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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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DP70s in France

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas HauerslevDate: 11.06.2009
Aix en ProvenceRex (»)
 1050 seats
AmiensLe Pax (»)
AngersLes Varietes #1 (P)
 Four DP70. 1550 seats. Now Gaumont Varietes.
Angoulemel'Eperon (»)
ArrasLe Palace #1 (P)
 Four DP70 (1894*+1896V*+ 2094). * = used for spareparts.

1896 later moved to Mr. Yves SEBAN in Verneuil en Halatte

1894 later moved to Mr. Patrick Vuylstèke in Marcq-en-Ostrevent

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1996
 1894 and 1896. Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1996
 Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1996
ArrasLe Palace #5 (P)
 Four DP70 (2099).
AsnieresAlhambra (»)
 1320 seats
AubagneMonsieur Barbier (p)
 One DP70 (2220). Box for 35mm/70mm gate is in Copenhagen with Thomas Hauerslev. Imported from San Francisco in 1994.
Bagnoles de L'OrneCasino des Thermes (»)
 300 seats
BagnoletMr. Olivier Revert (Private)
 Two DP70 (1993+1994). Bought May 2001 from Le VOX in Rambouillet. Moved to Mericourt, about 45 km west from Paris during 2005,
BayonneLa Feria (»)
 900 seats
BergeracFlorida (»)
 700 seats
BordeauxLe Francais #1 (»)
 Two DP70. 1200 seats
 One DP70
BoulogneLes Studios de Boulogne
 Two DP70
Boulogne-sur-MerLe Coquelin
 Two DP70. Opened in 1965 with "Those Magnificent men…". Now closed.
BourgesJack Pascaux (p)
 Two DP70 (1739 + 1740) from "Palais des Congrès" Lyon. Both projectors stored in former cinema transformed in private museum in city of Vierzon (32 km North-West of Bourges)
BrestAltic (»)
BrestEden (»)
CaenLe Pathé Malherbe #1 (»P)
 One DP70. 840 seats. DTS
 1030 seats
CambraiFamilia (»)
 Two DP70 (1962+1963). Sold January 8, 2001 to Francois Carrin in Quievrechain
CannesOlympia #1 (»P)
 Two DP70 (1860+1861). Now known as UGC Mediterranee Olympia. THX. DTS

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1992
CannesPalais des Festivals (*»)
 One DP70 (2022). From 1963 there were two DP70 and two FP6 projectors. Closed.
CannesLouis Lumiere, Palais des Festivals (P)
 Five DP70 (827+830+2022+

Image Francois CARRIN

In 1993 two DP70 (2387+2729) were removed and replaced by two DP75. 2022+2387+2729 stored at the Palais. 2022 came from the old Palais de Festival. From 1999, only one DP70 is installed. Rest are replaced by DP75.
La Celle-Saint-CloudTranslux Elysee II
 Two DP70. 500 seats. Designed by Georges Peynet.
ChartresRex (»)
 1200 seats. Designed by Mr M Gautier.
ChuletLe Rex
CiboureLe Bolero
Clermont FerrandNovelty (»)
 900 seats
Clermont Ferrand?
 One DP70 (1513) sold to Mr Francois CARRIN 23.10.1995.
Clermont FerrandMr. Georges Blazanin (p)
 One DP70 (1740) from Palais de Congrès, Lyon. Mr. Blazanin died, and machine sold to Mr. Jack Pascaux, Bourges.
ColmarLe Colisée (P)
 Two DP70 (2385+2476) DP70 no 2476 from 07.02.1967. DTS
CourchevelLe Terminal (P)
 One DP70
CourchevelLe Villard (P)
 One DP70
CourchevelLe Tremplin (P)
 One DP70
DieppeRoyal (»)
 835 seats
DijonDarcy Palace #1 (P)
 Two DP70.

