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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Teccon Precision Magnetic Recording Heads
...now that’s good to hear.

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: TECCON CO. Teccon Enterprises Ltd., 1986 (Retyped from old brochures by Brian Guckian, Ireland) Date: 02.12.2015
Precision Magnetic Recording Heads.

The first sound was the sea. Then came the sounds of communication among life forms. However, the ability to record and reproduce sound is a development of recent history. Teccon is proud to be acknowledged as a leader in this technology. In reading or transmitting audio and instrumentation sound, magnetic heads play the key role in a cast of many. They convert electrical signals from a microphone, video camera or keyboard into magnetic impulses and record them onto a magnetic medium. By reversing the process, a magnetic head reads the patterns back, reconverts them into the original sounds for final reproduction through speakers, display screens or printed copy. The magnetic head is a precision instrument. Designing and manufacturing them for worldwide applications is our exclusive business. Creating industry advancements rather than keeping apace, enables us to do more than just meet your immediate requirements. It allows us to project and fulfil your needs for tomorrow.

Created by artists of sound technology.

When knowledgeable people with years of experience establish an environment of sophisticated equipment, with unlimited materials and a specific challenge, the results embody the optimum in professionalism. We are recognized as innovators of specialized equipment, for instance, our high density digital heads with up to 20,000fci, or the ones with 96 tracks per half inch of tape width. Ongoing requests from the entertainment and communications industries as well as the OEM and end users of audio and instrumentation systems, continue to spawn the development of unique head designs and our technology responds with uncompromising precision.

Perfected through mechanics, optics and electronics.

The Teccon facility for precision magnetic recording heads is a harmonious blend of design, engineering, manufacturing and quality control. We’re staffed with people dedicated to the concept of perfection and furnished with the latest equipment to make that possible. Customer requirements affecting design and engineering are carefully analyzed. Manufacturing and assembly functions are enhanced by the use of optics and electronics, conducted in an atmosphere with control over dust, humidity and temperature. Each process is part of a totally coordinated operation and is supervised with careful attention to product capability, precision performance and on time delivery.

Crafted from magnetic sendust, all metal construction.

The performance and longevity requirements imposed on precision magnetic recording heads demand that they be built from materials affording long lasting accuracy. Years of experience confirm that our all metal heads and choice of materials last up to ten times longer than conventional heads. Sendust “hard-tips” are characterized by high electrical resistivity, small grain size, low losses and less contour effect. By adding titanium, we achieve a hardness factor far in excess of other commonly used magnetic metals, thus an ideal material to face with the abrasive action of film and tape. The entire headstock is encased in solid brass with precision gap alignment and a highly polished hard face. The result is the Teccon hybrid head, more costly to manufacture because of the materials, equipment, tooling and highly trained technicians, but the reward is precision performance with a much longer wear rate. Savings up to 300% can be realized when considered on a wear per foot of film or tape basis, with less downtime.
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Internet link:

Teccon Enterprises Ltd.
686 Cliffside Drive
San Dimas, CA 91773
(714) 599-0817
Fax (714) 592-2408

Teccon closed many years ago

Finished by hand to microscopic exactness.

Computer technology has led to many significant advances in production procedures and efficiency. In acknowledging these accomplishments, it must be noted that limitations do exist. We are now at the point where metal removal is measured in microinches. Decisions concerning lapping and polishing are based on microscopic readings and experience. The element of human sensitivity proves to be far more accurate than any mechanical approach to this final process, therefore, guided by the microscope, the “finishing touch” to all Teccon heads is applied by hand.

Checked and inspected, entering and leaving each process.

The entire development of every Teccon head is governed by strict quality control procedures. They begin with the inspection of all incoming raw material which must meet critical standards for uniformity and specifications. The manufacturing process itself involves over sixty individual steps, each of which is checked for accuracy upon completion, then tested again as the unit enters the next phase. Finally, each head undergoes a complete performance test.

Simply because we insist on excellence.

Precision performance from magnetic recording heads is our main objective and strict adherence to this philosophy is your assurance of confidence in every Teccon head.

Teccon and you.

