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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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Projection, sound and curtain cue sheets for "Exodus"

The 70mm Newsletter
From the Rayton collection, written by: F. Wm. Boettcher, Tech. Supervisor, Otto Preminger's "Exodus" -35mm. United Artists Corporation 729 Seventh Avenue New York City 19, N.Y. Date: 28.09.2020
Projection, sound and curtain cue sheets. Otto Preminger's "Exodus". 35mm Technicolor 2.35:1 anamorphic. Standard optical sound track print version

Consists of 14 reels (2000 ft) size. Total footage 18,670 ft.
Total running time less intermission - 3 hours, 27 minutes, 23 seconds
1st half running time: 2 hours, 5 minutes, 23 seconds
2nd half running time: 1 hour, 22 minutes

This print requires the use of the theatres regular anamorphic and prime lenses and 2.35:1 ratio optical sound track apertures for proper projection - for proper sound reproduction of the "Exodus" 35mm version print. The theatres standard optical sound system should have its sound reproducers adjusted for academy sound quality response, and the volume of each projector balanced, for best results.

In projection rooms, having fast projector motor acceleration on starting, it is recommended that all reels of this print be threaded to start on leader frame #10, in the aperture, to obtain proper picture and sound changeovers. Reel #4 must be threaded correctly, or incoming dialog by General Southerland "Call your boarding party" will not be heard after the changeover is completed. Be sure when making reel end changeovers, that picture and sound changeover switch-operations is simultaneous, as delayed sound changeover can cause missed dialog on incoming reels.

• PDF: Projection, sound and curtain cue sheets for "Exodus"
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PDF: Projection, sound and curtain cue sheets for "Exodus"

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Special instructions to managers and projectionists "Exodus" 35mm

The 35mm Technicolor prints of "Exodus" are very costly prints. You are herein requested to assist in every way possible, to assure the preservation of the 35mm print shipped to your theatre for "Exodus" presentation. Be sure that the theatres 35mm sound projectors and the 35mm rewinding equipment and the 35mm film storage facilities are in clean and perfect mechanical operation condition, and that no damage to the "Exodus" print occurs, due to neglected theatre equipment maintenance or improper adjustment.

As the "Exodus" 35mm prints shipped to your theatre are mounted on 2,000 ft. Reels, and each of the 10 reels is only conservatively loaded, it is herein requested, that none of these reels be further doubled-up, during your theatre engagement use.

We recommend that the "Exodus" 35mm print reels, at all times when not in use for the show, be properly stored in your 35mm reel storage cabinets, or if insufficient storage cabinet space (14) is not available, that the odd reels should be stored in tie prints shipping containers for proper preservation.

Records on print service life expectation, of 35mm Technicolor prints, are on file, where the original print furnished to the theatre was the only print used during the theatres entire engagement. Your care and proper maintenance of your equipment is necessary for the preservation of the "Exodus" print, furnished to your theatre.

Instructions will be forwarded to your theatre, after the end of your engagement by your local United Artists exchange, as to the pick-up and disposal of your "Exodus" 35mm Technicolor print.

There is no overture, intermission or exit music attached to any of the "Exodus" print reels.

Under no circumstances is any record or other type of music, to be played for overture intermission or exit purposes during the presentation of any "Exodus" performance in your theatre, at any time.

Projection, sound and curtain cue sheet "Exodus" 35mm

First half of show:

Signal 2 minute warning for screen curtain operation.

Slow dim-out house and curtain lighting to all-out.

Start reel # 1 - hit. "0tto Preminger presents" (start of main title) - on closed curtains, then open curtains.

Reel #1 - sound - Main Title Music should start with fader 3 steps above dialogue normal. Hold this 3 steps through main title and narration which follows in opening scene of picture.

Fader down 3 steps to dialogue setting when Eva Marie Saint and man move into scene from left to close-up.

Reel #2 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #3 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #4 fader at normal dialogue setting. (this reel starts with the General Southerland's dialogue "Call your boarding party")

Reel #5 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #6 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #7 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #8 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Signal 2 minute warning for screen curtain operation for intermission (end of section of reel #8)

At fade out of last scene of reel #8, (close-up of Eva Marie Saint alone) close curtains and bring up house and curtain lights to full for intermission (the above last scene fades into intermission title with no sound and intermission title (13ft. Long) fades out into safety black film.


(try to hold intermission to twelve min.)

Second half of show:

Signal 2 minute warning for screen curtain operation.

Slow dim-out house and curtain lighting to all-out. (House must be in darkness) open curtains to full open position, in dark house.

Start reel #9. Hit picture on full-open screen and sound simultaneously, not to miss music sound at start of reel.
Reel #9 - sound start reel - 3 fader steps above normal dialogue, for loud second half show start.

At start of dialogue, lower fader 3 steps fast, to normal dialogue setting.

Reel #10 fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #11 When you see the second close-up of the Prison Toilet Bowl, raise fader up 3 steps fast for Bomb Explosions, Prison Break, Prisoners Escaping and Chase Sequences which follow, and hold.
When car with 3 escaping men in it, swings off the road, and finally disappears down into a deep ravine toward the right, behind tall bushes, drop 3 fader steps to normal dialogue setting.

Reel #12 Fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #13 Fader at normal dialogue setting.

Reel #14 Fader at normal dialogue setting.

Signal 2 minute warning for screen curtain operation for end of show. (end of reel #14)

In the last scene of reel #14, when all of the loaded going down the road to the right, and when you see the last small ambulance with a round canvas top come in on the screen down the road - close the curtains and wait for the "Exodus" end title, with flaming fire music end, before dimming up house and curtain  lights.

End of show
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Updated 21-01-24