reno — Syufy’s Century 6-plex*

Cedar Grove — UA’s Cinema 23
Edison — GCC’s Menlo Park Twin
Egg Harbor — Frank’s Towne 12-plex
Lawrenceville — Sameric’s Eric Twin
Middletown — UA’s The Movies at Middletown 7-plex
Montclair — Cinema Service’s Clairidge Triplex
Moorestown — Sameric’s Eric Plaza Twin
Paramus — RKO Century’s Route Four 10-plex*
Paramus — RKO Century’s Route 17 Triplex*
Pennsauken — Sameric’s Eric 5-plex*
Sayreville — Redstone’s Amboy 12-plex*
Secaucus — Loews’ Meadow 6-plex*
Totowa — UA’s Cinema 46 Triplex
Upper Montclair — UA’s Bellevue Triplex
Wayne — Loews’ Wayne 6-plex*
West Orange — GCC’s Essex Green Triplex [THX]

Albuquerque — Commonwealth’s Cinema East Twin
Albuquerque — Commonwealth’s Winrock Twin
Albuquerque — GCC’s Louisiana Blvd. Triplex

Albany — UA’s Hellman Twin
Bay Shore — UA’s Cinema
Bronxville — UA’s Bronxville Triplex
Cheektowaga — AMC’s Holiday 6-plex
Colonie — RKO Century’s Fox Colonie Twin
Commack — Redstone’s Commack 10-plex
Coram — UA’s The Movies at Coram 10-plex
DeWitt — Cinema National’s Shoppingtown 4-plex
East Meadow — UA’s Meadowbrook 4-plex
East Setauket — RKO Century’s Fox
Garden City — RKO Century’s Roosevelt Field 4-plex
Greece — Jo-Mor’s Stoneridge Plaza Triplex
Guilderland — Cinema Centers’ Crossgates Mall 12-plex
Henrietta — Loews’ Towne 4-plex
Hicksville — Town & Country’s Mid-Plaza 6-plex
Islip — Brandt’s Islip Triplex
Kingston — Cinema Centers’ Hudson Valley Mall 6-plex
Lawrence — RKO Century’s Lawrence Triplex*
Levittown — Loews’ Nassau 6-plex*
Lynbrook — UA’s Lynbrook 4-plex
Massapequa — UA’s Pequa
Medford — Redstone’s Brookhaven 12-plex* [THX]
Nanuet — RKO Century’s Nanuet 5-plex
Nanuet — UA’s Route 59
New York (Bronx) — Redstone’s Whitestone 12-plex*
New York (Brooklyn) — RKO Century’s Kingsway 5-plex
New York (Manhattan) — Guild’s Embassy 1
New York (Manhattan) — Guild’s Embassy Triplex
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ 34th Street Showplace Triplex*
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ 83rd Street 4-plex
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ 84th Street 6-plex*
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ Astor Plaza
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ New York Twin*
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ Orpheum Twin
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ Paramount
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ State Twin*
New York (Manhattan) — Loews’ Tower East
New York (Manhattan) — Moss’ Criterion Center 6-plex*
New York (Manhattan) — Moss’ Movieland
New York (Manhattan) — Museum of Modern Art’s Roy and Niuta Titus
New York (Manhattan) — Reade’s 23rd Street West Triplex
New York (Manhattan) — Reade’s Baronet
New York (Manhattan) — Reade’s Bay
New York (Manhattan) — Reade’s Coronet
New York (Manhattan) — Reade’s Ziegfeld
New York (Manhattan) — RKO Century’s National Twin*
New York (Manhattan) — RKO Century’s Warner Twin*
New York (Manhattan) — RKO Cinema 5’s Beekman
New York (Manhattan) — RKO Cinema 5’s Cinema Triplex
New York (Manhattan) — RKO Cinema 5’s Murray Hill
New York (Manhattan) — Rockefeller’s Radio City Music Hall
New York (Manhattan) — Trans-Lux’s Gotham
New York (Manhattan) — UA’s East
New York (Manhattan) — UA’s Gemini Twin
New York (Manhattan) — UA’s United Artists Twin* [HPS-4000]
New York (Queens) — Loews’ Lefrak Triplex
New York (Queens) — RKO Century’s Fresh Meadows Twin
New York (Queens) — UA’s Continental Triplex
New York (Staten Island) — RKO Century’s Fox Plaza Twin
Niskayuna — Cinema National’s Mohawk Mall Triplex
Peekskill — Lightstone’s Beach 4-plex
Penfield — Jo-Mor’s Panorama Plaza Twin
Pittsford — Loews’ Pittsford Triplex
Plainview — RKO Century’s Plainview
Port Washington — GG’s Sands Point
Rockville Centre — RKO Century’s Fantasy
Syosset — UA’s Syosset Triplex*
Utica — Fitzgerald’s Uptown
Valley Stream — Redstone’s Sunrise 11-plex*
Valley Stream — RKO Century’s Green Acres Triplex
Wappingers Falls — Imperial Twin
Webster — Loews’ Webster 8-plex
White Plains — GCC’s Galleria Twin
White Plains — UA’s Cinema
Woodbury — UA’s Cinema 150
Yonkers — GCC’s Central Plaza 4-plex

