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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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"Digital & 65mm"
Today's Technology for Tomorrow's Cinema
A New book about 70mm film and Presentation from International 70mm Publishers

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Johan Wolthuis, International 70mm Publishers. Arnhem The Netherlands Date: 25.07.2009. UPDATED 21-01-24
The publication from "International 70mm Publishers", in The Netherlands, edited and published by Johan Wolthuis

Breaking News!

On this new website (70mm Publishers.nl) you can see excerpts from the new full colour publication "Digital & 65mm" (History and Developments of 70mm) just as from previous publications from International 70mm Publishers in The Netherlands. And a story about 70mm Promotion last summer in L.A.

The publication DIGITAL & 65mm is now ready with the 70mm film poster!

Dates and places where you can buy it:

On Saturday 26 2011 March we are in Bradford, UK, during the Widescreen Weekend at the Pictureville Cinema where you can buy the book only on Saturday.

LONDON Saturday 13 March 2010 at the Collectors Film Convention at the Central Hall - Westminster, opposite Westminster Abbey from 10 am till 4 pm. We will offer our publication after this event to different book shops. At this moment it is pretty sure that The Cinema Store in London and the National Museum of Cinema Technology in Bletchley Park in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire UK are going to sell the book with poster!

On Saturday 27 March we are in Bradford, UK, during the Widescreen Weekend at the Pictureville Cinema where you can buy the book only on Saturday. We hope the National Media Museum bookshop will include the book in their collection.

We are also planning a weekend in Los Angeles to present our book and poster, probably in April or May, as soon as we know the date we'll let you know. And we hope to present it in Germany at the Schauburg in Karlsruhe, dates yet unknown.

We can also send it to you by Priority Mail, see the included Mailing list [see below, ed].

Hope to see you in the near future.

Kind regards,
Johan Wolthuis
International 70mm Publishers
The Netherlands
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Statement on 65/70mm

Johan Wolthuis Interview

Film Presentation for the 21st Century

International 70mm Publishers Meeting

70mm Alive and kicking in Berlin!

Berlinale 2009 - 70mm Retrospective

Internet link:

International 70mm Publishers
Katwoudehof 36
6843 BX Arnhem
The Netherlands

E-mail: johanwolthuis@yahoo.co.uk

70mm Publishers.nl


International 70mm Publishers. Arnhem The Netherlands

Johan Wolthuis promoting 70mm at the Schauburg cinema, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 2007. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

The publication “DIGITAL & 65mm” (History and Development of 70mm) and the 70mm
Classics Poster are for sale at the Bradford Widescreen Weekend on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March 2011.

On the new website 70mmpublishers.nl are excerpts from the publication “Digital & 65mm” as well as excerpts from previous publications by International 70mm Publishers in The Netherlands. Plus a picture of the new unique 70mm Classics Poster which was published as a supplement to “DIGITAL & 65mm”.

“Digital & 65mm” (History and Development of 70mm) concerns 70mm film and 70mm presentation: a long and complicated but rich history!

Are there any chances for the future of original 65mm filming and 70mm presentation? Perhaps in combination with digital exhibition?

You can read all about it in this new publication. The book features different articles about 65/70mm technology and the history of 70mm film, containing many pages in full colour with illustrations from famous films like “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Porgy and Bess” and many others. Plus a lot of black and white illustrations.

The price of the book only is € 9.50 or £ 9.50 or $ 14.50.
The price of the 70mm Classics poster is € 7.50 or £ 7.50 or $ 9.50.
The poster will be mailed in a cardboard tube to avoid folding.
For mailing all over the world please see our website

Research for this 70mm book was started after the inspiring “70mm Retrospective” held as part of the 2009 Berlinale Festival and also because of the everlasting enthusiasm for the 70mm format on Thomas Hauerslev's website in70mm.com from Denmark!

In 1994 Paul Rayton (Los Angeles), Wouter de Voogd (Amsterdam) and Johan Wolthuis (Arnhem) combined forces and knowledge to produce their first publication:

“70MM PROMOTION” “Enhancing the Moviegoing Experience through Superior 70mm Presentation”.

