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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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"Circus World" Remaster Trailer
Re-created using a 70mm original faded print template as a guide

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: David Strohmaier, Idaho, USA Date: 29.06.2021
In general release summer of 1965 from Paramount Pictures in 35mm. Following its spectacularly successful hard-ticket engagement in CINERAMA.





The Planning:

From the inception of its production planning, Samuel Bronston's "Circus World" was conceived in terms of a special screen process for its presentation. Its unusual "round-the-world" story had to be thought of in terms of audience-impact beyond the ordinary.

The Product:

"Circus World"
is not only big, not only breathtaking — but overwhelming in its sheer showmanship and entertainment. Scene by scene, and star by star, it is screen-filling motion picture pleasure.

The Presentation:

Accordingly, the release of "Circus World" - in CINERAMA - is being timed to insure maximum penetration, to audiences of all ages. It is an engagement destined to widen the horizons of the motion picture world.

SAMUEL BRONSTON presents JOHN WAYNE, CLAUDIA CARDINALE, RITA HAYWORTH in "CIRCUS WORLD". Also starring Lloyd Nolan • Richard Conte • John Smith • Katharyna • Katherine Kath • Wanda Rotha • Margaret MacGrath • Miles Malleson • Jose Maria Cafarell, and Kay Walsh.

Directed by Henry Hathaway • Music by Dimity Tiomkin • Screenplay by Ben Hecht and Julian Halevy. From an original story by Philip Yordan • Excecutive Associate Producer Michael Waszynski • Produced by Samuel Bronston • Technicolor

Filmed in Technirama and presented in Cinerama, and Technicolor, "Circus World" (1964) may have drawn the crowds for various reasons -- not the least, perhaps, for the big names. John Wayne stars as circus owner Matt Masters, who takes his show to Europe hoping to save it from financial ruin. Accompanying Matt, is young Toni (Claudia Cardinale), whom Matt had raised since her aerialist mother Lili (Rita Hayworth) left them years before. Just before he departs from New York, Matt is reminded that Lili may be somewhere in Germany. Upon their arrival in Europe, much of the equipment is lost when their ship sinks in a Spanish port. Matt doesn't let that get the best of them, and he is soon up and running with the show, becoming a hit throughout Europe. Against Matt's wishes, Toni trains to become an aerialist like her mother. A quiet figure in the shadows proudly watches Toni rehearse her daring routines. The writing team of Ben Hecht, James Edward Grant and Julian Halevy adapted their screenplay from a story by Philip Yordan and Nicholas Ray. Though this was not a gunslinger role for Wayne, Matt Masters was not a far stretch. This could have been due to the fact that Wayne had previously worked on several projects with director Henry Hathaway and writers Hecht and Grant -- and the part was altered to suit him.
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Trailer and Comparison Footage & Frame Grabs

This rare Cinerama version of the "Circus World" Trailer, created expressly for Cinerama theaters to show, was re-created from the recent digital restoration done at Pinewood Studio. It was re-created using a 70mm original faded print template as a guide, including the 6-channel stereo magnetic stripe sound. This 70mm print guide was rescued years ago from a Kansas City Cinerama Theater.
Faded 70mm frame of an original Cinerama "Circus World" trailer, created expressly for Cinerama theaters.

Frame grab of re-created "Circus World" trailer made from the recent [2018] digital restoration done at Pinewood Studio, UK.

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Updated 21-01-24