We invite you to experience a personal visit to our world of precision magnetic recording heads, where ideas become reality. Our facilities in the foothill community of San Dimas, California offer an attractive atmosphere for the creative technicians and skilled craftsmen who are justly proud to serve your world of audio and instrumentation reproduction. Teccon was founded on the philosophy that precision products demand precision workmanship from beginning to end, that talent be supported by the appropriate equipment regardless of cost and that client guidelines be met with professional expertise in all respects. The daily application of this concept manifests itself in those who rely on us for the ultimate in magnetic recording heads. It is our business to be an integral part of your business in the formation of ideas, solutions to problems and enhancement of end results.

Studio and Theatre Heads
Effective November, 1986

Many years of intensive research and experience in the production of magnetic recording heads have made TECCON ENTERPRISES LTD. pre-eminent in this field. With modern facilities for the design and manufacture of magnetic heads, we are able to meet any requirement or specification with absolute compatibility of performance.

● Fifteen Times Longer Wear
● All Metal Construction
● Low Crosstalk
● Less Contour Effect
● Precision Gap Alignment
● State of the Art Technology

Sendust Alloy
Sendust is a magnetic alloy originally invented by Professor Hakaru Masumoto of the Research Institute for iron, Steel and other Metals at the Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. While investigating the magnetic properties of iron-silicon and iron aluminium-alloy, he managed to achieve higher permeability by forming the alloy Fe-Al-Si and named it Sendust (Dust from Sendai). Sendust Alloys are characterized by fair initial permeability, high electrical resistivity, small grain size, low losses and a hardness far in excess of presently used magnetic materials. Most recent developments have produced Fe-Al-Si with a still improved hardness mainly by adding Titanium to Fe-Al-Si composition, the following properties are typical:

Bs = 8900 Gauss
uo Static = 25000
u at 1 KHz = 14000
Resistivity = 0.1 Ohms Cm
Average Grain Size: 50 um
Density = 7.0 g/cc

Hc = 0.03 Oe
Hardness = 570 Vickers
Curie Point = 410° C

Sendust provides a much lower wear rate than the permalloy materials used at the present time, consequently, it is a more logical material to be used with the somewhat abrasive oxide stripes on 70mm and 35mm films.

The ear is one of nature’s most sensitive devices. Like it, the Teccon Magnetic Hybrid Head is an extremely sensitive, precision instrument for recording and reproducing all sounds audible to the ear. And it comes in your choice of analog or digital. These are Sendust tipped, all metal heads, a combination recognized by the most critical professionals to produce the ultimate in the authenticity of sounds. They have precision gap alignment, clarity without excessive crosstalk and a hardness factor beyond comparison. And they handle multiple generations with minimal contour effect. This all adds up to the epitome of performance and endurance. A performance that goes beyond good sound...to the dramatic excitement of realism. An endurance that’s equivalent to 20 times longer than you would expect from a conventional head. For instance, longevity standards set by Teccon Heads, based on wear per foot of film and less downtime, offer an ongoing cost savings as high as 1,000%. This year we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in the design, manufacturing and international marketing of the world’s most respected, award-winning sound heads. Contact us for immediate delivery in most categories or give us your particular requirements. We’ll meet any specification with absolute compatibility.

Teccon. Theatre Heads. Performance and Endurance. Together.


Enter the world of Teccon. A new dimension in the science of sound, where movie theatre patrons experience the dramatic excitement and realism that our audio heads captured in the original sound track. It is a compelling reason for going to the movies. Box office returns prove it. And Teccon Theatre Heads assure it. Recognizing that many elements must exist for true sound reproduction, our precision magnetic hybrid heads perform the vital role of presenting sound the way it was meant to be heard, enhancing the mood of each moment. Our 35mm and 70mm formats are always available for Ampex, Ballantyne, Bauer, Century, Cinemeccanica, Norelco and Simplex. We’ll also meet any requirement or specification with absolute compatibility. Give your patrons the full impact of every movie. They expect it.


After 20 million feet of film we still sound great! That’s equivalent to 20 times the amount off faithful sound reproduction you would expect from a conventional theatre head. But this is Teccon. Sendust tipped, all metal heads with precision gap alignment. Clarity without excessive crosstalk. Multiple generations with minimal contour effect. And a hardness factor beyond comparison. Longevity standards set by Teccon offer an ongoing cost savings as high as 1,000% based on wear per foot of film and of course, less downtime. Teccon gives you both the quality and the economical advantage. You deserve it.
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Updated 04-05-22