DuaiLe Palace or Les Arcade
 Two DP70 (2094+2099). Machines to Le Palace, Arras.
ElbeufMercure (P)
 One DP70 (2532). 35mm only. DTS
GrenobleEden (»)
 1330 seats
GrenobleParis (»)
Haut RhinMonsieur Colmar (p)
La RochelleFamilia (»)
LavenayAniege Cinema (P)
 Two DP70
Le BourgetAviatic (»)
 1000 seats
Le HavreAlhambra (»)
 1400 seats
Le HavreOmnia (»)
 1200 seats
Le Havre?
 Two DP70 (1894+1896). Machines to Le Palace, Arras for spareparts.
Le Havre - Cie Atlantique GaleSalle Spectacle (*») On board the "France"  -  "France" (wessel)
 Two DP70 (1741+1744) with upward projection angle. Launched 19.01.1962. The S/S France was the longest ship in the world (316 m). 664 seats (185 on balcony). Projectors mounted on jacks and had to be adjusted before each performance. Passengers on maiden voyage to New York saw premiere of new French film "La Fayette" in 70mm on 10m screen. Wessel renamed "Norway". Projectors taken out and installed in Todd-AO Studios #1, Hollywood, USA.

The largest theatre afloat until the advent of the most recent "super" ships, the FRANCE's Salle Spectacle could seat 660 in its two levels. Of course, the Veranda Deck balcony was for First Class and the Promenade Deck main level was for Tourist. Structurally, not much has changed other than the balcony extensions on either side and a larger stage. 
 As "Norway's" Saga Theater, it gave birth to the show palaces seen aboard the modern fleet of cruise ships, with NCL's unprecedented stage productions. Saga Theatre. Seating capacity 813 (8,500 Sq Ft). An excellent meeting/seminar location with capability for virtually any A/V presentation. This two-story proscenium theater also features a lavish Broadway musical and a Las Vegas-style revue. 

The two DP70 projectors installed at Todd-AO Studios #1 (SN 1741 and 1744) were originally installed in the SS France as indicated, but were destined to be scrapped when the ship was retrofitted as the SS Norway in Bremerhaven Germany. The projectors narrowly escaped the crusher and were salvaged by Stephen Woolley and Mark Engebretson who recognized the value of these magnificent two-motored machines. The DP70s were crated and shipped to their Van Nuys, CA office, cleaned and re-sold to Todd-AO in 1980 or 1981.

Mark Engebretson, 21 Mar 2006
Le MansA.B.C. (»)
 1100 seats
Le MansFrancais (»)
 1100 seats
Le PerreuxPalais du Parc (»)
LilleLe Bellevue
 Two DP70. Closed, now a hotel and a bookshop.
LilleLe Ritz
 Two DP70. Cinema burned in the 70s.
 1260 seats
LimogesL'Unich (»)
 950 seats
LimogesCine Union
 1800 seats
LyonComoedia #1 (»)
 Two DP70 (1511+1512). DTS. The first DP's installed in Lyon (approximately 1957-58, with Cinemeccanica arc lamp houses). One machine has been removed (and sold) and replaced by FP30. Xenon-arc lamphouse 7 kW. CP 200. Closed early 30 December 2003 to re-open December 2005.
LyonPalais de Congrès (»)
 Two DP70. (1739+1740) 1000 seats. Closed. 3-strip Cinerama screen (22m x 10m.) intact until closing in 1996. 18.04.1963 "How the West Was Won". 26.03.1964 "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".

Image by Gilbert TRAVIN, February 13, 1976

Originally, Ashcraft Super Cinex arc lamp houses (carbon electrode) and six 50 W vacuum tubes amplifiers (Philips) ; special lenses for 70mm anamorphic ("Ben Hur") also used in Comoedia.
 Lyon-Palais des Congrès featuring screening of "Empire Strikes Back" during Summer 1980 Image supplied by Francois Carrin

Later (approximately 1985) Xenon lamphouses (7 kW) and CP 200 were installed (with platter 35/70 Kinoton and new power amplifiers and new speakers and new seats !). Last performance seance: February 13, 1996 with "Terminator II" (35 mm SR). DP70s removed and the "Palais des Congrès" demolished for leaving place to the "G7" in 1996 and later to "the International City of Lyon".

DP70 #1739 sold to
Mr. Jack Pascaux, Bourges, in the South of Orleans, France, June 2009. Right machine DP70 #1740 sold to Mr. Georges Blazanin, a collector in Clermont-Ferrand. Mr. Blazanin died, so right machine sold to Mr. Jack Pascaux, Bourges.
LyonPathé Cine Journal #1
 One DP70. (1-projector installation with platters.)
They have NEVER be operated with 70 mm. (Unless ONE time with "Around the World in 80 Days" during a week. Today, Cinéjournal is closed and remplaced by a store.
LyonPathé Cine Journal #2
 One DP70 operating. (1-projector installation with platters.) They have NEVER be operated with 70 mm.
Lyon Scala
Two DP70 (installed 1967). The theater was closed for split to 7-screen in 1973 and the DP's were removed and sold March or April 1973. Later, upgraded to 8 screens: "Les 8 Nefs".