It was an innovative “widescreen” format book, sized 42 x 30 cm with a circulation of 500 pieces. The content of this publication included different articles, mostly promoting the use of 65mm cameras and 70mm presentation. One of the most interesting pictures in this book is the one taken on the set of ”Oklahoma!” in 1955, showing three large cameras side by side: a 65mm camera with the large “bug-eye” wide angle Todd-AO lens, a 65mm camera with “normal “ lenses and a 35mm camera with a CinemaScope lens.

Film Presentation for the 21st Century - 70mm Super Definition Cinema. ISBN: 90-803503-2-X. Published in 1999 by International 70mm Publishers

On Saturday 17 April 1999 their second publication was presented at Studio A of Todd-AO Company in Hollywood.

It was called: “Film Presentation for the 21st Century: 70MM SUPER DEFINITON CINEMA”. This book was a compilation of eighteen technical articles and information on 70mm films and their different processes. All with the expressed intent to give the original 65/70mm technology a new impulse. The first copy of the book was presented to Suzy Daugherty of DTS Inc., in honour of the development of the 70mm version of the digital DTS sound system. Among the guests in Studio A on the day were: Lise Hannibal of DTS Inc., Chris Reyna of Imagica Corporation and David Richards of Christie Inc..

During the presentation parts of “West Side Story” and "Baraka" were screened and the 70mm shorts "Tour Eiffel", "CineSpace 70" and the DTS 70mm demo “A Trip to Mars” (30 fps/digital sound).

After these two publications research started for two new projects: “The Cinerama Story” and “50th Anniversary of Todd-AO”. However both publications had to be cancelled halfway due to lack of sponsorship and advertising, despite a promotional visit to companies in Los Angeles.

In the meantime Johan Wolthuis wrote a lot of reports for the London based magazine “Cinema Technology”. Among them were:

“Developments in Belgium, Kinepolis” (Jan 1994)
“Le Chateau du Cinema”, Lille, France (Jan 1997)
“Edwards 21 Cinema Complex” in L.A.(July 1997)
“Kinepolis Madrid 29 Screen Complex” (April 1999)
“Seattle Cinerama renovated” (March 2000)
“Cleopatra, The real Star was the Camera!” (Sept 2000)
“The Egyptian Theatre reborn”, L.A. (June 2001)
“Hollywood 70mm Festival”, L.A. (March 2002)
“The Wonderfull World of Cinerama”, Bradford, UK (June 2002)
“Tuschinski Theatre”, Amsterdam (June 2003)
“Todd-AO reborn in Bradford?” (June 2005)
"70mm Alive and kicking in Berlin!" (June 2009)
and a lot more.
Key inspiration to edit new book, was the "70mm Retrospective" during the 2009 Berlinale. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

During the “Widescreen Weekend” in 2005 in Bradford, UK, a “
Statement” was presented to the audience, with a request to directors and producers for a rebirth of original 70mm filming and presentation. It was signed by the majority of the visitors in Bradford. More then 30 copies of this Statement on special paper and copies of all the signatures were mailed to important producers and directors in Hollywood and also to Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, American Cinematographer, etc. All had a disappointing result: no publicity at all, with only one reaction from director Oliver Stone, who generously wrote:

“I agree with your point of view, but the decision makers think another way!”