Charlotte — GCC’s Charlottetown 4-plex
Charlotte — GCC’s Southpark Triplex
Charlotte — Multi-Cinema’s University Place 6-plex
Charlotte — Plitt’s Park Terrace Triplex
Charlotte — Stewart & Everett’s Capri Triplex
Charlotte — Stewart & Everett’s Town Center Plaza 6-plex
Fayetteville — Consolidated’s Bordeaux Triplex
Greensboro — Plitt’s Terrace Triplex*
Hickory — Benfield’s Carolina
Raleigh — Litchfield’s Mission Valley 5-plex
Raleigh — Plitt’s Cardinal Twin
Winston-Salem — Plitt’s Thruway Twin

Halifax — Famous Players’ Scotia Square

Beavercreek — Chakeres’ Beavercreek 7-plex
Beavercreek — USA’s Beaver Valley 6-plex
Canton — Palace
Cincinnati — Redstone’s Showcase Eastgate 7-plex*
Cincinnati — USA’s Carousel Twin
Cincinnati — USA’s Kenwood Twin
Cleveland — Colony
Cleveland — CWRU’s Strosacker
Cleveland Heights — NTC’s Severance 8-plex [THX]
Columbus — GCC’s Eastland Mall Twin
Columbus — GCC’s Northland 8-plex [THX]
Columbus — GCC’s Northland Twin
Columbus — USA’s Continent 9-plex
Dayton — Chakeres’ Dayton Mall 8-plex*
Mentor — NTC’s Great Lakes Mall 5-plex
North Olmsted — NTC’s Great Northern 7-plex [THX]
Parma — GCC’s Parmatown 5-plex
South Euclid — Loews’ Cedar Center Twin
Springdale — USA’s Tri-County 7-plex
Springdale — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*
Toledo — Redstone’s Showcase 5-plex*
Trotwood — USA’s Salem Mall 4-plex
Whitehall — Chakeres’ Cinema East
Woodmere — Loews’ Village

Oklahoma City — AMC’s Memorial Square 8-plex
Oklahoma City — Commonwealth’s Almonte 6-plex
Oklahoma City — Commonwealth’s Quail Twin
Oklahoma City — GCC’s Quail Springs Mall 6-plex
Oklahoma City — Oklahoma Cinema’s North Park 4-plex
Oklahoma City — Oklahoma Cinema’s Westwood
Oklahoma City — Spectro’s Tower
Okmulgee — Orpheum Twin
Tulsa — UA’s Boman Twin

Etobicoke — Cineplex Odeon’s Albion Twin
Hamilton — Famous Players’ Tivoli
London — Famous Players’ Park
Mississauga — Famous Players’ Square One 4-plex
Newmarket — Famous Players’ Glenway 5-plex
Niagara Falls — Pyramid Place
North York — Cineplex Odeon’s Don Mills
North York — Famous Players’ Town & Countrye Twin
Ottawa — Cineplex Odeon St. Laurent Twin
Ottawa — Cineplex Odeon Somerset
Ottawa — Famous Players’ Elgin Twin
Ottawa — Famous Players’ Nelson
Ottawa — Famous Players’ Rideau Centre Triplex
Ottawa — National Arts Centre’s Opera
Scarborough — Famous Players’ Cedarbrae 6-plex*
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Canada Square 8-plex* [THX]
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Eaton Centre 18-plex
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Fairlawn Twin
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Humber Twin
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Hyland Twin*
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Market Square 6-plex
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Showcase
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s Varsity Twin
Toronto — Cineplex Odeon’s York Twin* [THX]
Toronto — Cinesphere
Toronto — Famous Players’ Capitol
Toronto — Famous Players’ Cumberland 4-plex
Toronto — Famous Players’ Eglinton [THX]
Toronto — Famous Players’ Hollywood Twin*
Toronto — Famous Players’ Imperial 6-plex
Toronto — Famous Players’ Palace Triplex
Toronto — Famous Players’ Runnymede Twin
Toronto — Famous Players’ Sheraton Centre Twin
Toronto — Famous Players’ University
Toronto — Famous Players’ Uptown 5-plex*
Toronto — Ontario Science Centre