1973 images by Gilbert Travin

Arc lamphouses Peerless Magnarc running at 60 A for 35 mm (Negative 7mm and positive 8mm) and at 70-75 A for 70mm (positive 9 mm). Anamorphic lenses Panavision (prism system with ratio 1:1 to 2:1) such as Cinéjournal. Sound system of the previous installation (Simplex 4 x 20 W amplifiers). An "old" Simplex XL was remaining and used for Scope trailers. An Hortson 16 mm with 900 W Xenon lamp was also present. Gilbert TRAVIN, 15.01.2002
LyonTivoli (»)
 Two DP 70s sometime running 70 mm ("The longest Day", "Star Wars"). Split to 4-screen and closed later. It was the last "Gaumont cinema" in Lyon. 930 seats
 Two DP70 (2207+____)

Image by Seguin Raphael,  France

By Seguin Raphael: The Marivaux cinema is located on the street of the Republic. The mariveaux succeeds the Flora living in the years vinght. It takes successively the theater Marivaux names, Marivaux room. Theatre has its beginning he alternated program until thirty years, films and theater pieces . In the fifties , the room has about 700 seats , its large screen allows the installation of the projection Todd-AO and numerous Macon that keeps the film as souvenire Laurence of Arabia, West Side Story, The Longest Day or King of Kings. The Marivaux was rebuilt in 1981into 3 screens (seats 360 220 120) and it closed in 2013.
 Image by Seguin Raphael,  France
MaconAlain Malherbe (private)
 One DP70 (2207) from Marivaux, Lyon
Marcq-en-OstreventPatrick Vuylstèke (p)
 Two DP70 (1718+1894)

1718 from George V, Paris

Image by Thomas Hauerslev.  31.10.2010
 1894 from Palace, Arras.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev.  31.10.2010
MarseilleLe Mailhan (»)
 520 seats
MegeveLe Panoramic (P)
 Two DP70
MegeveLe Rochebrune (P)
 Two DP70
Les MenuiresLes Bruyeres (P)
 Three DP70
Les MenuiresLes Flocons (P)
 Three DP70
MericourtMr. Olivier Revert (Private)
 Two DP70 (1993+1994). Bought May 2001 from Le VOX in Rambouillet.

Image by Olivier REVERT

Next to my house, there is a big cave, dug directly in the rock about 400 years ago (the place was a wine cave). It's about 100 square meters and about 6,5 meters high. I would enjoy to install a DP70 in this cave. It will take about 2 years to prepare the place. When it will be done, I will send you a picture of the final installation. I still have both DP70 1993 and 1994. Just for fun, I send you a picture of one DP70 I put in the entrance hall of my company (I'm not working in cinema business). Twice, I organized some projection for the technicians working with me, itwas funny short films. It's running fine with a xenon 2kW lamp. Olivier REVERT, France, 01.09.2005
MontluconRex (»)
 670 seats
 1050 seats
 One DP70 (2488) sold to FP6ETDP70@aol.com
NantesGaumont Palace (»)
 950 seats
NantesKartorza (»P)
 1400 seats. DTS
NeversPalace (»)
 1000 seats
NeversRex (»)
 880 seats
NiceGaumont Palace (»)
 800 seats
NiceParis Palace (*»)
 1333 seats
NiceLe Pathé Palace #1 (P)
 Two DP70 (1426+1427). DTS
NiceLe Pathé Paris #1 (P)
 Two DP70. Not in operation.
NicePathe Massina
 Two DP70 (1752+1753). 1753 is stored in a toilet as of 1995.

Image by Francois CARRIN
 DP70 1753 in a toilet. Image by Francois CARRIN
NiceLe Rialto (*»P)
 Four DP70 (1351+1358+2140+2225) . Opened 1963. 800 seats. Became Rialto Cinerama when 3-strip Cinerama films were shown. 04.07.1963 "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm". 31.01.1964 "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". Split up to 4 screens.
NiceLe Rialto #1 (P)
 One DP70 (2140) .
NiceLe Rialto #2 (P)
 One DP70 (2225) .
NiceLe Rialto #3 (P)
 One DP70 (1358) .
NiceLe Rialto #4 (P)
 One DP70 (1351) .
NiceLes Varietes (»P)
 Two DP70. 835 seats. Now known as UGC Mediterranee Varietes. THX
OrleansPathé Artistic (P)
 Two DP70. 1500 seats. THX. DTS
 Three DP70. Closed beginning of 80s. Now a restaurant.
ParisLuc Barthelemy (Private)
 Two DP70 (1706+2482) 1706 from Escurial Panorama, Paris from June 19, 2001. 2482 from UGC Normandy, Paris, September 2011.