Table of Contents


0 Summary of 70mm History, by Johan Wolthuis
1 Title page
2 Preserving 65mm Classics, by Andrew Oran
3 Advertisement FotoKem
4 Prologue, by Johan Wolthuis
5 Advertisement Hollywood Classics
6 Will Cinemas Survive Despite the Digital Revolution? By Johan Wolthuis
8 “Cinema of the Future” fantasy drawing.
9 The Future: Digital – 3D – Live Events?
10 How to Upgrade Your Cinema? By Johan Wolthuis
12 Waking the Sleeping Giant (Research and Findings of the 65/70mmm Workshop, UK) by Brian Guckian, Ramon Lamarca Marques & Mike Taylor.
18 The Potential of Vistamorph, by Chris O'Kane
19 Modern 65mm Cameras
20 Marketing: The Premiere Experience Concept and the Return of the Roadshow: by Brian Guckian, Ramon Lamarca Marques and Mike Taylor. ( 65/70mm Workshop, UK)
22 And then: 1952: “This is Cinerama”arrived,
24 Todd-AO, the Dream of Mike Todd
26 Rodgers and Hammerstein's “Oklahoma!”, by Johan Wolthuis
28 The Fifties and The Sixties: The “Heydays” of 70mm, by Johan Wolthuis
30 Great composition of 70mm Images, by Bob Lindner
32 Michael Todd, the “Magnificent Showman” and …....
34 Classic DP70 Advertisement
35 Colour composition “Around the World in 80 Days”by Bob Lindner
36 DP70 “The Dollar Princess” by Johan Wolthuis
37 Cinemeccanica Victoria X and other projectors by Nigel Wolland
38 On the set of “Oklahoma!”
39 Dates in the States, by Michael Coate
40 The Legend of “Lawrence of Arabia”, by Johan Wolthuis
41 Colour composition “Lawrence of Arabia”, by Bob Lindner
42 The Legend of “Lawrence of Arabia”, continued
44 Fond Memories of Widescreen in the UK, by Terry Ladlow
46 Statement, by Johan Wolthuis
47 Large screen Formats
48 George Gershwin's “Porgy and Bess”, by Johan Wolthuis
49 Colour composition “Porgy and Bess”, by Bob Lindner
50 Bill Bennett's “As Good As It Gets”, by Michael Coate
52 The Essence of Cinema, by Thomas Hauerslev
54 European 70mm History, by Jan-Hein Bal
56 70mm in Asia, by Jan-Hein Bal
57 Table of Contents
58 What Does 70mm Mean Today, by Rick Mitchell
60 Acknowledgement
61 Original 70mm and Cinerama films

* A large poster “Original 70mm films” is supplied as a supplement with this publication!*

Copyright: January 2010; Johan C. M. Wolthuis, International 70mm Publishers, The Netherlands

How to get the book “Digital & 65mm”?

The book and/or the poster will be mailed seperately. The book in an envelope and the poster in a cardboard tube to avoid folding!

The price of the book is € 9.50 or £ 9.50 or $ 14.50, without mailing
The price of the 70mm Classics poster is € 7.50 or £ 7.50 or $ 9.50, without mailing.
Payment can be made on our bank account or with Paypal Online system..
We regret that we are unable to accept Credit cards or cheques..

For mailing all over the world please see our website

You can order books and posters via email to: johanwolthuis@yahoo.co.uk
Orders in the United Kingdom may be sent to our UK representative Nigel Wolland in London.

Mailing all over the world:

The Netherlands:
one book in an envelope (mailing included) € 12.50
one poster rolled up in a tube (mailing included) € 14.50

Europe/Continent:( in Euros)
one book in an envelope (mailing included) € 14.50
one poster in a tube (mailing included) € 16.50

Payments: on ASN Bank account 70 77 92 738 in the name of J C M Wolthuis, Arnhem, The Netherlands
IBAN/SEPA : NL50 SNSB 070 77 92 738 BIC : SNSB NL2A

United Kingdom (in BP)
one book in an envelope: (mailing included) £ 12.50
one poster in a cardboard tube: (mailing included) £ 12.50

You can order books and posters and pay via our UK representative:
Please send order to Nigel Wolland, London and CC: Johan Wolthuis

Outside Europe: (in Euros)
one book in an envelope (mailing included) € 14.50
one poster in a tube (mailing included) € 14.50
Orders to:
Johan Wolthuis Payments via PayPal Online system only!

Mailing to the USA and Canada: (in US dollars)
one book in an airmail envelope: ( mailing included) $ 22.=
one poster in a cardboard tube ( mailing included) $ 20.=

Orders to Johan Wolthuis Payments via PayPal Online system only!

When we have received your payment, you will get an email message with a confirmation. Other numbers of posters or books: ask for the special price.

We regret that we are unable to accept Credit Cards or Cheques at this time.

International 70mm Publishers Katwoudehof 36 – 6843 BX Arnhem The Netherlands

When we have received your payment, you will get an email message with a confirmation and the date of mailing of the book or/and poster.
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