Beaverton — LT’s Westgate Triplex*
Beaverton — Moyer’s Tanasbourne Triplex
Eugene — LT’s Cinema World 4-plex
Eugene — Moyer’s West 11th Triplex
Eugene — Western Amusement’s Oakway
Portland — LT’s Eastgate Triplex*
Portland — LT’s Fox
Portland — LT’s Hollywood Triplex
Portland — LT’s Music Box
Portland — Moyer’s Bagdad Triplex
Portland — Moyer’s Rose Moyer 6-plex
Portland — Seven Gables’ KOIN Center 6-plex
Wilsonville — Moyer’s Grand Parkway Triplex

Allentown — Sameric’s Eric 5-plex*
Bensalem — AMC’s Premiere Twin
Concordville — Sameric’s Eric 4-plex*
Easton — Sameric’s Eric 4-plex
Erie — Warner
Fairless Hills — Sameric’s Eric Triplex
Feasterville — Sameric’s Eric 4-plex*
Harrisburg — Sameric’s Eric East Park Center Twin
King of Prussia — Sameric’s Eric King Twin
King of Prussia — Sameric’s Eric Plaza Twin
McCandless — Redstone’s Showcase North 9-plex*
Monroeville — Redstone’s Showcase East 6-plex*
Montgomeryville — Budco’s 309 4-plex
Montgomeryville — Sameric’s Eric Triplex*
Philadelphia — Budco’s Olde City Twin
Philadelphia — Budco’s Orleans 8-plex
Philadelphia — Budco’s Regency Twin
Philadelphia — RAM’s Parkwood Twin
Philadelphia — Sameric’s Eric’s Place
Philadelphia — Sameric’s Mark I
Philadelphia — Sameric’s SamEric 4-plex*
Philadelphia — Sameric’s Sam’s Place Twin*
Pittsburgh — Cinemette’s Fulton
Pittsburgh — Cinemette’s North Hills
Pittsburgh — Cinemette’s Warner
Reading — Fox’s Fox North
Robinson — Redstone’s Showcase West 11-plex*
South Park — Fair Ground Drive-In
Upper Darby — Sameric’s Eric Pilgrim Gardens

Dorval — United’s Dorval Triplex
Laval — United’s Laval 5-plex
Montreal — Cineplex Odeon’s Alexis Nihon Plaza Triplex
Montreal — Cineplex Odeon’s Champlain Twin
Montreal — Cineplex Odeon’s Cote-des-Neiges Twin
Montreal — Cineplex Odeon’s Cremazie
Montreal — Cineplex Odeon’s Place du Canada
Montreal — United’s Capitol 6-plex
Montreal — United’s Claremont
Montreal — United’s Imperial [THX]
Montreal — United’s Le Parisien 5-plex
Montreal — United’s Loews 5-plex
Montreal — United’s Palace 6-plex
Montreal — United’s York
Sainte-Foy — United’s Canadien
Sainte-Foy — United’s Cinema Ste-Foy Triplex
Westmount — United’s Westmount Square

Warwick — Redstone’s Showcase 8-plex*

Charleston — Plitt’s Ultravision Twin
Florence — Litchfield’s Capri Triplex
Greenville — Carmike’s Astro Twin
Greenville — Litchfield’s Bijou 8-plex
North Charleston — Litchfield’s Aviation 8-plex

Antioch — Carmike’s Bell Forge 6-plex
Chattanooga — Carmike’s East Ridge 6-plex
Chattanooga — Choo Choo
Goodletsville — Carmike’s Rivergate Mall 6-plex
Knoxville — Plitt’s Cedar Bluff Twin
Knoxville — Simpson’s Capri 4-plex
Knoxville — UA’s East Towne 7-plex
Memphis — Rand’s Paramount Twin
Nashville — Carmike’s Belle Meade