DP70 2482 now in safe hands
ParisBerlitz (»)
 1500 seats. Demolished. Now called Gaumont Opera.
ParisBosquet Gaumont (»)
 900 seats. Demolished.
 Two DP70. Opened 1977 as first Spaciovision installation with a huge curved 380 sqm screen. Projection distance 31 meters. Closed and reopened as a 3-screen and new equipment.
 Ten DP70 in stock: (1623+1754+1828+1829+1905

now with A.-M. Jean-Pierre Mangniers, Ronchin.

now with Laboratorie Gulliver

Image by Francois Carrin
 One DP70 (1759). Converted for 870 format

Image by Francois CARRIN
ParisCinematheque Francaise Palais de Chaillot (»P)
 Four DP70 (1900+1901+
. Musee de Cinema. 1902 later moved to Palais de Tokyo.

ParisCinematheque Francaise. Salle Jean Epstein (P)
 Two DP70 (1794+1902) Screen is 11 metres wide. Located in Palais de Tokyo. From 1995 this will be Palais de L'Image.
ParisCinematheque Francaise Musee Du Cinema
 Two DP70 from Théâtre de Chaillot. Now on exhibition at La Cinémathèque Française de Bercy, with Laurent MANNONI, one of the Cinémathèque managers.

ParisClichy Palace (»)
 Ran porno movies and closed mid 80s.
ParisDome IMAX, La Défense (P)
 One DP70 (2284) for ads and special performances. Closed December 24, 2000.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev
ParisL'`Empire (Cinerama) (»)
 Two DP70.

Image by Francois Carrin.

Opened with 3-strip Cinerama 18.05.1955 and "This is Cinerama". Closed 02.08.1972 after a revival of "How the West Was Won" (22.05.1971), "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" (22.03.1972) and "This is Cinerama" (02.06.1972). Was a TV studio for many years. Building ruined by gas explosion in February 2005. Now demolished.

Empire - Cinerama - Paris

ParisEscurial Panorama (P)
 One DP70 (1706). Two cinemas. Run by the same team of the Max Linder Panorama. Machine moved to Luc Barthelemy June 21, 2001. Last day of running was Monday June 18, 2001. Replaced by a DP75.
ParisEspace Gaité
One DP70. A hemispheric cinema of the Omnimax type. Have shown a film, "Labyrinth" in VistaVision made in November 1981 in the Metro (the subway). Closed 1985.
ParisForum Horizon #1
 Two DP70 (1784+1826). The first THX cinema in Europe, CP200, JBL. Opened 01.09.1986 and closed April 1995. 560 seats. DP70 moved to rebuilt and renamed UGC Cine City. The projectors originally came from "Le Paris".
 Two DP70 (1916+1917). 750 seats. Closed. DP70 to Max Linder Panorama, Paris.
ParisGaumont Ambassade (»)
 1000 seats. Now a miltiplex.
ParisGaumont Ambassade #1 (P)
 Two DP70 (1619+2121), SR.D. The original cinema had Westrex sound.
ParisGaumont Ambassade #2 (P)
 Two DP70 (1611+1615) only 35mm, SR.D
ParisGaumont Champs Élysées (P)
 Two DP70 (2386+2531), 500 seats. Opened 1971. First film was "Trafic". DTS. Theatre closed December 31, 1999. DP70 to Cinemateriel, Paris.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev
ParisGaumont Palace (*)
 Two DP70 from 1960 or 1961. Opened 1931 as a cinema with 6000 seats. The throw was 70 metres. In the fifties a 22 x 13 metres Rayton CinemaScope screen and two new Aschcraft lamp houses were installed. "Ben Hur" opened here in April 1965. Became Gaumont Palace Cinerama with the largest Cinerama screen in the world (3000 stripes) 96 x 46 ft. One reliable source say 126 feet wide! 3500 seats. 3-strip Cinerama from September 17, 1963 with "How The West Was Won" (until 29.04.1964). Georges Peynet designed this cinema. Closed 1972 and demolished
ParisGeorge V #1 (»P)
 Two DP70 (1715+1718). THX, CP200. Original cinema opened 26.10.1938 with 400 seats and the film "Nuits d'Andalousie" and under the name Les Portiques. In 1952 a balcony was built and added 100 new seats. The curtain was yellow. 04.03.1962 "West Side Story" opened and broke all records in Paris. The film ran 4 years, 8 months and 10 days in 70mm (4x 70mm prints!!). In 1980 Georges V became a three screen cinema and in 1984 a seven screen. THX sound was added in 1987. The screen in the large auditoria is 14 metres wide.

