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KRRR! 2016 Festival Report

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Hans Haenssler, GermanyDate: 15.04.2016
Yesterday I came back from the 70 mm festival in Krnov. In all it was about 26 hours of films to watch, but I left some minutes off. The travelling by car to Krnov is about 900 km. So I stopped at Pilzen on the way to Krnov and also on the way back. There you can drink the good Pilzner beer in an very old pub from 1648. The weather in Krnov was rain and only 7 degrees Celsius temperature. There is only one hotel left in town and they were some other visitors of the festival from Sweden. Friday started with a Russian production filmed in Sovscope 70 "Queen of the Gypsies". It had good picture quality and colors and a lot of music numbers in the story. No happy end, because the girl and her lover was killed at the end of the picture.

Next came "Elvis - That's the way it is" a very good blow up from Panavision Scope with 6-track magnetic sound. This was mostly the Elvis show at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas and some behind the scene shots of the musicians and fans. Before the next film started the Ministry of Culture and the Mayer of Krnov appeared for the audience and there was some talk and commentary about the festival. After this event "Out of Africa" was shown in a good Blow Up print with 1:1,85 format and 6-track magnetic sound. After the show, a buffet was offered with free drinks for the weekend guests. Saturday started early at 9.00 h with "Quest for Fire" a Blow Up from 35 mm Panavision (Scope) and 6-track magnetic sound. The print was slightly faded and used. It came from Karlsruhe and was dubbed in German (this was a joke).

There were only small intermission times between the shows. So food was offered in the foyer of the Kino MIR 70, like sandwiches, Goulash Soopes and drinks from beer to coffee. Now it was time for some short features as the Polish production of "Soldier's Effort" about the Russian Army defending the country (similar to the Swizz production of 1964). The film was shot in 35 mm with Arriflex Scope and Blown Up to 70 with 6-track magnetic sound. The print was in very good condition with all color left since it was Orwo material. Then "The Miracle of Todd-AO" was shown, but not with 30 frames. The Meopta can not switched to this speed. The print was pink only with 6-track magnetic sound. After that, there was a lecture with power point presentation of film formats and sounds.
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KRRR! 11th 70mm Film Fest Krnov 2016

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Kino Mir 70
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The Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 554 615 050

Head of the Kino Mir 70: Pavel Tomešek

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From "Cleopatra's Entry Into Rome" there was first a clip in 16 mm optical sound, than 35 mm Scope optical sound, 35 mm Scope 4-track magnetic and a vintage 70 mm print with 6-track magnetic sound. Also one reel of "Battle of the Bulge" reproduced with Ultra Panavision Anamorphic Lens, but the print was a so called "rectified Print" (flat, but about 1/3 of the corners compressed to compensate the picture on a big curved screen). So the people in the middle of the picture were to wide. After this special program point "Heaven's Gate" was shown in a very bad Blow Up Quality from Panavison (Scope) and with Dolby A Magnetic Sound. The print had already vinegar syndrome, so the focus had to be done manually almost through the complete film. It was the 219 minute version of Michael Chiminos film. Following was another long film "Cleopatra" the new print came from Fox Los Angeles and was in good condition. 248 minutes long with ouverture, intermission, entre'acte music and exit music.

At 23.00 h another film with 169 minutes run was "Interstellar" filmed in 35 mm also some scenes in IMAX and with Datasat 6 track sound. It was an almost new print with extra installed sub bass and additional surround speakers in the front line of the theatre. All the films were introduced by an professor of a media school and a film critic from Brno. Sunday morning at 10.00 h started with "The Hateful 8" projected with Ultra Panavision lenses and reduced picture height masked down with the horizontal black curton. This was also played with ouverture, intermission and well handled by chief projectionist and cinema manager Pavel, with the help of Petra (projectionist) who was cleaning the film gates after the reel was at the end and Martin, who was responsible for the subtitling. This was done by the digital projectors in connection with a computer program and impulse from the Meopta projectors. At 13.45 h came "Last Action Hero", the Arnold Schwarzenegger film in a very good Blow Up quality from Panavision (Scope) and Dolby A Magnetic sound. This actualy was more impressive compared to the sound of "Hateful 8". Well Pavel first started the film with Dolby SR, but I went up to the booth and told him it is Dolby A and he switched it to the right format.
With the other audience, I enjoyed the film very much. The print came from Australia had only some jump cuts in the End titles. When I talked to the organizer of the festival, there would have been a print in London, but nobody told them so. Anyway the last film was a rerun of "The Untouchables" a not so good blow up from anamorphic Panavision with 6-track Dolby A Sound. The print was somehow with green touch and also had many green lines, but no missing frames. On Sunday evening the festival ended about 18.30 h and there were still some fans in the foyer talking about the event. One of the guest brought single reels in and we watched act one of "Poltergeist" in faded 35 mm Blow Up, also on 35 mm Scope 4-Track magnetic reel of "The Sound of Music", one large reel of "Battle of the Bulge", this time without the Ultra Panavision optics, but since it was the rectified print it looked not so good on a almost flat screen. Better was another reel 1 of "Patriot Games" in a very good Blow Up Quality and almost new. And at the end there was a presentation of "The Empire Strikes Back" a faded 35 mm very well made Blow Up with 6-track magnetic sound. The whole festival was some kind of family meeting, since after some years you get to know the 70 mm fans from Sweden, Danemark, France, Czech Republic, Poland and Slowenia.

Travelling from Prag to Krnov by train is very cheep and takes about 5 - 6 hours depending of the train connections. The hotel in Krnov also offers good priced rooms and food, if you have time to visit the restaurant during the festival. So this was my report from the Krnov - I also filmed about 9 hours of HD videos, so there will be something to work on within the next weeks.

So Cheers and have a good time and greetings from the Zimmerama
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Updated 06-05-22