Addison — UA’s Prestonwood Creek 5-plex* [THX]
Amarillo — Mann’s Fox Twin
Amarillo — Plitt’s Cinema Twin
Amarillo — UA’s Cinema 6-plex [THX]
Arlington — AMC’s Green Oaks 8-plex*
Arlington — Loews’ Lincoln Square 6-plex
Arlington — UA’s Bowen 8-plex [THX]
Austin — AMC’s Americana
Austin — GCC’s Highland Mall Twin
Austin — Mann’s Fox Triplex
Austin — Mann’s Westgate Triplex
Austin — Presidio’s Arbor 4-plex [THX]
Austin — Presidio’s Lincoln Triplex [THX]
Austin — Presidio’s Southpark Triplex [THX]
Beaumont — UA’s Phelan 6-plex [THX]
Bryan — Schulman’s Manor East Triplex
Carrolton — GCC’s Furneaux Creek 7-plex
Dallas — AMC’s Prestonwood 5-plex
Dallas — GCC’s Caruth Plaza Triplex
Dallas — GCC’s Northpark West Twin* [THX]
Dallas — GCC’s Northpark East Twin
Dallas — GCC’s Valley View Twin
Dallas — Landmark’s Inwood Triplex
Dallas — Loews’ Park Central 4-plex*
Dallas — Plitt’s Medallion
Dallas — UA’s Cine Twin
Dallas — UA’s Skillman 6-plex [THX]
Dallas — UA’s South 8-plex* [THX]
Dallas — UA’s Walnut Hill 6-plex [THX]
El Paso — Commonwealth’s Bassett Center Twin
El Paso — Commonwealth’s Bassett 6-plex
El Paso — GCC’s Cielo Vista Mall 10-plex
Fort Worth — AMC’s Hulen 10-plex*
Fort Worth — GCC’s Opera House
Fort Worth — Plitt’s Ridglea
Fort Worth — UA’s Hulen 6-plex [THX]
Garland — UA’s Northstar 8-plex
Highland Park — B&B’s Village Triplex
Houston — AMC’s Commerce Park 8-plex*
Houston — AMC’s Westchase 5-plex
Houston — Cineplex’s Gaylynn Terrace
Houston — Cineplex’s Windsor Twin
Houston — GCC’s Galleria First Level Twin
Houston — GCC’s Galleria Second Level Twin
Houston — GCC’s Meyerland Plaza Triplex
Houston — Loews’ Easton Commons 8-plex
Houston — Loews’ Saks Center Twin
Houston — Loews’ Southpoint 5-plex
Houston — Loews’ Southwest 6-plex
Houston — Loews’ Town & Country Triplex
Houston — Plitt’s Cinema 5-plex
Houston — Plitt’s West Oaks 7-plex*
Houston — Plitt’s Woodlake Triplex
Hurst — UA’s North East 6-plex [THX]
Lubbock — Mann’s Fox 4-plex
Lubbock — Noret’s Cinema West
Lubbock — Noret’s Winchester Twin
Mesquite — AMC’s Towne Crossing 8-plex
Mesquite — UA’s Town East 6-plex [THX]
Odessa — UA’s Northpark 6-plex
Plano — Loews’ Preston Park 6-plex
San Antonio — Santikos’ Central Park Fox 4-plex
San Antonio — Santikos’ Galaxy 10-plex*
San Antonio — Santikos’ Northwest 10-plex* [THX]
San Antonio — Santikos’ Westlakes 9-plex
Spring — Loews’ Spring 10-plex
Victoria — Frels’ Salem 6-plex
Waco — Plitt’s Richland Mall 4-plex
Webster — Loews’ Bay Area 6-plex
White Settlement — UA’s Las Vegas Trail 8-plex [THX]

Holladay — Mann’s Cottonwood Mall 4-plex
Ogden — Consolidated’s Newgate Starships 4-plex
Orem — SCERA
Riverdale — Plitt’s Cinedome Twin*
Salt Lake City — Mann’s Villa
Salt Lake City — Plitt’s Centre
Salt Lake City — Plitt’s Crossroads Triplex
Salt Lake City — Plitt’s Regency
Salt Lake City — Plitt’s Trolley Corners Triplex
South Ogden — Plitt’s Wilshire Triplex
South Salt Lake — Syufy’s Century 5-plex*
Taylorsville — Plitt’s Midvalley 6-plex