DP70 #1718 sold to Patrick Vuylstèke (p), Marcq-en-Ostrevent, France June 2009
ParisGeorge V #2 (P)
 One DP70 (1629) 35mm only
ParisGeorge V #4 (P)
 One DP70 (1751) 35mm only
ParisGeorge V #5 (P)
 One DP70 (1755) 35mm only
ParisGeorge V #6 (P)
 Two DP70 (1855+2487). Showed "Tess" in 70mm
ParisGeorge V #7 (P)
 One DP70 (1760) 35mm only
Paris Laboratorie Gulliver
Three DP70 (1625+1754+1828)

Francois CARRIN is worshipping DP70 #1625

Gulliver / Arane Laboratory is located at: 31/33, rue Madame de Sanzillon, 92110 CLICHY.

DP70 1754 is rebuilt for 8/70 and DP70 1828 is equipped with 70mm DTS, no magnetic cluster. DP70 1625 on display
ParisLe Cameo (»)
 580 seats
ParisLe Maine Palace (»)
 Two DP70 (1905+1907). Porno house. Cinema closed and demolished. DP70 to Kinopanorama.
 Two DP70 (1905+1907) from Le Maine Palace.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Former River Gauche, Kinopanorama and Gaumont Grand Ecran Grenelle. Original cinema opened 1919. New building from 1958 designed by Mr M Pinton. Played Russian 3-strip Kinopanorama films with changeovers. Very large curved screen 79 x 33 ft, CP200, SR.D, STS sound. Played "The Doors" as the first cinema in France with CDS sound. Rebuilt summer 1992 - August 1992 . "2001:A Space Odyssey", "Lawrence of Arabia" both played here in 70mm. DP70 1905 moved to Cinematerial, Paris. DTS. Closed July 2002.
ParisLaboratory L.T.C. Saint Cloud (»)
 Two DP70 (1868+1873). Has filed statement of affairs.
ParisMax Linder Panorama (P)
 Two DP70 (1916+1917)

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1992

THX, CP200, JBL, 7000 watts. One of the best cinemas in the world. Painted black, two balconies, huge 18 m curved wall-to-wall 70mm screen. A very impressive cinema. Originally designed by Georges Peynet.
 #1917 photographed 05.11.2010 by Thomas Hauerslev

Last DP70 removed March 2013
ParisMetropole (»)
 1500 seats. Closed mid 60s. Demolished.
ParisMontrouge Gaumont (»)
 1911 seats. Multiplex.
ParisMuseums a' Paris (P)
ParisMoulin Rouge (»)
 1221 seats, closed and two DP70 lost.
ParisNouveau Theatre (»)
 1600 seats. Demolished mid 70s.
ParisLe Paris (»)
 Two DP70 (1784+1826). Showed "Lawrence of Arabia" for 8 months. From 1970 to demolition the cinema belonged to billionaire Monsieur Dassault. The most luxurious cinema in Paris. Large amounts spent on technique. Played only 70mm on rare occasions. 1000 seats. Two DP70 (1784+1826) moved to Forum Horizon.
ParisParamount Montmatre
 Two DP70. Opened 1968 and closed end of 70s.
ParisPathé Wepler #1
 Two DP70 (2270+2271). Before twinning the first film was "Cade et Poignard" from 24.12.1947. DP70 moved to Cinemateriel, Paris fall 1994. Cinema demolished and rebuilt.
ParisPathé Wepler #2
 Two DP70 (2499+2500). DP70 moved to Cinemateriel, Paris fall 1994. Cinema demolished and rebuilt.
ParisPlaza (»)
 550 seats. Closed. Now a store and offices.
ParisPublicis Saint Germain
 Three DP70. Opened 1965 with "Juliette des Esprits". 220 seats and 6,6 metre screen. Closed.

