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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Widescreen Weekend 2019
10 - 13 October, 2019. Pictureville Cinema, The National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, England

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: The National Science and Media Museum & Thomas Hauerslev Date: 12.05.2019
The huge screen is wide and deeply curved. It’s the perfect framework to present 70mm with 6-track sound in Super Technirama 70, Todd-AO and Ultra Panavision 70. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

The 23rd annual Widescreen Weekend takes place at the National Science and Media Museum from 10-13 October 2019, with a selection of classic, contemporary, cult and rare movies to showcase a raft of widescreen formats and cinema technologies.

Passes for the festival, which brings visitors from around the world together to experience one of the most eclectic cinema programmes available under one roof, go on sale from 22. May 2019.

This year’s highlights include a new 70mm print of "The Sound of Music" (1965) photographed in Todd-AO, the film in which Julie Andrews won audiences’ hearts as the young nun-turned-nanny Maria. On its release "The Sound of Music" was an instant box-office hit, featuring timeless songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and topping "Gone With the Wind" as the highest-grossing film to date. It went on to win five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director (Robert Wise), and Best Original Music Score.

Also screening are two Marvel superhero films released 20 years apart in an action-packed double bill: Blade vs Black Panther. Blade (1998) is considered to be the first commercially successful Marvel Comics film adaptation, arguably paving the way for the all-conquering Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ‘Infinity Saga’ of 22 films, which included Black Panther and culminated with Avengers: Endgame this year. Screening from a 35mm print, Blade stars Wesley Snipes as the title character, who protects humans from vampires, and is celebrated for its darker take on the superhero genre. Black Panther (2018), showing in IMAX, stars Chadwick Boseman in the lead role, and is one of the most critically acclaimed features in the MCU series. It is the first superhero movie to get an Academy Awards Best Picture nomination.
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“Faith, Hope & Chariots”: Programming Widescreen Weekend

• Pictures: 2019 Widescreen Weekend
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The National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, BD1 1NQ, UK
Alongside these, the festival is screening "Ice Station Zebra", the 1968 espionage thriller originally photographed in Super Panavision 70 format, directed by John Sturges, and starring Rock Hudson and Patrick McGoohan. Among many memorable examples of innovative cinematography is the first continuously filmed dive of a submarine.

The increasingly rare thrill of seeing films on film will again take centre stage during Celluloid Saturday – a full day dedicated to showcasing the qualities of non-digital screenings across an eclectic mix of genres and eras. Widescreen Weekend will also welcome back guest curator Sir Christopher Frayling, who will be making a special selection of films set in ancient times.

Festival Director Kathryn Penny said:

“Widescreen Weekend is all about celebrating technological innovation and all styles of genres in cinema – as long as the films are big and bold. This year is no exception - we’re showing a new print of what some say is the most popular musical of all time, "The Sound of Music"; we’ll see what difference two decades of technology have made to superhero films in Blade vs Black Panther; as well giving the chance to see as a classic of cold-war suspense on the big screen.

“This year we’re also extending the student pass price to anyone who’s under 25, which offers four incredible movie-packed days for £80. And, of course, we continue to be the only venue outside the USA where the public can see Cinerama.”

• Gallery: 2019 Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, UK
“Faith, Hope & Chariots”: Programming Widescreen Weekend


Widescreen Weekend LARGE FORMAT FILM Program 2019

Pictureville Cinema 2011: The audience is buzzing with excitement in front of the 146 dgr louvered CINERAMA screen. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

Thursday October
19.00 – 21.30 Opening Night Film: "Ready Player One" in 7OMM on the flat screen

Friday October 11
10.00 – 12.30
"Cinerama South Seas Adventure" Photographed in CINERAMA and presented in CINERAMA on the curve. (1st half 3-strip CINERAMA / 2nd half digitally remastered).
13.00 – 15.30 "Barabbas" Photographed in 8-perf Technirama and presented on the flat screen in 35mm Technirama.
14.00 – 15.45 "Apollo 11" 65mm material photographed in Todd-AO and presented on the IMAX screen in IMAX Digital
16.00 – 18.40 "Ice Station Zebra" Photographed in Super Panavision 70 and presented  on the curve digitally.
20.00 – 23.00 "West Side Story" Photographed in Super Panavision 70 and presented on the curve in 7OMM Super Panavision 70.

October 12
16.00 – 18.05 "Murder on the Orient Express" Photographed in Panavision System 65 and presented on the flat screen in 7OMM Panavision Super 70.
18.30 – 18.50
"Renault Dauphine" Photographed in CINERAMA and presented on the curve in CINERAMA.
19.30 – 22.45 "The Sound of Music" Photographed in Todd-AO and presented on the curve in 7OMM Todd-AO

Sunday October 13
10.00 – 11.30 Cineramacana including 30 min introduction on the curve to the Todd-AO process and the Todd-AO
Distortion Correcting Printing Process by Dave Strohmaier & Thomas Hauerslev + 65mm Horror Short "Daughter of Dismay"
14.00 – 16:30 "First Man" 65mm material photographed in IMAX and presented on the IMAX screen in IMAX Digital
18.30 – 22.30 "Ben Hur" Photographed in Ultra Panavision 70 presented on the curve digitally (4K).

•  PDF: WSW 2019 - Full Programme

Large Format @ Pictureville Cinema, Bradford

Large format motion picture systems like CINERAMA and 7OMM is unlike anything you can see in cinemas today - a High Definition movie experience. With very sharp and life-like images plus clear multi track stereo sound, large format is a very realistic illusion of reality, almost three dimensional. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

Tony Cutts & Duncan McGregor, former Heads of Projection, Pictureville Cinema, 1996:

"The audiences clearly prefer the curved screen to the flat screen".

Projecting the Widescreen Weekend
Cinerama at the Pictureville

Bill Lawrence, former Head of Film, National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, 1996:

"The Widescreen Weekend is a celebration of all that is extraordinary in large format film..."

Creating the Widescreen Weekend
Bill Lawrence in Conversation, 2018

Thomas Hauerslev, Editor, former Film Programmer, Widescreen Weekend, 1996:

"The Pictureville cinema, is one of three existing cinemas equipped to show Cinerama in the original 3-strip format. The huge screen is wide and deeply curved. It’s the perfect framework to present large format films in all their celluloid glory in Cinerama, Super Technirama 70, Todd-AO or Ultra Panavision 70."

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Updated 07-11-2019