Bailey’s Crossroads — K-B’s Cinema 7 Twin
Fairfax — Showcase’s Fair City Mall Triplex
Fairfax — UA’s The Movies at Fair Oaks 8-plex
McLean — NTI’s Tysons Center 4-plex
McLean — Roth’s Tysons Corner 8-plex
Norfolk — ARF’s Naro
Portsmouth — Schoenfeld’s Plaza Triplex
Richmond — Litchfield’s Midlothian 6-plex
Richmond — NTI’s Ridge 7-plex
Richmond — NTI’s Willow Lawn
Springfield — GCC’s Springfield Mall 6-plex [THX]
Vienna — NTI’s Tysons Twin

Bellevue — SRO’s Factoria 5-plex*
Bellevue — SRO’s John Danz
Lynnwood — SRO’s Grand Alderwood 5-plex*
Olympia — Capitol Cities’ State Triplex
Renton — MCR’s Roxy
Seattle — GCC’s King
Seattle — LT’s Coliseum
Seattle — Seven Gables’ Crest 4-plex*
Seattle — Seven Gables’ Guild 45th Twin*
Seattle — SIFF’s Egyptian
Seattle — SRO’s Cinerama
Seattle — SRO’s Northgate
Seattle — SRO’s Town
Seattle — SRO’s Uptown Triplex
Seattle — UA’s Cinema 150
Spokane — LT’s Fox Triplex
Spokane — LT’s Newport 8-plex
Spokane — SRO’s Lincoln Heights Triplex
Spokane — SRO’s Lyons Avenue 4-plex
Spokane — SRO’s River Park Square Twin
Spokane — SRO’s State
Spokane Valley — LT’s East Sprague 6-plex
Tacoma — SRO’s Tacoma Mall Twin
Tacoma — SRO’s Tacoma South 5-plex
Tacoma — Star Cinemas’ Rialto
Tacoma — Star Cinemas’ Temple
Tukwila — LT’s Parkway Plaza 5-plex
Tukwila — SRO’s Lewis & Clark 7-plex*
Tukwila — SRO’s Southcenter
Union Gap — Yakima’s Mercy 6-plex

Brookfield — GCC’s Brookfield Square Twin
Fox Point — Capitol’s Brown Port
Greenfield — Capitol’s Spring Mall 4-plex
Madison — Marcus’ Eastgate 6-plex
Milwaukee — Capitol’s Loomis Road 4-plex
Milwaukee — Marcus’ Northtown 6-plex
Milwaukee — UA’s Southgate
Waukesha — Marcus’ Westown 6-plex
Wauwatosa — UA’s Mayfair Twin
West Allis — Marcus’ Southtown 6-plex

*Two (or more) screens in complex equipped with 70mm capability


There are possibly some venues cited in this work that during timeframe being studied no longer possessed the ability to screen 70mm because the once-installed gear had been removed and decommissioned or relocated to another venue. The still-open status (in 1985) of these venues and the lack of any confirmation of such a removal situation may explain the inclusion.

IMAX and other large format special venue installations have not been cited. In addition, it is possible some such venues at the time may have had the ability to also screen 5-70 prints.

Venues known to have closed during the 1985 calendar year have been included.

Studio and private screening room shave not been included.

In the case of venues that during the 1985 calendar year incurred an ownership change or renovation resulting in additional auditoria, effort has been made to cite such details based upon the venue’s status at end of the year.

The Cineplex Odeon chain acquired (most of) the Plitt chain in 1985 though the name change did not immediately take effect which explains the retained usage of the Plitt name for the applicable venues.

The information in this article was principally referenced from film industry trade reports, regional newspaper promotion, projector and sound system trade advertisements and installation records, with special thanks to Claude Ayakawa, David Ayers, Don Beelik, Louis Bornwasser, Martin Brooks, Jim Cobb, Don Furr, Bill Gabel, Mark Gulbrandsen, Steve Guttag, Bobby Henderson, Mike Hensley, Jeffry Johnson, William Kallay, Steve Kraus, Bill Kretzel, Ron Lacheur, Stephen Leigh, Mark Lensenmayer, Victor Liorentas, Stan Malone, Adam Martin, Martin McCaffery, Gordon McLeod, Brad Miller, Scott Neff, Mark Ogden, Jesse Skeen, Cliff Stephenson, James Westbrook, Brian Whitish, John Williamson, Vince Young, and an extra special thank-you to all of the librarians who helped with this project.

If you believe this article contains any errors or omissions, please consider emailing the author or editor.
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