ParisRichelieu Gaumont (»)
 1493 seats. Also listed with 1600 seats. Designed by Georges Peynet. Screen 20 metres. Demolished in 1970s.
ParisSaint-Lazare Pasquier #1 (P)
 Two DP70 (2181+2198) near gare Saint Lazare. One DP70 removed

#2181 and projectionist Christophe photographed 05.11.2010 by Thomas Hauerslev

Paris DP70 for sale on eBay

ParisSecrétan Palace (»)
 1800 seats
ParisStudio Eclair (»)
ParisStudio Logos #1 (P)
 One DP70. 220 seats (50 on balcony). 35mm only. Quartier Latin
ParisLes Tourelles (»)
ParisThéâtre de Chaillot (P)
 Two DP70. Picture taken in 1967 or just before. These machines have screened "The Longest Day" in September 1962 for the World  Premiere.

Machines now exhibited at La Cinémathèque Française de Bercy.

ParisUGC Cine City #1 (P)
 One DP70 (1826) from Forum Horizon.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev
ParisUGC Cine City #2 (P)
 One DP70 (1784) from Forum Horizon.
ParisUGC Normandie (P)
 Two DP70 (2482+2530). 2482 taken out and moved to Mr. Luc Barthelemy, September 2011

#2482 photographed 05.11.2010 by Thomas Hauerslev
PauCasino (»)
 1000 seats
 700 seats
QuievrechainFrancois CARRIN (p)
 DP70 1513. Image by Francis CARRIN.

Three DP70 (1513+1962+1963). Bought 23.10.1995 from fellow in Clermont Ferrand. 1962+1963 bought January 8, 2001 from the Familia, Cambrai, France.

Installation removed 2009, to be reinstalled in Valenciennes

RambouilletLe VOX
 Two DP70 (1993+1994). Sold to Mr. Oliver Revert, Bagnolet, France in May 2001.
ReimsParis (»)
RennesLe Paris
 950 seats
Ronchin A.-M. Jean-Pierre Mangniers (private)
Two DP70 (2386+2531) from Cinematerial, Paris
RosendalRegent (»)
RoubaixColisee (»)
 Two DP70. 2200 seats. Were among 5 french cinemas to play "Cleopatra" in Todd-AO in 1965.
RouenNormandy (*»)
 1180 seats
RouenOmnia (»)
 1554 seats
Saint EtienneMorgan (»)
 620 seats
Saint-Germain en LayeThéâtre Alexandre Dumas
 Two DP70. They rarely work.
Saint-NabordMonsieur Bertrand Vimart (p)
 One DP70.
Saint LoDrakkar (»)
 612 seats
TerrassonLe Roc
 570 seats
ThevrayMonsieur Henri Gaumont (p)
 Two DP70
TignesL'Ariel (P)
 One DP70
ToulonAriel #1
 One DP70
ToulonGaumont Palace (»)
 1370 seats
ToulonRoyal (»)
 605 seats
ToulouseGaumont Palace
 1678 seats
ToulousePathé Cinema (P)
 One DP70
ToulousePathè Varietes
 580 seats
TourcoingLe Vox
 Most likely closed
ValenciennesNoveac Valanciennes (T)
 One DP70 (1513). Exhibited for a short time during cinema exhibition Thursday  25 November 1999. Machine returned to Francois CARRIN

Image by Francois CARRIN
 Nadine and Francois CARRIN. Saturday 27 November 1999.

Image by Francois CARRIN

 Look at a DP70 funeral! #1513 went to the scrap dealer on May 2, 2013. Image by Francois CARRIN

ValenciennesFrancois CARRIN (p)
 Three DP70 (1962+1963). New installation from 2014. En Conversation Avec François Carrin
Verneuil en Halatte (oise)Yves SEBAN (private)
 Three DP70 (1896+2313+2314). 1896 came from Palace, Arras

Image by Thomas Hauerslev.  30.10.2010
 2314 left and 2313 right

Image by Thomas Hauerslev.  30.10.2010

Image by Thomas Hauerslev. 30.10.2010
VichyTheatre ABC (*»)
 Two DP70. 490 seats. 12 m screen. Reopened 25.05.1960 with "South Pacific" in Todd-AO.


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